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OtterBox For Samsung Galaxy S3 Commuter Series - Glacier Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Incorporating elements from the rugged Defender Series with the skin-like Impact Series line to create a slick case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. In a stylish Glacier colour scheme.
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 4.6 stars from 42 customers

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Lovely robust case. Phone feels protected plus screencover included which is a nice touch.
I received my otterbox very quickly,nice piece of kit,only gripe is I have to really squeeze the on/off and volume button.i am hoping that it will settle down with use
Excellent quality
A bit on the bright side but you soon get used to it. Excellent quality and feels very rigid when fitted almost impossible to get off.
After 2 broken s3 screens at last a solution
Yes this is a very good case that does what its supposed to without restricting phone made up cheers
Rugid Protection
Does the Job its designed for as the galaxy S3 is very slippy in the hand this product has an inner & outer shell soft rubber insert surrounds the phone then the outer case is a hardshell plus a clear screen shield is provided full marks from me would recommend to anyone with an S3
Perfect Fit, Maximum Protection
I did a lot of research into cases for my new Samsung Galaxy S3. I didn't want anything that flips open and I didn't want a case that looks good but doesn't offer any protection. I know that I did want something that is robust but also protects every corner of the phone aswell as the screen.
So I came across the Otterbox, I must say that this is the most I have spent on a case but I am so glad I bought it. The case fits the phone perfectly and with it's hard back it feels very solid when your using it. I love the ridge on the outside so you won't scratch the screen and the free screen protection is an added bonus. If you want the best protection and are like me a little clumsy when it comes to mobile phones then this is without a doubt the best case you could purchase.
Good product
Had used one of these with my previous phone (still in use) and it did an excellent job in some rough situations. This one is doing an equally good job, with the only minor gripe being that the rubber case is a bit harder which in turn means that the physical button controls need a very firm press, which is actually no bad thing at times. Would recommend.
A bit too robust?
A very robust case that fitted my phone snuggly, however it made pressing the on/off and volume buttons very difficult. It also added quite a bit of bunk to my phone, which I suppose is unavoidable for a case which offers such good protection. Unfortunately the button access put me off using it further and I ditched it in favour of a different case, which is a bit disappointing taking the cost of the item into account.
Excellent quality cool lime green case
I wanted a sturdy case for my Samsung Galaxy S3 and came across the black Otter Box which was rated highly but wanted a different colour. This lime green case is superb and you can feel the quality of the case compared to others. No scratches or dents in the case yet and the case sits flush with the camera, flash and speaker on the back. I also like the rubber covers for the power socket and earphones, keeps out any dirt, dust and water. Although you pay a little more I would highly recommend this case. You certainly pay for the quality.
Lovely piece of kit!
Easy to fit nice and chunky and feels like it will protect my pride and joy really well! Only criticism is that the screen lock button is a bit hard to press in now, and I defy anyone to get the bloody screen protector on without a damn speck of dust getting under! Luckily they supply a really nifty smoothing card to press it flat and you can't see it now. BUY IT!!!
A Near Perfect Case
I had a Otterbox commuter for my s2 and loved it. So as soon as i got my S3 i bought another. Firstly the colour is a really nice fit if you have the pebble blue s3. Secondly there's the protection it will sustain drops to the sides and back. The camera is protected and another great feature is the rubber grommets covering all your ports. The case also is raised at the front so you can place the phone face down and the screen doesn't get scratched.

The only downside is the rubber used for the power button is hard where as on the S2 version it's soft. Nothing major but you have to press quite hard to turn it on. It's the only thing stopping this being the perfect case for those wanting to protect there phone from getting damaged.
amazing quality
this case has to be the best case for any phone ive used it was a little bit of a fiddle to fit but once on its just great its well made offers great protection
it does make the phone feel bigger but the amount of protection you get for me its worth it :)
sturdy and functional
This is a well designed and robust case that doesn't interfere with the easy use of the S3.
There's no fiddling around with flip lids that make your phone awkward to answer and use and look like a giant snuff box.
A good buy.
Keeping it nice!!
I have a very active lifestyle with horses, dogs and general outdoors stuff so the thought of having a £500 phone waiting to be dropped or scratched was a real worry!

Anyway I plumped for the S3 and boy what a phone but then promptly looked for a sturdy cover that might keep my lovely new phone in good shape. The Otterbox had good reviews and seems popular with people in construction so I went with it!

It is easy to fit and I like the way it has an inner rubber seal effect layer and then a seperate outer hard shell which gives super protection and makes it so that the phone will slide in and out your pocket easily. The rubber seal is exposed at the corners and around the edge of the screen to act as a buffer in the event of disaster. All the buttons work fine through the cover and the rubber plugs are easy to undo and pop back in after charging etc.

The screen protector was easy to apply - I still managed to get a speck of dust stuck under it but unless you do it in a sterile vacuum I think its hard not to! The protector is a little smaller than the face of the phone and others have commented on this but I think if it came fully to the edge of the face it would catch and start to lift if you wanted to take the phone out of the case to use 'for best'.

All in all I'm very pleased with this case, I haven't dropped my phone yet (thankfully) but as far as keeping it scratch free and protected from the elements its gets my thumbs up!!
Flawless service
Fast, pleasant, good quality.
Good but Awkward
An excellent protective offering but the moulded in 'volume and on/off' buttons can be difficult to operate and require some 'wriggling' to actually operate the underlying phone button but the design should prove to be damp if not waterproof proof.
I feel confident that the case will provide superior protection and the button problem should not deter purchase if you want this level of phone protection.
Also the installation 'pictograms' did take a little understanding (trial and error)some helpful words of assistance would have been welcome.
A well thought out case that was even supplied with a screen protector 'squeezy/applicator' and cleaning cloth, this was the only time I have ever managed to attach one without any form of problem.
I was very tempted to give this case a 5 star rating but there are some drawbacks and I consider these have to be reflected in the rating.
Just what I was looking for, a high quality, stylish case that offers great protection. Very easy to fit, buttons are a little stiff at first but become more malleable after use. Doesn't add too much bulk either. The only downside was I was hoping to buy the atomic green version, but got bored of waiting! Otherwise, fantastic buy. Would highly recommend.
Should be compulsory
Already had a defender case for a Galaxy Tab. So an Otterbox for the new S3 seemed sensible. I chose the commuter series as the phone was likely to be in a pocket as opposed to being flung around in a bag. Fitted a treat covered all the sticky out bits and everything still worked. Added very little bulk to an already slim phone and when the village halfwit with butterfingers managed to drop the phone on to a tiled bar floor. It bounced. No damage to the phone and not a mark on the Otterbox case.
The previous Blackberry was also OtterBoxed and survived a year of being bounced off all four walls in frustration,Great piece of kit, crap phone. Brilliant case. Every phone should have one.
Bye far and away the best cover i have ever purchased it is expensive but with a new phone on 2 year contract an absolute must,
Ideal for anyone in construction or heavy industry
Good, but not the screen protection
This case is a really nice tight fit and it bounces when you drop it on the edge. If you are finding that you accidentally catch the buttons on the bottom when rotating this case stops all of this. It adds extra thickness which I wanted but watch your accessories because it is difficult to remove
The screen protector I couldn't apply evenly and so I gave up. The price is not cheap but it is one of the best cases if you can live with the above. :-)
Awesome case!! great all around protection little bit pricey but your are paying for OTTERBOX so its to be expected.

Case mate phantom case might be worth a look for the same price
very nice box
very beautifull and stlilish,doesn´t change the beauty of the phone.the best quality of materials,the best protective cases on the market.

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