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Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your device wherever you are with the new universal Plug N Go from Pama.
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 4.3 stars from 32 customers

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Pama plug N go portable charger
The charger works reasonably well ,it doesn't charge as well as I had hoped ,in fact I was disappointed with it
Excellent Product
I already have a Mk1 Pama power pack and decided to get another. The Mk2 appears to be even better than the original. They really do work, charging phones, tablets and dash cams multiple times (how many depends on what you are charging). Great product and good company to order from.
Great buy
Great buy does the job its meant to, completely charges two phones from 1 full charge would defo recomend this product
Useful but frustrating
The product does exactly what it says it will do, allow you to charge mobile devices like phones/tablets whilst out and about. Capacity seems good but it's when it runs out of charge the problems start....

Most modern devices use a micro usb connector for charging but not this device, instead it uses a little round plug which means that you need to carry around an extra lead and when the inevitable happened and I lost it I couldn't simply use a lead from one of the multitude of other devices I had laying around.

Great concept ruined but a stupid connector and I now see that rival devices charge with a much more sensible micro USB connector.
Scratches are superficial
Not sure why this item should be covered in scratches, but don't be concerned.

The cover has a plastic film attached to it, to protect it. It is this that is scratched.

You need to have good nails to be able to pick up one of the corners of the film, and peal it back. This then reveals a scratch-free surface to the cover.

The scratches look deeper than they are and do not penetrate the cover of the item.

Do not let this put you off ordering this device, or the comments in other reviews that do not identify the fact that a protective film is what is scratched.

Item charged up fine, and I am now waiting for my Nokia E72 to discharge before I then use the re-charger to test its ability and speed to re-charge my mobile.

My rating will then be applied fully.
not as good as stated.
Right well the first thing I noticed was scratches on the face of it,only a spare battery but still,secondly but I feel most important is that the charger 'hisses' when charging the battery..not good..i believe this is a sign of cheap electronics and maybe a fire hazard..also the light indicators for the battery are not true.infact about 2 lights wrong.but this product does charge my phone and small speaker.
Perfect for recharging on the go
My smart phone battery always seems to get low at the most inconvenient times and this charger is perfect for recharging on the go. It's about the same size as my phone so it slips in to the side pocket of my handbag along with the cable so I can forget about it until I need it. Holds a couple of full charges, so plenty more than that if you're just after top-ups until you get home.
Great device
Does as it says in the description, no need to worry about your phone or games console 'dying' on you when your out and about, have had several chargers in the past but can honestly say this is the one!
Good, but did not contain the adaptor needed
Works well for the items with an adaptor, unfortunately it did not contain one for an HTC Flyer (the main reason I bought it)although advertised as being compatable! A "work around" by buying a genuine HTC Flyer USB cable resolved the problem, but it involved extra hassle and expense. Other than that, good product, and as always very fast delivery.
The Best of it's type.
I must have bought 4 of these things to date. So far, all of them have fallen foul of at least one of the following design flaws:
1. They don't have a decent 1A charging output.
2. Battery lights so intense they add significantly to battery drain.
3. On/off button easily accidentally activated.
4. Poor reliability.
5. Capacity not living up to claims.

Thankfully I have finally found one that avoids all those, and performs as advertised. I like the solid on/off slider that is not likely to be easily turned on or off by accident in your pocket/bag. I like the build quality and aesthetics of it. I like the fact you have to hold a button down to see battery level indications, so that the lights are not needlessly on in your pocket/bag where they are just wasting power. I like that it does 3 full charges of my HTC Desire S before needing a recharge. Oh and I also like that Mobilefun again got it delivered to me in under 24 hours! Cheers.
A must have.
This is going to be a very handy piece of kit to have since you can't remove the phones battery. If the phone is used as a music player and the like, you'll be needing to top up the battery before the day is done. It's a nice size to carry around.
quality product, worth the money
I have several emergency chargers but would rate this the best. It is very light and so my wife slips it into her handbag and doesn't notice it as opposed to other chargers of equal capacity which are a lot heavier. It comes with all the tips for all major phones. The capacity allows for a basic Nokia to be charged 5 - 6 times and my HTC smartphone 3 - 4 times. Good quality kit highly recommended
Very useful back-up power
I bought this primarily for late night surfing/emailing in front of the telly before going to bed and mains charging my Arc. Most devices come with an extremely short charge lead now and for this reason the Pama fits the bill perfectly! I tested it for capacity on overnight charge cycles and it can just about manage 2x full charges. Not bad for the money! I haven't used it for it's intended purpose of charging whilst away from other supplies of power but I know it would perform well. My only gripe is that it's a bit on the large side (sat next to my x.slim Arc) but still manages to look quite classy. Overall, reasonable to good VFM.
Good product
Much better than the case I bought with a built in charger. Much more battery life and does not add to weight of phone "obviously". Regarding the previous comments about bad scratching on case. It is not easy to see but the front has a protective film over it that can be peeled of. Very pleased with product. Good for long train journeys.
Just the job
Android devices can be notoriously power hungry so on a recent walking holiday where I wanted to use my android as a hiking gps for both navigation and to record tracks this was just the job - more than enough power to not only keep my android running all day with gps on but also provide a full recharge to an I-phone and an I-pad (someone travelling with me forgot to bring their charger!)
arrived quickly
The product itself works very well. The pama plug n go portable power charger is great to have as my phone loses charge very quickly having this as back-up helps considerably. The only down side was the face of the product has a few scratches on it which I thought would come off - but they are too deep.
This product is the best thing ever! I can charge my phone anywhere anytime! I no longer worry about surfing the net or doing too much on my HTC Desire HD in case the battery runs out. I also charge my husband's and mother's phone if they are with me as I always carry the relevant adapters. I can't say how many time the Pama will charge your device before it runs out of charge itself as I have charged 3 phones so far and it still has plenty of battery life! How did I manage without it????? It is also easy to carry around in handbag or pocket being just a bit smaller than my phone itself. Great product.
Good product
Does what it says and I actually think that it charges faster my phone than the official samsung charger. Now I should just find a way to be able to charge the samsung speaker with this and this would get the fifth star.
Job done
I've just got back from the Glastonbury festival having bought the Plug N Go as an alternative to rationing my battery over the 5 days I was there, or queuing at the charging tent.

