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PDair Leather Flip Case - Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your phone protected with the Leather Flip Case from PDair for the Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35483

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 3.9 stars from 12 customers

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Not too secure
2 problems -
a) The magnetic catch is too weak - it opens far too easily
b) The phone is not held securely - falls out too often.

I would not recommend this case.
flawed design
This case is beautifully made and the leather is soft and supple. But the plastic clip at the bottom, which holds the phone in place, is weak and inadequate for the job. Mine broke after two months, and I have read reviews on another site with the same complaint. Such a pity because now I have this beautiful object which can't hold my S3 properly in place. Why not put a metal clip at the bottom?
over the moon
This item was bought for a friend, he was more than pleased with the style and quality of the case, for the cost he did not expect the said item to be so well made. Delivery was also extremely swift.
just what I have been looking for
Very well made and has a good belt clip
PDair Mobile phone case
Just purchased a PDair leather phone cover for my Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone. I am very happy with this high quality product. The phone sits snuggly and safely within the protective leather case, which looks expensive being padded and stitched leather. I had a PDair phone cover on my old HTC and after 5 years the phone and cover looked as good as new, so I knew what to expect when I bought PDair again.
Including the fact there is no cut-out for the camera. I never had a problem with this detail before - I was always able to use the camera on the HTC without any issues and will be able to again, the cover folds back easily to expose the camera and even after 5 years the old cover was not at all damaged by using it this way. Great product.
Spoilt by 1 thing
This case has pretty much everything I wanted, it flips up out of the way & when closed (but not fastened) phone can be charged. It also has cut-out to access headset, and being padded give protection BUT the 1 BIG hate is the need to fold the case down to use the camera! If only someone at PDair had the common sense to include camera cut-outs it would have been perfect.
there is no cutout for camera. when you type the side clip comes in the way. a very badly thought out design. i previously had a case from pdair which was very good ,but there is a big difference in design quality between the two.
This is REAL leather. Very well made.
It holds the phone tight, which can make it a little hard to get out in a hurry, but at least you know it is secure.
There is a hole cut in the back for speaker but none for camera. Because this is made of soft leather, it's easy enough to just pull the flap down out the way of the camera, from day one.
The phone sits just inside the case, which will help protect it if dropped on its edge.
Very well padded, yet still slim enough to fit in your pocket and still use one handed (dependant on size of hands).

Overall. ...this is a 5* product (in my humble opinion)
this case has it covered very good covers all the phone keeping it safe

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