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Piel Frama Case For Apple iPhone 3GS / 3G - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hand made cases in stunning designs with attention to detail seen In all Piel Frama cases.
  • Mobile Fun ID 17075
$61.86 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 39 customers

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Piel Grama case
Super case, just as described, couldn't ask for more. Don 't know why I hesitated so long before buying.
Would recommend item and service to anyone. Thank you
Top Quality Case
The quality of this product is so much better than anything that I have seen anywhere - and that justifies the price. The fit is perfect and offers good protection and I believe it will stay looking good for many years.
Wonderful quality
This is the 3rd Piel Frama product that I have purchased and I've not been dissaponted. The quality and presentation is second to none. Quality workmanship every time.
The item was delivered the next day! Very impressed by the service from Mobile Fun, thank you.
best case ever
I ordered this case thursday arrived friday morning,had a couple of cheap cases for my iphone 3gs before this purchase, but this case i should have paid the extra from the start, it is absolutely superb, unlike the other cases this opens the right way, away from the mouth piece, thus leaving the speakers on show so you can hear the ring tone. the leather is very good quality, it is a price, but let me assure you it is well well worth the price.
leather case for iphone 3gi
Loverly quality case, fits beautifully & well worth the money. Thanks sue.
Quality Product
For me the current case in a line of Piel cases for different phones over the years. Always a quality product, a little expensive, but you get what you pay for ! Perfect fit for my Iphone.
Most beautiful phone case I've ever had, just ordered my 2nd one as I dropped my original whilst out walking in the New Forest. I was in distraught when I lost it. Apple have just replaced my iPhone due to an issue with O2, so I thought new phone new case.

This is the Bentley of the case world - simply superb.
piel frama case 3gs
You get what you pay for when buying phone cases,, this one is not cheep,, but well worth the money,, top quality,, thankyou mobilefun,,,,,.
It's perfect!
I bought the Piel Frama Case for my husband's Apple iPhone 3 and he loves it. It protects the phone but doesn't hinder useage at all. A very successful Xmas pressie indeed - thanks.
Excellent as always!
I have used Piel Frama cases exclusively since I owned my Toshiba e800 PDA many years ago and have always found them to be such good quality and superb protection for my many valued gadgets. The workmanship is second to none and the cases are always admired. Yes, they are expensive, but so was my iPad, my iPhone and my iPod before that, so I want a case that lasts and wears well. I have dealt directly with the company in the past and their customer service is also first-rate. I fully recommend this product.
Luxury product delivered on time
Bought as a present - arrived in good packaging earlier than expected. Happy customer - thanks.
Piel Frama, the Ferrari of leather cases
I finally did it and believe me, so glad I did.

I purchased my first iPhone and without even looking knew what I wanted in a case. simple I thought.

I wanted a leather case that would protect my phone and look good, enable me to plug everything in without removing it from it's case, most important for me provide storage for at least one bank card and some ready cash.

Not so simple, I spent 5 hours online looking. I could find leather - but no storage.... I could find storage but not leather, just cheap fake leather poorly made...

So I stumbled on the 'Piel Frama'. Wow not cheap were my first thoughts... Spent a couple of days thinking shall I or shan't I...

I finally accepted if I wanted the best it would cost me, after all isn't that true if anything else in life?

This us a fantastic product, I love it... Top quality hand stitched leather, manufactured to the highest of standards....

The product arrives in packaging of equal quality, making this a great present for Christmas, looks classy, is classy.

