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Pebble Smartwatch for iOS and Android Devices - Cherry Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Control your Apple or Android functions from your wrist with the Pebble Smartwatch in Cherry Red, which features Bluetooth v4.0 for easy pairing and a high visibility E-paper display. The waterproof design ensures long-lasting use.
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 4.7 stars from 58 customers

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Excellent smart watch pebble a gift for my hubby birthday
Excellent smart watch pebble a gift for my hubby birthday. It connected to his iPhone 5 no problem and there are lots of apps..he has set it to receive emails text and calls he is a happy bunny
Good, but could be better
Returned my initial pebble as a dicolouration appeared on screen. Mobile Fun replaced without any issues, but have noticed the same with the replacement. Contacted Pebble and they say that this is 'normal' for an LCD style watch and it's all to do with the position at which you might be looking at the screen. Not a show stopper for me but when paying c£100 for a watch I expect better. Overall, getting used to it and it has some great features like being able to reply to texts with pre-set replies and answering a call without the need for getting your phone out (bluetooth or wired headset has to be connected of course!!) Not worked out if you can change the listing of applications yet, but this would be useful, so the most used appear first.
Love it........but could be better!!!
Firstly, I'm a gadget person so this sort of thing is right upmy street. However, a couple of irritations to note. The watch, when in sunlight, appears to gain a miscolouration around the edges. I swapped my first watch as thought it was faulty, however the replacement is the same. I've emailed Pebble but yet to receive a reply. The other irritation is that some of the functions are duplicated. By this I mean the watch appears to have some functions 'as standard', but you can search the app store and find better ones, however, as yet I have been unable to remove the original! So I've no got two 'notifications' options for example......the watch can only have 8 active functions at once, again slightly frustrating. Overall though this is just me being picky. If you like gadgets, then you'll love this!!
Some minor issues
Initial watch returned as screen (when using the plain/pale watch face) showed dicolouration. Not sure if this is a 'feature' of the LCD style watch, but as it looked odd and for the price paid, sent it back. waiting for a replacement so will see if the same issues arise. That all said, the features of the watch are good, albeit there are some 'apps' that can be duplicated...which is annoying. But I was just getting used to it when I had to return it!!
smart watch
I got my delivery in 2 days . Thank you . Hopefully the watch i bought is as good as it seems . Won't know til christmas day ho ho ho
Best Present Ever
I got the pebble smart watch for my boyfriends 21st. He hasn't been able to stop going on about it. It was easy for him to set up using the pebbles appstore, as well as it working seamlessly with his Samsung Galaxy s4, it is just brilliant. It does exactly what it says, it makes it so he no longer misses calls, texts or notifications. The colour is excellent, as well as being incredibly light, it is indeed water proof and quite tough. His favourite app on it is his Pebble Bike App, it requires a companion app which has to be installed on the phone. But it tracks his speed, altitude/change, his course and direction. He absolutely loves it and has been recommending to any and all of his friends and family.
Pretty Good!
I have followed the progress of the Pebble watch with interest and decided to take the plunge and buy one. The delivery from mobile fun was as always quick. The watch is quite stylish. Quite stylish and black with plastic strap that can be easily changed as it is a standard size. Using the dedicated iPhone app it is easy to set up. There are 8 app soft slots on the watch that can store watch faces or apps. To be honest the apps I think are gimmicky, but are fun to tinker with. The watch pairs easily via bluetooth. There are some good watch faces available or you can design online web site. The watch basically mimics the notifications you get on your phone. You can also control music.
In conclusion smart watches have a long way to go, but this is pretty damned good!
Perfect accessory
Really nice piece of kit, i work in a noisy environment and struggle to hear my phone, the vibrate feature in the pebble overcomes this. A quick glance at the watch shows not only who is calling but you can read your text straight from the watch, with all this it is also a great looking lightweight watch with plenty of downloadable apps
Great for business
I couldn't be happier with my new Pebble watch. I am now able to discreetly keep an eye on my messages during meetings and manage incoming calls accordingly.
The bluetooth range is very impressive meaning that I am able to get to more calls that I need when my wrist buzzes, and reject those that are of little importance.

Oh, and it tells the time too!

