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OtterBox For Samsung Galaxy S3 Defender Series - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Three layers wrap your phone in pure, 100% guaranteed protection for the Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35150

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 4.5 stars from 31 customers

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Exactly what I needed
The cover helps to keep the kids from braking my wife's S3
Very good product and service!
I find this product very good. Your service was fast and good. Keep up the good work and sorry for not feeling out review sooner.
otterbox defender
The otterbox defender really does end up defending your phone, keeping it safe and dust free. The 3 layer protection it offers is excellent.
Great heavy duty case
I purchased this item to protect my shiny new phone from my outdoors/mucky/robust work and it is a great product. Yes it's a bit bulky but it needs to be and I can still use the phone easily and stick it in my pocket (not a belt clip fan). Not completely water proof but fine for use in rainy conditions etc. Good value for money.
Exactly what I needed
Due to mobility and fine motor problems at times the Otterbox Boom is just what was required. It is robust and protects my S3 when dropped. The Boom fits snugly it has two bung protectors for charging and ear piece. The Boom is colourful and stylish. The Otterbox Boom is bulky but protects and well worth the price.
Hmmm....only 6 monthes and buying different type
Gives you the impression of indestruction and can work well for an industrial environment. Takes the bumps with the rubber backing, but protection screen is now 6 monthes old and looking really poor to see through. Currently looking at others because rubber backing is no longer holding in place around corners and bottom edging connection over the screen protector and plastic backing due to over tight fit to case belt holder. Only the sides of the rubber seem to hold it in place now. Phone gets VERY hot if used for gaming and I believe over sealed nature may not be good for phone. Not really satisfied for the rather high price paid!! Not really recomended.
Very disappointing
I've had this case for around three months and I am extremely disappointed with it. Almost immediately, the case and screen protector became very grubby looking. However, worst of all is the fact that within a month, the outer rubber case started to stretch and now no longer stays attached to the inner cover.

Considering the price of the Otter Box, I find the quality of the product to be rather poor and if I could, I would send it back.

I'm now seeking a better alternative.
good protection
Bought this product after denting the back of my phone the first day i had it. It increases the size and weight of the phone significantly which is an obvious condition of the protection it offers, as a consequence i now know its in my pocket which i like. good product shame its price is bumped up from the US. Be careful with docks, holders, stand in chargers etc if you buy this product. i rate it , does what it says on the can.
How do I fit it?
Well may be it's a sign of getting old but I do like fitting instructions with a little narrative. which is certainly not the case for the Otterbox Defender just some line drawings. So all is not lost as logging on to You Tube to find out what to do. Otherwise looks just what I need to protect my new phone in case I drop it on the farm
The best case but streaches
This is by far the best case I've ever used. It is still great but the outer silicone cover is streaching. The corners no longer hug the inner case. If pushed in to fit, the top or bottom of case falls off of inner case lip. Will not get rid of case, but this is annoying. Maybe Otterbox can make it a little more snug in the future.
Simply Superb
Bought this as I had tried cheaper covers/cases that weren't really very good and read that this is the best around. I'm not disappointed. It fits perfectly - everything just clips into place. It really does protect the phone completely. Price is on the steep side but well worth it. Brilliant colour too. I would recommend it very highly.
Need more Clarity
This is Indian market and Online Shopping means more visibility of the product, Need some more photos to be uploaded, with the Name i know Otterbox is one the BEst, but still need to see some more photographs.
top job
got this case for my s3 perfection protection top job
Ultimate protection
Bought this for using at work as i work outside & glad i did as only this aftenoon i dropped it and watched it bounce on the floor instead of breaking into pieces.
Has 3 layers of protection the inner a plastic back cover and front clear screen protector click together, then there is the rubber case that covers the back and sides and the 3rd layer is the belt clip come cover which the phone clicks into, you can have the phone facing inwards for maximum protection or facing outwards for easy access, also the belt clip can swivel 360 degrees and can be snapped into place to use as a desk stand.
I also have the otterbox commuter case which comes with a stick on screen protector which means when i use the defender case the screen has 2 layers of protection but in no way does it affect the touch and swipe actions on the phones screen.
Great product - but a bit overpriced with added shipping
Wonderful product - makes a shell around the S3 - My S3 which looked like a super model now looks like a reinforced commando or a gladiator!
Encased in 3 layers of shells, it feels secure and also eye catching.
I am normally very careless about my phones and the defender truly defends my phone from scratches, mishandling and sme water.
Cons: A bit bulky, but ok enough given the functionality. Also, not much choice of colors..
Overpriced entirely due to high freight. Woudnt mind paying for the product only. Paid a bomb (almost the product price itself) to get the product delivered to me. No one would want to wait for a shell for 1 month after buying an S3 - sites like mobilefun should stock it- would save a lot on intl freight and help better sales.
best cover ever
Over the moon with my new phone cover, really protects phone, well worth the money.
Very good Case
I had an otterbox for my old iPod Touch, so as soon as I saw they were releasing a defender series case for the S3 I preordered it!

Overall I would say that it is a very good case. It offers complete protection for your phone, with a built in screen protector, sturdy plastic casing and a tough rubber type material over the top.

I havent noticed any dip in the performance of the screen and my only slight criticisms are that using the volume and power buttons is a little more difficult, though in no way would this stop me buying it. Something that has taken a bit of getting used it is how much bigger it makes the phone look!

Overall though I think this is an excellent purchase; quite expensive, but it offers me peace of mind that my phone is going to be protected virtually no matter what.

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