I'm pleased to report that it successfully charged my N95 8GB twice, plus a friend's Nokia 5230. Why bother buying a replacement phone battery, when this will work with all phones? Recommended.
Does what it says on the box
Provides sufficient portable power to keep the desire s alive for a couple of days even when the device is used intensively. Ever desire s owner needs one!.
This product is a must if you intend to heavily use android phones. I have found it very good and useful. I have a htc desire hd and the battery charger is excellent.
Product works, if slowly. Easy to use and easy to carry.
exactly right for long video shots on my Mob phone
The battery in my Mob phone can only be charged while still in the phone.This means that when the battery is flat I no longer have a mob phone while the battery is being charged. (using a mains supply) My phone has excellent Video recording quality but drains the battery very quickly. with my new Mob battery charger I can now use my phone as a Video Cam powered directly by this Mob charger.It also comes with 10 adaptors which power some of my other GIZMO'S.Well worth the investment."It Does What Says On The Label."
A simple and efficient accessory.
I work twelve hour shifts and am constantly on the move. As a result it is not feasible to charge my mobile via mains electric. This accessory allows me to charge on the go. It is light and unobtrusive and can be carried in the pocket. It may take several hours to charge the unit but the rewards are well worth this effort.
Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger.
Excellent product: I have the HTC HD2 and I use it frequently, the Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger, makes sure that my device is always charged. I use my standard HTC USB Sync/Charging cable instead of the micro USB adapter provided in this pack, for convenience.
Neat and effective
Smart little device, same size as a mobile. Works very well, I'm pleased with it. Haven't tested it to its limits yet, but it has no problem recharging my smartphone completely a couple of times, and still has juice to spare. I bought it for a camping trip when I had no access to electricity - perfect for that.
Workable but poor
My Pama turned up with a large scratch on the front, presumably from a previous temporary owner, which impacted on it's good looks. It does actually look quite good, at a glance you might mistake it for a mobile phone in size and lustre. In use on a full charge it works ok but won't quite charge my Samsung Galaxy S twice from flat, which surprised me. Charge time is similar to charging from the mains.

The device has two connectors a normal USB A socket that you can connect any USB cables you have as well as the one supplied. The second connector is a two pin bespoke connector which is used for charging. The cable supplied has a USB A on the other end. This cable can then be used the other way around with interchangeable adapters for a good range of appliances. Personally I would have preferred it to use a micro USB plug as then at least I would have a replacement charging cable available if I forget the supplied cable.

The device can charge my phone while charging itself in linked through mode. This I have found useful when travelling.
Excellent Product
This very compact little item is everything you need to charge up your phone etc,have had up to 4 charges out of it before having to re-charge it,ready for next time,Highly recommend this item..
Peace Of Mind
What an excellent gizmo.

Having the peace of mind that you can charge your phone anywhere, when ever you need to is really great.

The charger is the same size as my phone and I can use it to charge my Jabra headset too, so two birds with one stone.

Nicely made and so easy to use, worth every penny.
4.5 stars
This didn't quite get the 5 stars IMO, but Only for the manual and Not the product itself - that works as stated and seems to be holding its charge well and Does charge the phone as expected. It is small enough to be carried around, even in a pocket.
The manual I feel has been translated and has lost out slightly in that resepct.

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