Great purchase...
More than a phone remote control.
The leading description from Mobile Fun is a little misleading. Whilst the Pebble can control music playback and remote picture taking on your phone, it's forte is in the notifications it displays whilst your phone is tucked out of sight.
I've had my Pebble for just over a year. In the early days it was a bit flakey, with unreliable connections and few apps. But as time has gone on and with each update it has now become an integral addition to my iPhone.
Firstly it connects to your iPhone using both Bluetooth 2 and Bluetooth LE. As it comes out of the box it will simply show the notifications your iPhone displays through the Notification Centre. That's from any app on your phone, not just emails and texts. You can then add to you Pebble with apps from the Pebble iPhone app to increase what your phone can do, as well as additional watch faces. So, from constant weather updates from within watch faces to when the next bus, train or tube is due, the Pebble does it all. RSS news feeds, loads of fitness apps, thousands of watch faces and 99% all free. It only needs charging every 5-7 days and the e-paper display is readable in any light with an excellent backlight when there isn't any.
The Pebble has evolved into a fully fledged smart-watch in a way Samsung can only dream of.
Excellent kit and the envy of all
This bit of kit is brilliant, does its job effortlessly and looks good too, easy to use and has its own fun side, visited the apple store this weekend and the staff were jealous, awesome bit of kit
Smart Smartwatch
After considering buying a smartwatch for some time, and reading/watching reviews in mags and YouTube, I decided on the Pebble which MobileFun were offering at a very competitive price. I'm delighted with my purchase - it was easy to pair the watch with my Galaxy Mini phone and download the software. Although I've only had it a few days, I've downloaded a variety of watch faces and utilities. The watch tells me the weather, alerts me to Emails, texts, calendar events, phone calls and, yes, it also shows the time!
I like the tech look of the watch, but it may not suit someone used to gold/silver bling.
Comfortable to wear, it has already become my constant companion. Fun to use, and much more than another gadget - this is no toy - it is joy!
Not for the Flintstiones
You would have to a Flintstiones fan to get the Pebble link ! Anyway this watch is simply a must have for iPhone users not only is is sleek and very cool to look at it works like dream, the Channing faces and available apps make it so much more than just wearable tech . If you are trying to justify buying one I have too words STOP IT ... But one you won't regret it
Pleased with the Pebble
The Pebble smart watch has left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand it looks a little too plastic, the screen is black and white and maybe a tad small, but when I started using it I realised why a lot of people love it, being able to play/pause your phone's music player, check messages, see who's emailing/calling you without having to root out your phone from under several layers of clothing.
That's without some of the apps that can be downloaded, my favorite is runkeeper. buying the pebble is making sense..
Great item
I just love it, simple to set up and use.

New apps arriving daily you can do anything.
Super fast delivery just before Christmas and this watch does what it says, very pleased
Right this is amazing, i thought £150 was way too much but it does every thing i cant believe it! I thought that the plug may not work here in England (Dont know why because its from England?) But it does it all works just fine cannot wish for a better thing!
Fantastic, a must have for any gadget enthusiast!
A fantastic buy, a real must have for anyone who likes their gadgets. Looks cool, not too bulky, works better with Android than it does with iPhone, that's the only let down but apart from that it works well. I read reviews before I purchased and they were accurate, great item.
Pebble Smartwatch
Up until recently I would have agreed it works best with Android. I've had mine since June and it has been a bit buggy with iOS. However, with iOS 7 and the latest pebble app update it works perfectly. Any notification displayed through the notification centre is now displayed on the pebble whereas before it was a bit hit and miss. A dedicated pebble App Store is soon to be launched in the new year.
Pebble Watch
First off guys thanks for the speedy delivery many thanks!

This little beauty arrived this morning, I am using the watch with an IPhone 5 & all is working really well, the watch automatically updated to the latest firmware one I had paired the pebble to my phone notifications from the phone to the watch are now instant.

Downloaded an app called Smartwatch + which adds more features to the watch such as live weather & stocks etc.

Really pleased with my purchase after a few weeks of making my mind up whether to buy the Pebble or not.

The only downside for me is the strap on the watch is not that attractive but a replacement 22mm leather strap is in the post to me now as I type this.

Thanks again guys
Works best with android!
I was a kickstarter backer for this product so I've had mine for some time. I originally had it paired with an iPhone and it was very limited. I could control my music (play/pause and fwd /rev only) and answer or reject a call on the phone, and that was about it.

Since changing to android phone and installing a few apps on the phone and the watch, I now have Full control of music (including volume), full control of phone calls including viewing contacts and starting a call from my watch! (great with bluetooth a headset) and the ability (using Tasker) to even launch apps or change settings on my phone...

TL,DR - if you're an iPhone user, functionality is limited. If you're on android 4.2+ and install companion apps (many of which are free) the Pebble ROCKS!

Loses one star because it's a bit plasticky and you really need a screen protector on it as otherwise the plastic front of the screen scratches easily. (Google for "gadgetwraps pebble")

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