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Pinlo BLADEdge Bumper Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Transparent Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 5S / 5 in a burst of colour with the new Transparent BLADEdge cases from Pinlo.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41833
$20.61 inc. VAT
 3 stars from 5 customers

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Good, well designed, bumper
This is a simple translucent (smoke grey) plastic edge protector supplied with an optional screen protector.
The rubber buttons are tactile and positive. The lock button is recessed against accidental activation whilst being easily reached.
The front and rear edges are just proud of the iPhone so, when the device is put down on a surface, the front and back of the device are protected contact with that surface.
The bumper seems pretty secure on the 'phone and there is what looks like an attachment for a lanyard on the bottom left edge.
Good value.
Sleek stylish well made
Great product

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