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Pinlo Slice 3 Case for iPhone 4 - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Introducing the world's thinnest and lightest iPhone 4 case, the clear Slice 3 from Pinlo.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30441
$20.61 inc. VAT
 4.2 stars from 37 customers

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Cut outs don't fit!
The cut outs on the left side are poorly positioned. The volume up/down buttons come through the case (just) but the sliding mute button doesn't! This is truly rubbish given the price. Don't buy it.
needed for new phone
Time will tell if it is worth little extra paid. Looks great.
Iphone 4 case
Excellent case, just what I wanted...very thin which is ideal when using the phone and it protects the phone well...the fact it is transparent makes for a stylish look also.
Pinlo IPhone case
Firstly i fitted the screen protector cover which can be quite tricky if your not used to it but ive done quite a few. My tip is to do it in the most dust free place usually a kitchen where there is moistness, clean and polish the screen Thoroughly and make sure there is NOT a trace of dust peel back the outer film and curl back to top layer and use a bank card or any other type of card to smooth it down gradually make sure its lined up properly i got it on perfectly.I then fitted the case its a perfect fit and as neat as anything i have used before, its so slim it dosent seem like you have a case on at all and feels great,Also you can see the Apple logos at the back through the case which i feel should be visible.All in all i would recommend this case to anyone.
Bad experience
The case is a poor fit and it covered one of the buttons on my IPhone i didnt notice any precision technology whatsoever.
Poor fitting case.
The case restricted the access to the Silent/Vibrate button on the top left handside of the device.
Does what it says on the tin!
Great case, fits like a glove. Makes holding the phone easier and looks stylish... Screen cover is ok but I'm not using it, would recommend this product to anyone!
Cheap material, poorly designed
The case is made from a cheap plastic and it breaks easily since it is very thin. Furthermore, the openings for volume / silent are off. Very poor craftsmanship.
great case, not sure about screen protector
The case is exactly what I was looking for, thin enough to retain the main benefit of the iphone4, ie its slim design, yet tough enough to protect against knocks around the desk and worktop. Not sure it would protect the phone much if I dropped it. The screen protector was less good. many bubbles when applying (may have been me) and now removed after a week. Stil a good package for the price
Super thin iphone4 protection
Looking for a stylish phone cover that protects your
iPhone 4? The pinlo slice 3 is only 3mm thin the
Slimmest cover you can get! It's discreet and doesn't
Change the slender look of your phone! You hardly notice
The cover At all ! The pinlo slice 3 fits like a glove
Made to fit the iPhone 4 protecting every button and
Switch. It comes with a screen protector that's easy to
Fit (bubble free) and easy to clean with its own cloth.
It's a bit pricey but if your looking for a cover that
Doesn't change the look and size of your iPhone then this
Ones for you and well worth the price!!!
A much safer iPhone
This case is exactly what I was looking for, as it keeps my iPhone protected if I should drop it, but doesn't stop it looking stylish. I love that it's easy to fit, easy to remove if needs be, & the texture of it means it feels good in the hand, & I feel less likely to drop my iPhone now - I think the case has made it easier to hold on to. Overall, a safer iPhone & a happier me! Definitely worth the money.
This has been the best cover I've had (5th time lucky).
I carry my phone in my front jeans pocket & with this cover it doesn't irritate me by been to clumpy. The cover is so thin you wouldn't think there was one on, it's really easy to fit & remove & has the added bonus of a screen protector & cleaning cloth being included. So if you want your phone to look the way apple intended I'd recommend this one to everyone.
This cover doesn't fit the iPhone 4s just the 4. I am currently waiting on the 4s cover now as I like it so much.
It's barely there
The case is ultra thin and very well in fit. The black model is semi translucent and has a brown touch to it, which makes it look elegant. It is flush from all around and locks into place at the upper edge of the antenna band. The upper plastic bezel of the glass is unprotected. The iPhone still fits into my pouch, which is nice. The feel of the case is brilliant, its texture is smooth, but adds quite some grip and you won’t be afraid that it will slip out of your hand.
The best way to install the case is from the top left corner where the mute switch and the volume buttons are and then slide it all the way in. If you want to take it off, just start peeling it gently from the lower right corner of the phone. This way you can take it off as often as you’d like without breaking or stretching it.
All Ports are perfectly accessible and all my headphones fit (straight and angled connectors). It fits in most dock connectors, but unfortunately it is slightly too wide for the Universal Dock with the iPhone 4 adaptor. You either have to remove the adaptor (but then the phone is only supported by the 30pin connector) or use a different adaptor (iPod classic and iPod color fit).
The screen protector which comes with the case is fairly descent but in the end no match for a SGP or Power Support.
Overall, I would definitely recommend the case, especially if you are like me and prefer a naked phone. This one does not alter the shape and design too much.
What Case?
I hardly know I have this case.
The case is awesome.
I love the design of the iPhone yet do not want it scratched etc.
So the best way to keep the feel of a naked iPhone yet give it decent scratch protection is to get this case.
It is perfect as it is so thin.
The quality is also superb. It fits so well.
Be warned though because it fits so well you cannot interchange cases between the iPhone 4 and 4S due to the location of the silent switch.
There is no drop protection but if you want that you would not be looking at one of the thinnest cases on the market. ;)
Perfect case!
Was a bit wary about buying this as it was so thin. Ive never seen a case so thin before. Truly amazing! Quality high end product. Word of advice just make sure u warm the case up a bit eg place it near a radiator for a min this makes it slightly more flexible and fits like a glove afterwards. Worth the money. Excellent service.
not for the 4S
I made the mistake of assuming this would fit the 4S - but the volume buttons are in a slightly different place, requiring some minor adjustments.

