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OtterBox Resurgence iPhone 6S / 6 Power Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Premium tough protection and 2x battery power make the Resurgence iPhone 6S / 6 Power Case from OtterBox perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Featuring auto-stop technology which shuts off power when your phone reaches 100% automatically for ultra convenience
  • Mobile Fun ID 51304

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 4.7 stars from 7 customers

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Good bit of kit, great company to do business with.
I received the Otterbox resurgence as replacement for my Lifebox Fre Power (which had ceased to exist, shuffled off this mortal coil and gone to meet it's maker, demised, deceased, it was no more, it was in fact an ex-lifeproof case!)

MobileFun exchanged the dead case without quibble and gave me credit for the difference in price between the two items.

Excellent service from this company, couldn't fault their communication or the manner in which they handled my warranty claim.

The Otterbox resurgence is a good product. Robust, well made and offers good protection for my iPhone 6s. Not waterproof like the Lifeproof Fre so I guess I'll just have to be more careful around water. No screen protector either (the Fre has one) but the Resurgence has a deep bevel around the screen area which offers good 'face down' protection.

Function buttons on the Resurgence are chunky and easy to use. they also seem more sturdy than the ones on the Fre (the sound on/off button on my Fre split after a few weeks)

The integral battery pack allows me to use my iPhone for traveling and I don't have to worry about a recharge for at least 24 hours at a time.

I change the sim over between service providers when moving around countries, that means removing my phone from the Otterbox resurgence to get to the little sim 'drawer'. It is a little difficult to open the Otterbox resurgence to either insert or remove one's phone, however, I see that as a positive rather than negative, hoping that'll prevent it falling apart in the event of an accidental drop.

In all. A good product and great service from MobileFun Cheers
Good battery case but
Arrived on time and well packaged. A little tricky to get on the phone but OK gives some protection but a little slippery in the hand and as for the charging port cover on the side a right pain and for some reason you can't use a usb extension on the change lead unlike the other battery cases I have had.
I've left this for about 2 months because I wanted to do a tried & tested review!
This otterbox power case really is a quality item it fits together really well and although it adds quite a bit of weight to the phone and about half inch in length it's lovely to hold in your hand.
It easily makes the phone last a good two days before it needs to be recharged.
The only thing I don't like much is you can only charge & sync the phone with the usb lead supplied by otterbox while its in its case! If you don't mind that it's a case really worth buying.
Never thought of buying a battery case until I saw this.....
I honestly always felt that battery cases represented an unsatisfactory compromise between a case offering good protection and a portable usb charger.

Battery cases also seemed to be excessively bulky which is understandable and suffering from a deficit of style which is less understandable.

And then one day recently I found myself in a playground with my 4 year old twins carrying my smartphone and my massive 24,000mah usb charger in one hand a twin in the other and I wasn't sure which was heavier. My iPhone 6 was at 8% battery life and I was charging it as I texted.

So finally the all important 'need to buy' was flashing in my head like a battery eating .....er battery monster?

The 'resurgence' is the first case I feel successfully combines style, protection and extended battery life

It feels solid too and most importantly it now means I do not need to recharge my phone at all during the day.

I actually love it and the colour options offer plenty of choice.

One very sceptical whatsapp addict has been converted to the battery case thanks to the Otterbox Resurgence

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