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Parrot MINIKIT+ Bluetooth Hands-free Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hold hands-free phone calls on the move with the all new and improved Parrot MINIKIT+ now with voice control.
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 4.5 stars from 41 customers

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In praise of parrot
I found it very good and easy to use and of good quality living up to there well earned rep and would recommend it to anyone
One thing though feel a more detailed instructions leaflet comes with kit
Crystal Clear
Easy to assemble & work
Connects immediately
Crystal clear audio/vocal
not bad
Can some times freeze up then when you reset it works ok.
Parrots talk back to you
With no previous experience of proper hands-free kits, I read a lot of reviews and the Minikit + was recommended. It now gets my recommendation as well. It mounts securely, responds to normal voice levels, always picks up my phone as I get in and people I ring say it is clear. One word of caution - you can just use simple functions straightaway, but it has a lot of more sophisticated functions it really is worth readng the online manual for (Read it online before you buy if you think the Minikit might be too complicated).
to good for the money...
An absolutey briliant device,clear,mike clear no distorsion..would recomend to anyone..
very good hands free parrott
For a technophobe like me this was perfect. So simple to set up. Just charge and then sync with your phone. It works perfectly with my BlackBerry Passport phone. I've only lost signal in a poor signal area (a forest) otherwise perfect signal and clear reception
Parrot Mini
Postage by Mobilezap was awesome - England to Gosford in 3 working days !!!
Parrot easy to charge and install but voice recognition not real flash. Call acceptance will sometimes work by voice otherwise have to press the accept button to connect incoming call. Calls can have a bit of echo but otherwise works well.
Very good
Although the device came without instructions in English Mobile fun quickly remedied this and I was able to activate the device successfully. In use it has proved very effective and I particularly appreciate that it can take and handle two different mobile telephones. The deep sleep mode has been very useful in that when I have forgotten to turn it off it turns itself back on again automatically. The clarity of calls has been noticeable and one caller who speaks to me regularly has commented favourably on this aspect of the device.All in all it has been better than the 'hands free device ' I had previously.
Not impressed
Even though this mini kit Bluetooth device is described as having the ability to turn on and off when you get into the car to drive this is not so. When you get out of your car and you are still over 10 yards away it is still connected to your phone. This is very annoying as if you want to make a call when you are near your car you have to get back in the car and turn the device off. I park my car right next to my office and keep forgetting to manually turn off the device when leaving the car,so when I make or receive a call it's still ringing in the car and I can't understand why I don't hear the call ringing tones on my phone. There are no instructions to turn down the sensitivity to stop this happening. Also the sound quality when using the device in the car is very poor. Put together with the reasonably high cost of the device I am not happy.
The kit connection was so simple it comes on and off automatically with the ignition and pairs on and off with the phone automatically as well. Crystal clear both ways and zero Road noise.Great product and great service.
Good Product
This was my replacement device the first one was faulty. the new one was shipped quickly and works exactly as it should.
Must Have
So pleased I bought this product. I drive a 2004 VW Golf which is unable to play Bluetooth through the sound system. I did originally consider having a much more expensive product installed to work through the sound system but thought I would take a punt on the much cheaper option as most of the reviews were very positive. I am so happy that I did as I can clearly hear the person I am speaking to and they can hear me. The voice recognition works very well, the only reason I did not give five stars was that I would like it to be slightly louder as when on the motorway. For the money it is a MUST BUY!
Great piece of equipment!
Got this for my hubby as part of his Christmas present and he loves it! It is really easy to set up and the voice command feature means you dont have to touch you phone at all - brilliant and legal!
I needed a good hands free
The parrot does what it says. I am delighted with it and it also uses your phone book when you ask it to dial someone. Exelant piece of kit
Great Hands Free
Bought for my not so tech minded partner this hands free is simple to use. It looks great and love the sleeve for the visor. Partner loves the design and that it works.
Good item
For the money this is just what I needed, clear and easy.
absolutely simple to set up , intuitive and user friendly . No fuss automatic switch on and activate mode , the vibration sensor automaticaly switches unit on when you enter car . Clear and crisp sound . Great buy
hands free
At last a hands free that other people can here what I say loud and clear,perfect money well spent.
Excellent product
Well made with lots of useful features and easy to operate.
Very satisfied.
Very good, instructions could be better
Works well, easy to set up. Instructions are basic in the extreme. Spoken contact names not always clear. However, worth the money and does what it is meant to. Good call quality.
Just what I needed something easy
Bluetooth connection was easy, loading contacts took just seconds this with a Nokia Lumia 900. Volume was very good and speech was clear.
Unfortunately the unit did not perform very well at all as i could not hear the person speaking to me. I tried it with various phones but it changed nothing and i have a very quiet car indeed, I have returned the item as faulty and got a very speedy refund the only thing missing was my not being told if the item was indeed faulty so that i could come back and buy a new one. I have rated it as working fine as i have not been told it was faulty.
Replaces an old Bury kit which worked well.
This bit if kit is excellent value and works really well with my phone.
It is small, but powerful and gives clear conversations to the person you talk to.
Outstanding bit of kit
Have had many bluetooth hands free kits of different manufacturer over the years but this one stands out by miles. Easy to set up and easy to operate. excelent features and sound quality good at all speeds and in all conditions. In my opinion a must for all to stay safe and legal.
