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Parrot CK3100 Advanced Bluetooth Car Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Advanced LCD display Bluetooth car kit with caller ID, radio mute function, voice recognition and more.
  • Mobile Fun ID 3356

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 4.4 stars from 30 customers

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Parrot hands free
Haven't had it installed yet but I bought one for my husband a couple of years ago and it seems really good.
be aware
I have four ck3100 fitted to my vans worked fine until we changed mobile phones to android then the units would not work on new phones but would on old ones,we where advised to upgrade the software by parrot tried this by logging on to parrot downloaded software did not work we tried for eight hours via blue tooth and we also tried a serial lead direct to parrot from the lap top still did not work as software is so out of date and you need to use xp or vista be aware.we got that fed up we had them ripped out of the vans and had bury cab phones fitted instead more professional do not rate parrot very well as our ideally need to be stationary to receive decent reception when you are on the move the reception breaks up not ideal for hands free whilst you are driving admittively we had them fitted professionally four years ago but technology has improved more but unfortunately the parrot software has not shame updates should be automatic not manual
Fabulous price and unit!
I ordered a Parrot hands free unit. I received the lowest possible price on the unit. We had it installed in my son's car and he is absolutely ecstatic! Besides that, he can use the phone legally because our state recently made it illegal to hold a phone and drive.
Spot on Purchase!
Bought as a gift for my partner for valentines day. Compatible with Sony Xperia Z comapact. Easy to fit, only needed 1 extra lead to complete. Quickly delivered and well packaged.
Great unit...but check if you need adaptor
Really impressed with the unit but make sure you check if your vehicle needs an adapater kit. Had to wait before I could install it in 100 series cruiser
Brilliant device
I have had this device for about six years in two cars, and I'm still using my first one. In my previous car I installed it myself, which you can do very well if you don't want to spend money on people doing it for you. When I bought my current car I had the parrot moved by a mechanic.
It's been working flawlessly ever since I started using it. It pairs easily, never fails to connect with your phone and synchronizes with the phonebook of your mobile phone. Recommended!
Bluetooth Parrot 3100
Great product, next day delivery, excellent service! Would definetly buy again
Best Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit I have ever had
The Parrot CK3100 was easy to install, is easy to operate and is discrete enough in size so as not to take away from the car interior. Definitely the best Bluetooth car kit I've had and this would be the fourth one I've installed. Way superior to many of the other top name brands.
Car Hands free
I found this item very easy to install and to set up and use the only problem I encountered was the loom supplyed is of no use if you have a Rover 75 or a BMW you have to purchase one for £25
making the wife legal
Purchased parrot ck3100 for wifes renault clio, had already had one in a mondeo which was fitted by experts at a cost of £100. 00. After consulting with parrot and renault decided to fit myself. I was absolutly astounde in that it only took 1 hour and is working absolutly brilliant. Would recommend.
Easy to install/use. Worthwhile buying
I have had one of these in a previous car, and decided that the new car needed a hands free kit.
It is easy to install, and gives a clear sound from the car speakeers.
Well worth buying one of these.
parrot ck 3100 bluetooth
Absolutely brilliant device but you do need a professional to install it. Would recommend it very highly.
This is by far the best handsfree kit on the market, I tried about 7 other types of kit, All were a total waste of money until i came across the Parrot CK3100, Ihad it in my last car but sold the car with the CK3100 as a selling point, this kit i bought from mobile fun was 1/2 the price i paid for the first one, Now that is a SCORE, I can saywith hand on heart i am a convert to Parrot.
parrot ck3100
reading reviews parrot sounds good, i ve had one fitted in my car 3wks ago it pairs up to my LGKF600 ok then seconds later my fone switches itself off, ive been told by fone company my fone is not compatible need to know what fones are.can anybody reccomend fones which are please.i m rating 3 until i get sorted then i will know how good parrot is.
Once installed device is BOSS! but fitting it was a nightmare, i had 2 fone an Auto Spark in the end coz you have to hotwire the Ignition leads an iv u have a 56 plate Astra like me then there is no ignition lead @ back of the radio so he had 2 go lookin somewer in the dash, Plus i had 2 buy a Quad lead as the parrot does NOT fit modern radio's, which set me back more money. So my total review is 4 stars as its Boss now up an running an i use it everyday coz im driving all day an constintly on the fone but 1 Star Loss as fitting was a nightmare and total cost came to £160.
ck 3100 car nobile phone kit
I have this same one in another car and it is very easy to use and very simply one of the best ive encountered hence buying another, A1 couldn't be better.
Parrot CK3100
Had the unit fitted by car dealer works perfectly. Would recommend
get your money out
this is my first car kit ive bought and had fitted by source what an a appropiate name for the kit [parrot] loud and clear brill......iant
nice bit of kit
although ive only had this in my car for all of a week it is a godsend to me. the only complaint i have is that it keeps erasing my call list and now the calls option isnt even highlighted. very easy to use as long as you position it in the right place(mine isnt and now have to have it moved) oh and the ringtone is annoying
A Serious limitation
Most reviews concentrate on the installation rather than the operation of the unit. Mine was professionally-installed.
Excellent audio quality inside car, voice-activation really good.
The problem is sound quality at the other end. Very very poor and often I'm asked to phone back at the end of my journey because the other-end cannot make out what I'm saying.
This is experienced by other Parrot owners. Depends very much on the level of background noise (I drive a Focus) and above 55mph the problem at the other end is BAD.
Before buying try to test by speaking to someone in a car which is travelling at 55mph + to satisfy yourself about audio quality.
This is a wonderful bit of kit. If i can work this any body can. Sound is crisp & clear i will never be with out one again
Does exactly what it says on the tin
Automatically connects when the engine is started. Copying my contacts across and setting voice dialling tags was child's play. Sound quality excellent. Thoroughly recommended
BlachBerry 7100v
This system may need a professional inatallation if you are not handy and you may not achieve full fuctionallity (as with this phone) but it connects automatically, gives wonderfull sound quality and works every time.
I installed the same unit in a Peugeot 205 and Renault Modus without problems. My only concern is that you should take care how you route the mic cable as in the Modus it was easy to pick up a buzz. Once I re-routed it, the buzz vanished and my callers can't tell I'm on a Bluetooth connection.
Excellent bit of kit. Never again will I buy a phone specific kit. Easy to install, and works well.
Ever since I have had my Parrot fitted it has continually failed to give me a heads up display, which means that effectively unless someone calls me or I stop and obtain the number from my mobile I can't make calls on the move. Its very annoying and Parrot don't seem interested in sorting the problem - won't buy another one..
Parrot CK3100 Advanced Bluetooth Car Kit
I cannot fault this product. great value for money. and it works a treat. the best sound quality ive heard.
go on treat yourself!!
Parrot CK3100 - the best!
First class product with great noise and echo cancelling and full compatibility with my SLVR L7. One of the few units that gives really high quality audio off the standard mic and the noise rejection is very very good. Phonebook on lcd display is nice touch and voice dialling works a treat. Add to that easy connection out of the box and for £80 you have a great buy!

Thoroughly recommended and my old Sony HCB-30 is on eBay!

By the way, it is working in a diesel people carrier so not the quietest of environments for anything.
quite a lot of wires and junction box type things, but afer the instalation this is a beauty to use.

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