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OtterBox For iPhone 4S Defender Series - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Complete usability of the iPhone 4S's functions in a sleek, slim fit design for distinguished protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 32611

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 4.5 stars from 26 customers

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Had one of these before that lasted 2 years of full use and abuse and would always use one. This one is for a new phone and seems the rubber casing is smoother than the older version which always was hard to remove from a pocket.
Robust case, tough as a tank
I bought myself an Iphone to keep my business alive but I need something to protect the phone from knock and bumps as I go about my business, roof spaces, in and out of the van, up ladders, down on the floor.
I read through the reviews and then got a hands on with my mates case. The case comes with two hard plastic sections which fit around the phone covering it before the soft rubber cover goes over the top. The screen and rear are enclosed but button and plugin ports are accessible through openings.
The belt clip clicks when the phones is snapped in place and can be rotated around the clip depending on your position. The clip securely grips the belt and trousers and as yet has failed to let go.
Next best thing to keeping the phone in the box it came in.
out of the S**t
Great product saved my phone when dropped while feeding my pigs it fell in the mud and stuff and took out of case washed case and all great again.
Good impact protection, dust ingress not good
Purchased this product for use at work(Maintenance engineer) to protect my iphone from knocks and scratches, the case certainly protects from knocks, and thats where the protection ends, 2 weeks later i removed the phone from the case to find dust had got inside the case causing scatches on the back of the phone and worse on the screen, the screen protector also has light scratch marks on it, so that can only get worse, the 2 star rating is purley for impact protection
Perfect protection
I was amazed by the quality of this product. Being a little wary of the fragility of the iphone I was more than happy at the protection afforded by the Otterbox range. I chose the item for its sleekness and its perfect design which gives not only ruggedness but is sleek enough to give lightweight protection. Great thought has gone into this design.
Great Service - Great Product
Great service from Mobile Fun. Kept me updated at every step. Fantastic product.

Will be using them again.
Not robust enough: as mechanics involve bending plastic
Used this for about 1 week and then the plastic clip that enables you to stand the phone up broke. Now after two months the clip that stops the phone falling off my belt has broken. As the design consists of clips that involve bending and rebending plastic it is not too surprising that the thing gives up after a couple of months. Not recommended.
Gold Medal Winner!
Title is a bit corny but this is a great case. It is easy to fit and holds my shiney new 4s like a glove. The internal plastic shroud includes a tactile, responsive screen protector that has so far worked without fault. The rubber surround protects the inner case leaving gaps for Apple logo, camera/flash, speakers and ear-piece. Headphone jack, mute switch and main port are covered with a rubberised flap system - all of which work well and dont gape open by accident due to 'pocket-rub'. The volume buttons are covered but the raised rubberised buttons are very positive to use. The case looks tough and outdoorsy, but smart enough to keep on for all occasions. The case has a grippy checked back that feels just right. The case has been banged, dropped and used in the rain and has not marked or effected the phone in any way. The case is not air tight though so from time to time you will need to dust off the inner case, but this is to be expected. A fantastic price for a wonderfully tough, great looking case. Stop reading this and buy one now!!
Robust case for my iphone
Great item, gives me the confidence to carry my iphone loose in my bag yet easy to grab when I need it, and the non-slip casing makes it even quicker to grab.
Nice box - shame about the clip!
The Otterbox itself is great. It's reasonably easy to put together and secures the phone very well whilst still making it easy to use.

I actually prefer holding the phone in tbe box to out of it.

The only shame is the belt clip occasionally gets caught and comes undone, for example when getting out of the car. This is partly due to the fact it can be held open as a stand.
Sturdy and functional
I was looking for something that would protect my new phone from my clutzy self and this fits the bill.

The case itself comes in two parts, a rigid plastic case and a rubberised over-skin.

Everything fits wells and the over-skin gives a nice solid grip. The screen cover is faultless too.

The instructions for assembly could have been a little more verbose but that aside I really can't fault it.
A landrover for your iPhone
It isn't the most elegant solution for an iPhone, but it is pretty rugged. If anything, makes your very 'attractive' iPhone less likely to be knocked/bumped, but also less likely to be spotted as an iPhone and 'lifted'.

Not for the fashion conscious unless your ideal car is also a defender; very appropriate name for the case!
better than I thought
The otterbox for the Iphone 4s is not only strong (plastic case & silicone) but also has a plastic glass on both sides to protect the screen and the photo lense. On the other hand the hole for headphone is misplaced...
Tough nut - well almost
Nice tough construction . Went for this as I already have a box for my Blackberry. However there is one major design flaw. The headphone socket is obstructed as the "hole" for the headphone is in the wrong place. It would seem Otter haven't really bothered updating the box for the iPhone 4S. Overall A minus. Could do better.
A1 case
I had the case for my iphone 3gs this is a lot better and slimmer and I do not have to take the phone out when I charge it with my ted baker charger whe I go fishing.
Perfect Protection
I previously had the Defender for 3gs and loved it that was an amazing case with great protection and after dropping my 3gs getting out of my car and no damage I knew had made the right decision. This new defender I was a bit concerned about as reviewers were complaining about the silicone being very soft and stretch over time and the port cover at the bottom not fitting well and popping open. This is not the problem with the new 4s case as its a very tough fairly rigid silicone that keeps its shape and the port covers seats perfectly it just takes a few secs to open and close them carefully. The only possible problems are no transparent plastic cover around the cut out over the front cam and ear piece, no plastic transparent cover over rear cam and flash and no cover fabric over the mic and speaker at the bottom for total dust protection. I would have loved these two features but seeing as otterbox have dealt with the problem of damaging the mic, speaker and both cams by heavily recessing them within the otterbox defender. I would not hesitate in recommending any Otterbox product they are without doubt perfect for the job they are designed for. Otterbox Defender for iphone 4s is a 5 star product giving 5 star protection.
great protection
Got the otterbox defender as I needed a case which would withstand bumps, to date the case has been great. The only problem is the outer rubber to the case has come loose due to opening the flap for charging, apart from that great.
OtterBox For iPhone 4S Defender Series.
If you'vegot an iPhone 4s and you use it on the go, outdoors then this Otterbox case is the business. It doesn't add that much bulk but its does give you the peace of mind that its protected from all falls or knocks and works perfectly. The case fits easily in my trouser pocket and the rubber casing doesn't drag against your clothing as put it in and out of the pocket. The iPhones are expensive to replace, so the cost of the case is a small price to pay, so it remains damage free and as good as new, even if you do drop it.
Personal Service
I was delighted to be able to discuss and order the Otter box on the phone - I am quirky about this preference !
The call was friendly and efficient and delivery was prompt.
Can't ask for any more than that.

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