OK but expensive
I bought this to replace a cheaper bluetooth kit that worked when it connected, but if you went out of range it was reluctant to pair again. You have to turn everything off and start again. I hoped the Parrot kit would be better, and it is, the connection works 90% of the time, and repowering the parrot always makes it connect. I was also attracted by the phonebook transfer and that it would tell you who was calling. However I haven't been able to get the phonebook to transfer, and when I checked it says not compatible with my phone! However I suspect that just means its going to be a bit more awkward to transfer the phonebook. If I can get that to work then I'd rate it OK but expensive, if I can't then its just very expensive.
A perfect unit
I bought this for my partner. He has hearing difficulties as does his mother. I had hoped that by the proximity of the placed unit it would work well for him. Boy was I wrong! It was perfect!! Every call he's made has been crystal clear. Every call in has connected perfectly. The test was his mother calling and them hearing each other with ease.
The added bonus was the unit, if not connected to the phone, goes into a deep sleep. Great for someone who forgets to turn the unit off.
I would recommend this unit to everyone. As a matter of fact, I'm planning on ordering one for my car.
Now I can drive safely & legally!
As a priest I travel extensively both visiting the sick in various hospitals or at their homes as well as other parishes within my diocese throughout the UK. I avoid making calls whilst I drive but I do receive an abundant amount of calls, this little piece of heavenly technology allows me to either answer or reject calls without taking my hands off the steering wheel or more importantly taking my eyes off the road to view my telephone screen. The voice recognition for making calls is very good once you get used to it.
There are no frills or gimmicks with this product! It simply does what it states. Installation is extremely simple and quick and you can be up and driving in minutes safely, but more importantly legally. The sound quality is superb, clear and loud and the battery life is excellent. It’s a must buy!
Great device
This was recommended by MobileFun in response to an email. Its a great bit of kit. I had a little bit of trouble setting it up, not sure why as it paired quickly with my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone. Since then its been great. Calls automatically divert to it when in the car and the reception is clear. A big improvement on my old device and it fits in very neatly. I like the fact it can be used with the visor up or down, which my old Jabra one couldn't.
Great device
This was recommended by MobileFun in response to an email. Its a great bit of kit. I had a little bit of trouble setting it up, not sure why as it paired quickly with my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone. Since then its been great. Calls automatically divert to it when in the car and the reception is clear. A big improvement on my old device and it fits in very neatly. I like the fact it can be used with the visor up or down, which my old Jabra one couldn't.
Perfect for my car
Was looking for another bluetooth kit and came across the Parrot, must say works fine, volume seems to be loud enough even with window down. Connects to your mobile when you enter the car. Battery life OK, got about 5 days from it. Not bad at all.
very easy to use.
The parrot is very easy to use, only takes a couple on mins to set up. The sound quality is good, the battery life is fantastic it lasts for days. The voice recognition takes a bit of getting used to but its ok when you do. I wouldn't have any concerns about recommending this to anyone.
No1 hands free kit
Had the hands free kit a couple of weeks now,and I can honestly say its fantastic,it's small enough that you don't notice it on the sun visor,making calls has never been simpler just one touch and talk,talking is very clear and more the loud enough,would be more than happy to recommend it to friends 5star product.
Does exactly what it says on the box
This is a great piece of kit. I needed a hands free kit that was easy to use and done what it was supposed to do. Well this kit does the lot. The best feature for me was when you left your car the unit would go into a deep sleep mode then when you reentered the car the unit would switch itself back on and auto pair to your phone. No worries about forgetting to switch it on or off. Clear sound and you can play the music stored on your phone through it. I just love it, I have used lots of others but nothing compares.
works well for the price
Performs well for the price - its not proper in-car handsfree but it is acceptable. The only niggle is that if you are close to the vehicle the handsfree will pair to the phone when you don't want it to. The vibration sensor is a nice feature which saves you logging on to the handsfree every time you enter the vehicle.
This is just what was needed. Trailed it out since I got it for christmas and can't fault one thing on it. Switched it on, connected easily and automatically downloaded all my contacts. I use it all day long and the battery is fantastic. Not charged it yet! Voice recognition on it is perfect and if your willing to talk to it when receiving and making calls you never touch anything. Vibration detection also notes when car switches on and turns back on again. Brilliant product. Would recommend to anyone looking for something like this. Great service from the team again! Nothing but praise for both the mobile fun team and the product. Look forward to the next purchase.
Got this for my wifes mini cooper and she loves it. It pairs 2 phones as soon as you get into the car,it speaks to you when making or recieving a call. Volume is loud and clear when traveling. Cannot fault it.
Exelent service, great product
I have had many bluetooth hands free devices in the past and they are a hassle most of the time, short battery life, sketchy connectivity and so on.
This product is great. The battery lasts for days, the sound is nice and clear and the voice activated dialing is really good. The elasticated pouch also works really well with the Parrot because it slides striaght handily into the pouch.
The best feature here is ' Multi-point technology' which allows 2 mobiles to be connected at the same time. This is crucual for people whoc have both a persoanl and work mobile.
The only minor niggle was that enabling Multi-point was not very well explained in the instruction manual.

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