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PDair Leather Flip Case - Google Nexus 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Google Nexus 4 smartphone with this stylish and protective genuine leather flip case by PDair.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37451

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 4.7 stars from 29 customers

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Top quality product
Extremely good robust product. Over time they also wear nicely and hold their looks. I have had one for a couple of years and in that time cheaper imitations have failed on my wifes phone. So I got one for her too.

Feels good in the hand and will not let you down.
Lovely case
This is a great case. I bought this to replace one I've had for 18 months. It looks good and protects my phone, flips open and closed quickly and efficiently, allows you to use the camera and doesn't get in the way of using the on-screen keyboards. The belt attachment works well but it does put a strain on the attachment point on the case which is why I had to replace my previous case. I'm happy with the use I got from my first case.

Highly recommended.
Protection for the Glass Case used by Nexus 4
Works well but case has to be open when charging - This is inconvenient when charging in the car. The "Book" style would be a better solution for the Nexus 4.
Excellent service
I recently broke the screen on my phone and needed a full cover case. Mobile Fun were easy to find online and their search engine was excellent. I ordered a black leather PDair case. It was delivered quickly (48hrs) and was exactly what I needed. Very happy with the service I received.
Great Case but a bit bulky
I wanted a case to protect both the front and back of my phone which wasn't full of pockets for credit cards etc. This case is excellent protection smart, durable and easy to fit. My only criticism is it is a bit bulky and makes a larger than average phone a little too big for my pockets, but it does what it says on the packet!
I got my order damage free
I'm in Canada and I was a little concern whether this was a legit company because after I placed my order I never did receive conformation purchased order email . Also, I wasn't able to track it as well but it did arrived within the time frame and there was no damage at all with the packaging . I now know I can order again from Mobile Fun
Exvellent quality.`
A perfect fit for the Nexus 4, the side clips (which are metal
covered in leather) grip the phone very securely indeed. feels good in the hand, and it gives me confidence that the phone won't slip out of my hand.

The plastic belt clip is a good idea, but I would have liked it to have been strengthened with metal (the only metal is the spring and part of the quick-release mechanism). Having said that, the quick release mechanism works well, allowing the Nexus 4 to be released from the clip whilst leaving the clip on the belt.

I would certainly recommend this case.
Very satisfied
PdAir leather flip case for the Nexus 4 was better quality than I expected. A perfect fit for my device. Very happy with it.
Ordered on a Wednesday delivered the following Monday. Brilliant.
High quality case with the smell of leather
Really nice workmanship. The good quality leather and hand build lend the case a high quality feel. The clips are encased in leather too and are very strong. A good level of protection. The Nexus 4 is glass font and back, so can be a little slippery. So if you use your phone outside a lot this will help it stay in your hand and protects it well.

The magnetic catch makes it easy to flip open the over one handed.

I am not a great fan of belt clips but the screw on attachment makes it possible to put on a clip when you need it. The clip itself is very strong too and won't get wiped out brushing a doorway.

The case has been kicking around in a bag for two weeks now and it is showing no signs of wear.

All in all a great looking case
A Smart Case For A Smart Phone.
Yes, Smart Phones shouldn't be seen dead without wearing something like this! The case needs to be flipped open to allow the charger entry - but, hey, that's all right in the privacy of your own bedroom. ;D
PDair Leather Flip Case - Google Nexus 4
Great leather flip case for Google Nexus 4.
Perfect for protecting your phone
Superb product, fits perfectly and has a lovely quality feel to it. I considered several other cases but nothing comes close to this for style, quality and usability and price. Highly recommended.
Nearly perfect
Exactly as wanted; well made, good looking, perfect fit, strong. The detachable spring clip holder is good too.

Because the flap hinges at the bottom you have to leave the case open when recharging the phone. Although this is mildly annoying, I much prefer this flap orientation for general use so I am happy.
Absolutely superb product, fits perfectly and has a lovely feel to it. Highly recommended.
Almost Perfect
I've used PDair cases in the past, and have always been pleased with the high quality materials and attention to detail. This case is no exception, made from a stylish soft black leather with white stitching. It looks good and protects the phone well, designed specifically for the Nexus 4.

The only problem is with the way it opens. For some reason that I can't work out, PDair have changed previous designs so that now the catch is at the top of the case, not the bottom. This means that the front flap flips down and under rather than up and over. It's upside down! I've had this for two weeks now and still can't get used to it! It also means that you have to open up the case to charge the phone, leaving the screen vulnerable to accidental knocks.

So, a really lovely case - but with a really frustrating catch!
Exactly ass decribed.
Neat and well made. Protects moile phone as described.
A decent case at last!
Secure tight fit, excellent quality and exactly as shown in the photos. Should be a durable case and give good protection.
Only thing to note is that you can't charge with the case closed.
A high quality case
I've used PDair cases in the past, and have always been pleased with the attention to detail, soft leather and professional style. This is no exception, as it is a lovely and stylish case that fits the Nexus 4 perfectly. My only issue is with the location of the clasp on the top and not the bottom - this seems upside down to me, with the front cover flipping down instead of up. This is the only reason I haven't rated this 5 stars.

Delivery was extremely swift. When I ordered the case at the weekend, the website stated the case would be out of stock for up to two weeks - yet it arrived by Tuesday! Great service.

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