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Piel Frama Magnetic Case For iPhone 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hand made cases in stunning designs with attention to detail seen In all Piel Frama cases.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25583
$73.64 inc VAT
 5 stars from 30 customers

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Pure Quality !
Why would you have such an expensive device and then wrap it in cheap plastic rubbish or a leather lookalike ? Although expensive compared to other cases on the market, this is because it is pure quality. Hand made and stitched from the finest quality products by time served craftsmen/women this case just oozes quality and style. It looks fantastic, it smells fantastic (real leather), it fits the phone like a glove and although all ports are accessible without removing the case, the fact that it slides into the case means that you can remove it with ease if desired without the risk of damaging the phone or the case. It features a superior magnetic closure, two credit card slots, a solid back panel and hard padded front. On the back it comes with a metal screw in clip with a well made plastic belt clip although if the belt clip is not required then the case comes with a special tool to unscrew the metal belt clip and them a small flat screw in stud cover engraved with the case name which screws into the hole so that it doesn't look unsightly. Honestly, it's worth the money.
FAB - U - LUS!!
Best iphone cover ever. Have had the red one for my 3gs for almost 3 years, need a new one now for my 4s - wouldn't even consider another brand - ever! Stylish too!
Best iPhone 4S Flip Case on the market!
This case is exceptional; the best I've seen and owned to date.

It's hand built with the best quality leather and fits the phone perfectly whilst allowing you to use all of the phone functions without the need to remove it.

The credit card slots are also a brilliant idea, so much so I've stopped taking my wallet out with me.

A must for any IPhone 4/4S owner!
Excellent quality and service
Excellent case for my phone, high quality and easy to use. No restrictions to phone usage. Excellent service. Top product. Top company. Would highly recommend
another fantastic purchse
I have just received phone case for my new I phone 4s.
It arrived in super quick time.In fact I am so pleased with it I have ordered a further one for my daughter.
Super quality and fits snugly.
Thank you mobile fun
Piel Frama IPhone 4 Case
This is the second case from this manufacture and the quality is absolutly outstanding again.
The first case was for my Blackberry that I had for three years and it still looks as good as new.
This case is slightly better as the leather is just slightly softer.
A fine hand crafted case!
The only thing that seem to put a dampner on it was the wrong item arrived.
I wanted the magnetic case not the popper type with the strap, so I have to open it to charge it.
Still a fine case though, just can't be bothered with all the sending it back and taking a day off for the delivery.
As good as ever!
I brought this cover for my newly upgraded iPhone 4s, after prevoiusly having a piel frama cover for my 3s. After looking at other cases, there was really no question that these are still the best cases on the market. Yes they are expensive, but my old cases still looks as good as new 2 years on after living in my handbag with my keys, baby wipes, nappies etc. They are very well made and you definitely get what you pay for! Also, I can't fault Mobilefun. I received the wrong case, and after a quick call to customer services, they arranged DHL to collect the wrong case that afternoon and I received the correct case by 1pm the following day. Perfect, would definitely recommend them. Thanks for a great service :-)
Naughty but nice
Really shouldn't spend this sort of money on a case but then Piel Frama is a touch of class and it shows.

Smashing case and no regrets. Go on spoil yourself!
Fine Craftsmanship
The Piel Frama case is a beautifully made case which perfectly compliments the design of the iPhone 4. Even the packaging has been designed to the very highest standard. The case is fairly expensive, but to quote a cliche, one gets what one pays for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this case to anyone.
You get what you pay for
This case is my second Piel Frama after having one for my 3GS and being extremely pleased with the quality.

The magnetically closing front flap fully protects the screen thus I can do without a film type protective screen, and allows me to carry the phone together with keys and coins in my pocket without the risk of scratching it.

Easy one handed operation allows me to flick open the front flap with my thumb when holding the case in one hand. Lovely quality leather feels great to touch.

The case snugly grips the phone so that it cannot slip out whilst at the same time provides full access to all the controls and ports so you only ever need to remove the phone to clean it.

Highly recommended.
Perfectly Described
A great buy worth the extra cost for a superb looking case.
It has all been said before.
Having just paid £600 for a new iPhone the price of this item is a small price to pay to compliment a classy product. As far as quality goes it does not disappoint.

I decided on the magnetic case after considering the model with the catch that clips rather than magnetic but glad I made this choice. It is very sleek and excellently made product and upon reflection the other model would not be as tidy.

As other reviews say, the catch has to be unclipped to have it on charge where this is not the case on this model. No cut out corners for the camera on this case so it is fully protected and the raised leather edges that hold the phone in place on this one are close to the screen but not as close or such an intrusion as other makes I have tried at the cheaper end of the market.

I will use the compass and was concered that the magnet will interfere. Quick figure of 8 as the phone advised and it is fully calibrated.

Delivery spot on as advised.

As they say - you pay for what you get.
A treat for your phone and your nose
Pop your iPhone 4 into this luxury handmade leather case and not only will you have a smart smartphone but a sweet smelling one too!

Beautifully made with a couple of very handy card slots built in, though be warned the first time you put a card in allow a couple of mins to wriggle it back out again!