Don't know why it took so long to decide, after all I know me. The girlfriend wanted a ford, I brought a Lexus. To reiterate "You get what you pay for". (advice - don't waste your time trying to find it cheaper, I did, every website I saw it on linked straight back here to purchase the product, and it is actually more expensive in Europe).
Piel Frama Iphone magnetic 3G/s Black Ref:982
The case is very well made with a soft leather case and the iphone fits very well, but I was very disapointed as when I recieved and opened the case it had a plain leather front rather than decorative one with the bulls head you advertise.
Piel Frama Case For Apple iPhone 3GS / 3G - Black.
Fits like a glove, protects from scratches,wear and tear etc,
Definitely adds something to the iphone, looks classy too.
My advice.....Get one!!
Peil farma case for apple iphone
Good looking and smart leather case very happy with purchase
Better than I thought. Belt clip secure and strong, not like the much cheaper case I bought before. This case oozes quality. Worth every penny I paid for it.
Piel Frama leather case for 3Gs I-phone
A great case with flip lid that latches magnetically. Well made It provides robust protection and looks good. The button on the back of the case spoils the way the phone sits on it's back, BUT this button allows the case to be attached (and detached) easily to the supplied belt clip. I liked this facility but there is one drawback: the case can rotate and end up upside down, allowing the possibility of the phone falling out of the case! Otherwise, this case is good value for money.
Excellent Quality, Well Worth the money
Well I cant really say much more than that. Its brilliant quality, very professional and value for money.
Piel Frama Case
Quality made item that's worth every penny. Delivery service was superb too. Highly reccomend this product & the company I bought it from.
Great Quality Case
The case is fantastic quality and fits the iPhone really well, you get what you pay for. However the case does not come with the Piel Frama logo on the bottom right hand side of the front of the case like shown in images two. Overall though a very nice case.
Piel Frama iPhone Case
Great price from Mobilefun, nearly £20 cheaper than Piel Frama direct!
Next day delivery very good. Best leather case around, I gave one to my wife for her (2nd) generation iPod, both are still perfect after all these years..
No chamois screen wipe though..
Piel frama iPhone case
Top quality case luxury and protection for your iPhone.
Love it top class.Only one problem wife wants one as well now.A+++
Piel Frama Case For Apple iPhone 3GS/3G
Bespoke fit allowing full functionality. Easy access and full protection. Looks good and feels good. The best case I have ever had for any phone. Recommended without reservation.
Wow well worth the extra money
Have just received my new case (next day even on the cheap postage)! and wow, I'm so impressed with the quality! looked at many cases and was recommended to look at this one, and I have to say it is really worth the extra £10 or so (i found a voucher online so got £5 off)!the magnet does affect the compass slightly but if your just using it for fun it won't be a big issue! best case around!!!!
Re: last review
Dunno where last reviewer got his ideas from but Apple have this to say about magnets:
IMPORTANT: The accuracy of digital compass headings may be negatively affected by magnetic or other environmental interference, including interference caused by the close proximity of the magnets contained in the iPhone earbuds. The digital compass should only be used for basic navigation assistance and should not be solely relied on to determine precise locations, proximity, distance, or direction.
You have been warned.
Digital compass OK
Re the last review - the iPhone can distinguish local magnets from the earth's magnetic field. The Compass works fine inside a car for example
Quality product, but...
Everything about this case shouts quality - from the box it comes in to the case itself. Well fitting design which should offer plenty of protection without being too bulky in the pocket. The only downside to this case is the magnetic flip lid which renders the iPhone 3GS's in-built compass useless.
Just bought this case and cannot fault it, although the belt clip is secure I'm not a great fan of them I like to know things are safe in my pocket, belt clip attachment easy to remove and I do like the little Piel Frama silver replacement...not the cheapest case out there but I feel it's well worth the money, a big up from me!!
Piel Frama Case for iPhone 3GS
The case is a useful wallet containing iPhone 3GS plus 3 slots for credit card bus pass and notes which fit very firmly in its cover Loaded thickness is around 22mm excluding the removable belt stud 4 magnets adequately hold the cover which hopefully are sufficiently clear not to affect credit cards All controls are accessible thro the case incl a camera hole The cleaning chamois is a bit gimmickey A clip snaps extremely firmly to a belt and the case stud snaps into this clip with an audible click It is best fitted whilst standing to ensure proper engagement It is removed by reasonably firm pressure with the thumb engaged against the top of the clip whilst the fingers lift the case The unit hangs vertically only on ones belt but swivels towards the horizontal when meeting resistance It should be fixed to the belt to avoid firm contact with ones lap It snapped out of its holder when seated in my the car A position of 10 or 2 o clock on the belt is suggested My preference would have been for a tan colour not black but cases in this colour were for the iPhone 3G
I bought the above from this company and the service from them was spot on so this IS not a negative point toward Mobile fun as I will buy again. I've had the items for a few months now and one by one my bank credit cards stopped working when used in a shop. I've had the cards all replaced and one by one they've stopped working again. Its to do with coersivity with the magnetic claps on this case and possibly others too. On an Iphone 3gs I found this case offered for sale on a US website disclaiming that it can also reduce battery life on the handset. I've just bought the same brand but different case without ANY magnetised elements in the case at all. NOT the fault of Mobilefun though they're a great buying experience.
Excellent Case and Service
Smart, Soft and Smooth.
Minimal Flap Wallet included.
Wallet holds 3 Cards, Folded Bank Note and Flat Door Key.
All these, strategically placed, add impact protection for the Screen.
The iPhone is a snug fit but easy to remove by pushing upward through the Charging slot.
Positive magnetic closure.
No danger of anything falling out.
The Belt Clip:
Well made and secure.
Requires a button to be pressed to release Case.
Removing the Case with fingers at the base and thumb at the top, the thumb tip is almost resting on the release button.
A gentle press and upward movement of the hand releases the firmly gripped iPhone.
Attachment button can be removed from Case.
It is NOT the slimmest Case but it does remove the need to carry a separate wallet.
At 30mm thick fully loaded it is not overly bulky.
This is a beautifully designed Case providing all around protection.
There is no way I will return to carrying a separate wallet.
With an excellent price and service from MobileFun I will not hesitate to purchase here again.
Oh, no I do not work for or have any financial interest in MobileFun or Piel Frama. Cheers Stan.
3gs leather case
This is a fantastic case well worth the money and is a very secure way of protecting your phone was recommended by mobile fun staff and he wasn't wrong first case i ordered with them was delivered wrong he gladly replaced the incorrect with this one much better choice.thoroughly recommend it
Great case!
Definitely worth the money - a very smart and practical case for my new 3GS. Very good quality leather and a snug fit whilst allowing easy use of the phone within the case. Excellent presentation in its box - would make a lovely gift!
iPhone 3G case
This case is great, well made, top quality and worth every penny - looks smart, fits well, and is sure to last ! I liked the extra touch of cleaning cloth and belt clip.
The BEST Iphone 3G Case.......
This is by far the best case I have discovered for my Iphone 3G. Well made and excellent quality. Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed..........
Piel frama 3g case
I've spent a lot of money looking for the perfect case for my iPhone. I wish I had bought this one first, very impressed.
Brilliant service
What a fantastic case for my iPhone. Soft good quality leather, just compliments the phone perfectly.
Superb case and I love the little chamois leather screen wiper too!
Iphone case
I ordered this case , and was not disappointed, the phone fits snugly in this case, everything accessible, lovely and soft, can't fault it, you get what you pay for with this make, Thankyou.
Excellent case ...
... as I expected, having 2 Piel Frama cases already (previous phone and iPod). Beautifully finished and presented. Worth the wait (which was a little more than I expected, as restocking took some days more than the web site predicted).

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