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PDair Leather Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini smartphone with this stylish and protective black genuine leather flip case by PDair.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40034

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$13.14 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 10 customers

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Great fit & looks good too
I am very pleased with this case as I couldn't find anything as suitable on e bay or amazon. The quality is excellent and the phone is held very securely so it is well protected if accidently dropped. The only problem I have with this case is that there is nowhere to attach my touch screen pen so I have had to resort to using an elastic band around the clip button part. Overall though you won't be disappointed with this case.
love it
I received it six days after ordering. It's well made of good quality materials and it feels nice. The phone fits perfectly and it makes the phone so much easier to handle. very happy...
samsung mini phone cover
Looks great,nicely made and finished.added belt holder. Is not good for manual labour jobs. Might be good for office workers. Swivel attachment doesn't lock in so could fall off bending all the time. In general we do like it. Thanks.
Just bought another!
Reviewed this in November last year and just bought another for an envious family member who is absolutely delighted. Still can't fault the case itself, although the belt clip (which I use daily) broke internally and couldn't be mended. You can, however, buy these clips from MobileFun in packs of two - not cheap but an essential spare if you use the belt clip often.
Great product
Stylish, like it a lot. Only negative cannot close case whilst charging
Perfect fit. Indestructible.
Fits perfectly. Case adds a little bulk to the slimline device, but this is pricey technology you're protecting. The belt clip is a gem of a fitting that is strong and secure and releases the phone very easily. Managed to dislodge the case from the clip and the phone fell to the pavement. The clasp screwed back in with no problems. The case was absolutely unscathed. This is a fine piece of kit, absolutely gorgeous leather, edge-stitched, dully gleaming, lightly padded. It just oozes quality.
Excellent product and price - couldn't ask for more
If you want a good, solid leather case that fits your S4 Mini perfectly, provides excellent protection but doesn't cost the earth, I'd say this is a very good buy.

It's a really good looking case, made using what seems to be good quality leather, and the stitching is really nicely finished. It's perhaps slightly bulky compared to some of the slick designer cases costing several time the price, but I'd say it's more than adequate, being perfectly comparable in terms of function and far better value for money overall.

The phone fits perfectly and is held securely by the two side clips, which are covered in what looks like hard leather so they provide an excellent grip and will not scratch or damage the phone. There are also two additional supports at the bottom of the phone, though these are almost unnecessary as the phone is more than adequately held in place by the side clips. There's no way the phone is likely to fall out of this case, and although the phone can be easily removed if needed, there's no real reason to do so in normal everyday use. (I see that MobileFun also sell PDair's pouch-type case with a low profile integral belt clip - a good choice of you like to use your phone out of the case, but I prefer to keep mine inside its protection!)

It isn't absolutely clear from the product info on the website that the belt clip is included with the case, but it absolutely is included in the package. The clip is handy, albeit a little on the chunky side, although when in use hanging from your belt you don't notice it at all. It has a secure but quick-release facility to enable you to very quickly remove the case from the belt clip (much faster than trying to get the clip itself off your belt in a hurry) and vice-versa, so it's very easy to remove the clip from the case if you just don't want it there while handling your phone 'off the belt'. When the clip is removed, a small 'connection nipple' remains fitted to the back of the case (it screws into the hole shown on the photos), but this is insignificant and you easily forget that its there, even when handling the phone in its case.

My wife and I just bought two new S4 Minis, so I ordered one of these cases for myself to see what it was like. We both liked it so much that I ordered a second one for her as well.

Note that there are two very similar versions of this PDair case for the S4 Mini - on this one the cover is hinged at the bottom and flips down, hanging from the bottom of the phone when in use; it therefore has a cutout for the camera so you don't need to remove the phone from the case to take photos. The other, almost identical PDair case (product ref 41845), doesn't have the camera cut-out, but the cover folds upwards and over the top to fall down behind the phone, from where it can be 'rolled' further down to clear the camera lens.

So you have a choice of 'flip-down' (this one) or 'flip-up' cases, and both come with a belt clip. I prefer this one as the cover hangs down and doesn't get in your way in the palm of your hand when handling the phone in the normal course of use, but that's just my preference.

Overall I think this is an excellent product, extremely well made from good quality materials, and offering a high level of protection. It's comfortable to hold and use, has a handy belt clip and looks good to last. I really can't fault this case at all, so five stars for a quality product at a very good price.
Leather Flip Case
I got myself a Beautiful Well Made Leather Flip Case
for my Samsung S4 mini it is jusr Great and Lether not some cheap plastic.Could not get it anywhere before as they never made it for that mobile phone ,but i'am glad i fund it !!!
Recomend it !!!
Thank you ,Have a Happy New Year 2014

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