Then the case itself has cracked at the bottom of the phone after a couple of weeks use - possibly because it is not designed for the 4S (though it seems to fit okay, apart from the vol buttons, or possibly as a result of a minor knock it got. Either way, it is not as resilient as I might have expected.
Great fit but poor durability
I was very pleased with the fit and overall appearance of the cover, very slim and looks great on the phone. I am not so happy with the strength of the cover. I dropped my phone on the first day of fitting the cover, and not from a great height, , although the phone was undamaged the case split on 3 corners and I now need to replace it
Really love this case!
Usually cases people have for the iPhone add bulk to it and when the iPhone is finally out of the case, you wish it was this thin and light all the time. With this case you can get that feeling- it's soooo thin.

The main reason I got this case was that I was still using a Brodit in car holder for the iPhone 3G. I continued using this for the iPhone 4, but I have been so fed up of taking the case on and off to put the phone in the holder. I had the option of buying a bigger holder or a new case. With this new case the phone can finally fit in the holder.
Really really chuffed - and since the mrs has the same holder in her car, I'll be buying her the light/clear case soon for her too.
It is amazing case! It is like having nothing on your phone! If you want to remove it just follow the instruction provided and case will not break!
Pinlo Slice 3 Case for iPhone 4 - Black.
This has to be the most discreet case for the iphone 4 that i have ever seen.
With the case fitted my phone still fits in its dedicated iphone4 holder in the car.
all my friends and collegues are impressed how slim the phone is with the case fitted.ie fits in my pocket without feeling like a brick. It has even improved my signal reception
oh dear!
Initially I thought this case was amazing. Thin, almost invisible-and made the phone feel as good as it does case-free! so after a week of use I decide that I need to put on a tougher case for an outing as dont think this one will protect the iphone in outdoor pursuits. Guess what? take it off and it snaps in half!!! now what? I threw away packaging, threw away receipt, so for the price, I had 7 days use and now left with a useless piece of plastic! :-(.
The case itself is brilliant. It really is wafer thin and I am very happy, the screen protector however is a piece of junk! it puts more bubbles on the screen than there are in an aero chocolate factory! so use the case-its fab-but chuck the screen protector into the bin!.

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