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OverBoard Waterproof iPad Mini 3 / 2 / 1 Case - Black Reviews

Keep your iPad Mini 3 / 2 / 1 safe and dry with the Waterproof iPad Mini case from Overboard.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36949

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 4.8 stars from 5 customers

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Great waterproof porch
Great waterproof porch.
Love it.
If not using it for iPad put phone and cards etc in it, keeps everything dry.
Great in the boat. Very happy customer
Love it, this is our third one
Gdaughter is non verbal uses her iPad to communicate. She can easily carry the iPad because of the adjustable strap. The only issue is the plastic breakers down after awhile but for a low cost her iPad is protected and she always has it close by. This is our third one in 3 years we usually buy a new one at the start of the school year.
Nice and simple
This case is nicely designed - there's no unnecessary bulk and it fits my iPad mini plus its bluetooth slimline keyboard but without any spare casing flapping around. The closure is neat and seemingly foolproof. Most importantly it all stays in one piece so there are no fiddly bits to position to get it closed. The plastic is perfectly clear so the screen is readable even in quite bright sunlight and the touchscreen functions work fine. If I put the keyboard in it's possible to use it through the case without problem. Not fully tested its waterproofing but I'm assuming it is!
I bought this case to enable me to take my ipad to sea, and it allows me to do hat and more.

The case was shipped very quickly, and arrived the following day, I was shocked it arrived so fast.

The case is well made, comes in full retail packaging with instructions, a carbiner, an adjustable neck strap and several sachets of silica gel to prevent condensation.

The silica gel sachets were only necessary if the cover became immersed, general splashes of water did not create condensation.

The back of the cover is padded, offering a further level of protection.

The clips closing the seal are strong, and close with a reassuring click so you are certain they are correctly closed.

The neck strap is especially useful keeping the ipad close to hand at all times.

The caribiner is useful, but generic and very lightweight, I have replaced it with one more heavy duty and use the overboard one as a key ring.

Overall a brilliant case which performs its function extremely well. I will be sure to buy overboard again for phones or other electronic devices which are not waterproofed.

I have used the cover when sailing, motor cruising, ribbing, mountain biking, and walking. Any dirt can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth and all functions on the device, in this case an ipad mini, we're useable through the clear screen cover. Using the device is not on any way hindered using the overboard case.
I feel I can trust it completely
I bought this as I wanted a waterproof case for my iPad Mini so I could use it as a navigation device whilst out walking in all weathers. I tested it first in the bath with a bit of paper,then an old phone, and then my iPad Mini. It passed with flying colours. It really is a clever design and although not cheap I feel it is worth the money

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