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OtterBox iPad Mini Defender Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Drop-proof your magical, new must-have gadget with the OtterBox Defender Series for Apple iPad Mini.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36780

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 5 stars from 8 customers

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Great bit of kit
This is a great ipad cover and really robust... Especially if you have kids who use your ipad... It keeps it from sticky fingers and more importantly keeps it from being damaged if dropped.. I have otterbox for all my phones and tablets and cannot recommend them enough. Also if you buy from this company they have a great video which you can watch to identify a fake otterbox as there are plenty of them out there.. I have bought them before from a very well known website and they have been fakes and I have had to send them back..
Excellent product
Otterbox Defender for IPad mini
We have defender cases for all our iPhones and iPads. They really protect well and the cases last a long time. We have toddlers who like to use the iPads and iPhones and these cases are perfect in case they accidentally drop or knock the devices.
Great Protection great look
This is a fantastic case. The quality is excellent (unlike some of their later phone cases). The fit is perfect, the ptrotection looks first class. This makes the iPad more useable and tactile. The outer hard cover which converts into the best stand i've ever seen deserves a design award. Great work from Otterbox!
Fantastic quality case that really doesn't add to much bulk at all.

Gives a real sense of protection and yet still remains stylish to.. I would and do highly recommend to anyone..
Expensive but utterly fantastic
This case has sold me on the Otterbox Defender range for life - I lean towards solid protective cases of this type anyway, but this case is not only incredibly protective, but feels nice to hold and use the device inside it as well. This case isn't intended to be be, nor advertised as dustproof or waterproof, and it isn't by a long shot - but couple it with something like a drybag and you're covered for most circumstances.

If I had to pick on a couple of minor niggles they would be:
* The camera on the back isn't protected by any kind of cover, although it's well recessed so not vulnerable.
* Some of the rubber ports are a pain to move when you need to (the volume switch cover in particular). The one on the USB port could simply be removed with a sharp knife if it became annoying over time.
* There's nothing preventing dust entering the speaker ports
* The stand doesn't work for a shallow angle portrait use, but that's pretty much irrelevant as all other angles are fine.
* Some may feel that the silicone over the Home button is a little spongey (because it has a bit of space above the button itself inside the case). I don't find this a problem but I've noticed the extra pressure needed to activate it sometimes.

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