Overall very happy. I look forward to the case ageing with me and my iPhone.
Best case yet
I bought a leather case with my iphone 4 a year ago and it was getting a bit tatty. I tried various skins and bumpers and they just didn't look or feel good to me. I even got an Otterbox Defender that looked like a tank not an iphone. Then I bought a very cheap leather one from Amazon which started to fall apart in two days! The Piel Frama was out of stock for a while but when it came I have to say that it is a top quality product. Good belt clip, good fit, all functions of iphone (including camera) all fine and with the flap flipped over back on itself it fits in my car holder. A few weeks heavy duty use and it looks like new. Should have got it ages ago and stopped mucking about trying to get something cheap.
I have been looking for a quality case for my iPhone4 and the one I bought made by Piel Frama ticks all the boxes.
Super quality
There are so many cases out there for the iPhone 4 that it is difficult to choose a really good one. Having used Piel Frama cases before, I knew this one would be worth higher cost..after all, you get what you pay for! Superbly made and not exessively bulky, this case offers great protection for the phone with all the ports accesssible without even opening the case.
There is one problem for me, however and it is something present on all cases with a raised edge around or over the screen. the problem is in using the virtual keyboard with the raised edges making some of the characters slightly difficult to hit. Bumpers and "open front" cases are the same for me. Unfortunately, to have a magnetic catch, there is no alternative.
All this being said, I have got to rate this lovely case as 5 star as the slight drawback, in no way, can lose it a star..!
Buy it..you won't be disappointed..!
Best case, tried the rest, opted for the best
As a security engineer fitting CCTV systems in Leeds, I need a case that is quality and robust.
This case is quality to the extreme, hand made, lush.
Every case is hand made, you can see from the item it is worth the price tag.
Piel Frama magnetic case for iPhone 4
Another excellent product from this manufacturer. The leather is excellent quality and durable. It is manufactured to a hig standard and provides protection for the phone whilst leaving the controls accessible. Great value from Mobile Fun
Fantastic product
Did love this iphone 4 cover. I have used this previously before and will alwys recommend it. Best covet so far. Comes in different colour, hmmm great for choice.
The best!
This case is expensive but definately the best. I've tried several and keep coming back to the Piel Frama. It looks and feels like a quality product and affords great protection for the iPhone.
As with other reviewers here, I've found this case to be a superb accessory for my iPhone 4, which it complements beautifully. Excellent hand-made quality, perfect fit, and that lovely smell of quality leather. Credit card slots are a bit tight, but I think that they will stretch to just the right amount to provide sufficient 'give' over time. Looks incredibly smart and always attracts comments when I take it into meetings and other events at work and with friends. I find that the belt clip is a bit naff and so have replaced the plastic widget with the metal stud provided, which also gives the case a sleeker appearance. The case comes with a warning to keep credit cards away from the magnets, as they may interfere with the strip on the back of the cards which, although making sense, kind of detracts from the case's dual purpose of being a credit card holder! That said, I've had no problems so far. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending this case. Now to get one for my iPad...!
Piel Frama iPhone 4 case
A premium price but, as you would expect, excellent quality.

I would wholeheartedly recommened this case to anybody.
The perfect iPhone 4 case
If you are after the most stylish functional leather iPhone case then look no further! It doesn't get any better. Remember you get what you pay for.
Superb Price
I can't give this case a high enough score, it is beautiful soft leather, and superb quality. It isn't too bulky either. It really is worth the extra for the quality!
Piel Frama Magnetic Case For iPhone 4 - Black
What can I say, this is the 2nd Piel Frama case ive bought from MobileFun , phone case's dont get any better than this , and guess what the service is even better. many thx again MobileFun
The best case I've seen for the iPhone4! It's definitely worth paying a little more for this top quality case. I am really pleased with the purchase.
Piel Frama Magnetic Case For iPhone 4
Perfect fit, brilliant styling, functional and secure carrying clip and system; this is a great case and I am very happy withe the purchase. It is certainly not the cheapest case out there but it complements the magic of the iPhone perfectly.
Piel Frama Magnetic Case for iPhone4 - Black
I wanted a case for my iPhone 4 that not only provided protection whilst still allowing complete access to all my phone's functions, but also matched my phone's quality of materials and construction. The Piel Frama Magnetic case was able to deliver on all requirements. The leather itself is of the highest quality and its precision construction ensures that there is no fear of the phone slipping out of the case. All the ports (charging/dock, headphones and camera) are all easily accessible. The optional belt clip can also be removed and replaced with a neat stainless steal embossed stud. The case itself is delivered in an extremely high quality package which would not fail to impress if intended to be given as a gift. All in all I am unable to find fault with this product, it is true what they say; 'pay that little bit extra for quality and craftsmanship'.
Excellent quality case
The case is an excellent fit and exceptional quality.

It comes with a tool to remove the belt clip stud (if you want to) from the back of the case and replace it with a flush stud with the Piel Frama logo on it.

The fit of the case is great, all buttons and ports easily accessible and no risk of the phone slipping out.

Very happy with the purchase & prefer it to the Sena flip case I had for my iPhone 3.

I tried a cheaper leather flip case from eBay & ended up returning it. Much happier with spending a little more for this better quality product.

Delivery great - using it on the phone the day after ordering!

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