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OverBoard Waterproof Phone Case - Black Reviews

Take your Phone swimming with you thanks to this waterproof case.
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 4.9 stars from 35 customers

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Great product
This product looks and feels great. Goods price and kept my phone nice and dry during some aggressive kayak games!
Quality user friendly
The cover is very flexible and all phone functions work well. Passed the initial, water test. I ordered one to see how it would work in our boating lifestyle. Was very pleased, so just ordered two more. Extras, like wallet and keys can now go swimming with me removing the theft worry.
Just be aware of the long shipping time to get your case. My order took exactly one month.
This waterproof case seems like good quality, haven,t had a chance to try it swimming or the like yet but did not leak when tried it in the bath.
seems good
The case seems to be exactly what I want, in that I am able to use all the aspects of my phone that I need to use[including camera] while phone is in case although I have only tried the waterproof test in the kitchen sink at home; but passed that, so seems all good.
Wow! No need for reservations
I love this case!!!! I did doubt the ability of it however after reading other reviews I decided to try it out. I love going kayaking and always scared about my phone getting too wet, this case is way better than a dry bag! Pics are still good quality even though in the case and you can still even take selfies :)
Great device.
Great little waterproof pouch. Used it for our phones and used it to put our cards ( license, credit cards and sea passes when cruising) in and everything stayed dry. Even put it in the pocket of boardies and went snorkeling. Excellent product, now giving it as present to family and friends. Fantastic idea allows you to go swimming and not worry about someone taking your phone, cards or money off the beach. Love it. We even brought it in the mini iPad size as well.
Great product
Ideal for keeping smart phone dry and safe
great service
Waterproof phone cover order. Easy ordering, competitive price, quick delivery, product boxed up and had all accessories. Great service and I'd definitely order from MobileZap again.
Functionality With Protectivity
I'm very impressed with the complete lack of hindrance to the functionality of my phone (iPhone 6s+) whilst providing me with the peace of mind of 100% water proofing when I'm out boating and fishing. It's well designed, simplistic and durable, and I consider it to have been money well spent.
Very happy with product
Notification of parcel being sent was very quick. The parcel arrived sooner than I expected. Have used them already while boating and love them. I always know that my phone is safe and I also use it for my cards rather than take a purse. This is much safer. Thank you!
Brilliant and totally waterproof
I bought this for a pond dipping trip with my son's class as had bought a new phone a few days before coukd wear it round my neck and still see messages and take a photo. Brilliant.
Overboard Waterproof phone case
And I thought that my (Professional Fly-Fishing Instructor!) husband had everything, but this has proved me wrong. What an amazing piece of kit and the case is so clever that you can even take a photo whilst wading deep in the river having caught your first salmon - wonderful, wonderful.

Highly recommended.
Excellent Product
After ruining two phones by drowning them, this case was just what I needed. It fits my phone perfectly (and most phones I believe) and keeps it 100% dry. Now I can feel safe taking my phone out again!
Good Product
My wife likes to read in the bathtub, this keeps her Galaxy S3 safe. Good quality, should last a long time.
I needed something to keep phone dry when cycling and this does the job well. U can still use the phone once it's in the bag.
Needed a case to keep out water mud and sand when off road motorcycling. This is just the ticket!!! Ordered late afternoon and arrived next morning, great service.
phone case
Some of you might laugh at this but it is exactly the way it went. I tried to buy a cover/case for my phone which is a Samsung C3050 as I didn't want to scratch the face of it . I tried in all the different phone shops about the village but no luck, but it then went one better when a youngster told me I wouldn't get one as it was too old, so I said to him I guess that means I am too old as well I suppose, not comment this time. I just thought this was crazy , I will try the internet when I get home which I did, And hey presto I found one at mobile fun. It came very quickly and I looked at it and just wondered what on earth do I need a water proof phone thingy , and I was going to send it back but I had a light bulb moment this thing had a cord so it can be carried about around your neck , bingo that will suit me perfectly as I have trouble getting to my pockets and this is how I came to like the item I have bought, so that was my saga on buying a phone cover.
peace of mind
We have just returned from a few days away sailing and it gave us great peace of mind to know that the mobile phone was not only in a waterproof bag but would also float if inadvertently dropped in the water.A great piece of kit.
good piece of kit
this piece of kit does exactly what it says it kept water and sand away from my phone. i am not an explorer type of guy just someone who likes to swim and this did the job.
Great case, able to use all functions including the side buttons on my Blackberry when it is sealed. Can be tricky to slide phone in as the case material grips the phones body, this is good though as the phone stays in the position you aligned it with respect to the case window. I use it when fishing and cycling. Good lanyard and the case not to big to go in your pocket if needed
what i have been looking for a long time
waterproof case
I do ground work for a living so im out in the rain mud
you get the pickture
its a dream ? what more can i say
if you want to look after your phone in the out doors this is it
ps found you can talk and hear and use the phone as normale in the bag so can take it with you in the bath nice
Super Fast Delivery,
Easy to find what I wanted,Item Securely Packaged, Simple transaction,PERFECT! THANK'S! 5*****
I bought this for my husband who is a fisherman. He wanted something to protect his iPhone whilst he is out fishing. He needed something that would allow him to use his phone, to take pictures of the fish he catches and to protect his beloved iPhone from the elements. This is perfect, it fits his phone very well even with his otterbox case on - it allows full fuction of the phone and can be attached via the clip or the neck strap - great quality and value.
Big Enough for a Sky Caddie (Golf)
To all golfers - if you like i, was worried about getting your gps sky caddie wet in either winter or gust conditions, then this does the job. Used corner to corner the aerial of the gps does fit in even though it shows bigger than the sizes shown. Used it a few times now in the rain, and the gps works perfectly, no lose of signal and operates perfectly.
Vital bit of equipment for those who enjoy watersp
A great way of protecting you phone while sailing or Kayaking. Great to be able to use your phone while in the case - you can still hear really well and see everything clearly.
OB Waterproof Phone Case
I have an HTC HD2 in an Otterbox case and the phone slides into the case easily. Once in the OverBoard case all the functions are still accessible and making & receiving calls isn't a problem.
I bought the case to use while kayak instructing and having used it for a week on and under the water, it has been excellent.
One thing to note, the phone didn't float so make sure it is tied on securely or anchored to something. It does come with a karabina clip so you can attach it to various objects, including a buoyancy aid.
Very impressed with this product and am again using it for another week shortly.
Great way to keep your smartphone safe and dry
I bought the OverBoard waterproof case just before a company punting excursion on the River Cam - summer being the ideal time to get out on the water, enjoy a few drinks and snacks with colleagues.

Since they can be a rowdy bunch at times, I thought it would be sensible to have a waterproof case for my Android smartphone - and the OverBoard case certainly does the job. It'll take even the largest of smart phones, and still allow use of the touch screen, as well as the camera - so I was still able to capture a few moments of fun without worrying about getting the phone wet or damaged!

All I was really concerned about was dropping the phone overboard - as I don't think the case would float - but OverBoard include a nice carabiner clip and also a neck lanyard to keep your phone safe - I clipped the carabiner to a belt loop to keep it safe.

Definitely a great product!
Does the job.
Excellent. Does what it says and is very reassuring to have with you on any activity in which sand, dust or water could be a problem. Only advice to iphonerers is that its difficult to get the iphone in the case as the surfaces of both seem to attract each other and stick to each other. I used mine with the protective Otterbox Defender Black/yellow case and the two fit brilliantly. The big plus is the sticky problem goes away and it slips in and out easily. I would not use the waterproof case without the Otterbox as its really difficult to place in otherwise.
Waterproof Mobile Phone Case
Well advertised this case did not dissapoint It fulfils its role, now I can take my Phone out in all weathers without fear of water damage and the lanyard supplied ensures the phone is easily accessable without having to unzip pockets etc.
OverBoard Waterproof Phone Case
I bought this case for my phone so I could use it with my Polar Wearlink HRM (phone in back pocket is too far for the bluetooth connection). I've just shortened the landyard a bit and now it hangs round my neck and next to the HRM so easily that when cycling I don't even notice it. The bluetooth link now never fails, and another plus is that in bad weather the phone keeps perfectly dry. Should have got it earlier - its excellent.

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