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OtterBox Defender Series Samsung Galaxy S7 Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 with the toughest and most protective case on the market - the OtterBox Defender Series in black.
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 4.7 stars from 29 customers

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Excellent protection
Excellent all round protection. Makes the phone a little bulky, that is a small price to pay for this level of protection. The screen protector doesn't hinder the touch screen at all. Overall good value and a quality case.
Really happy with the cover. Has allbthe functions I need although anti-dust function could be better. As a building worker I need a good dust protection. Afetr the whole day at work there comes some dust under the cover so that it disturbs using the display.
Very robust protection for your phone
By using several types of phone protection I have never encountered such a robust protection for my phone like OtterBox
Great Protector
The best case I have ever had. Dropped in off of my condo balcony 6 stories up while I was texting and no damage what so ever.
Great Protector
The best case I have ever had. Dropped in off of my condo balcony 6 stories up while I was texting and no damage what so ever.
People can't hear me
I bought 2 S7 Edge phones and I wanted the best, so I chose the Otterbox Defender - bad choice. The plastic cover made it very difficult for the touch.
People could not hear us many times when talking to them. This was a problem for BOTH phones with the same type of case. So I took off the cases and everything works fast and we have clear calls. I give it 2 stars because it does protect the phone, but what good does it do if it takes touching the screen very hard to get an app working?

Definitely not a good product for the S7 Edge
works as expected, quick delivery, fair price
Excellent product and highly recommended
Excellent product! Has saved me a fortune not having to have the phone repaired time and time again when dropped. Highly recommended.
Case is awesome and trust me my mobiles have few crash test with it and nothing hepend to them
This is my 3rd Otterbox Defender case after first i didnt need to think much what i whill buy for my 2nd or 3rd mobile phone.

Case is awesome and trust me my mobiles have few crash test with it and nothing hepend to them .

Case have nice grip,screen is working like you dont have protector on front on him, mounting is perfect on my Galaxy S7 .

Only what maybe Otterbox can do bather is dust protectors for charging and phones there is a space for improvments becuse silicon cover dont fit nicely like on other 3 sides but that dont mean i whill not give 5 stars for this cover.
Otter stuff is more expensive but definitely worth it in the long run
Excellent fitting , gives complete rubber covering and even has rubber flaps to cover the ports up to stop dust getting in , I'm using mine on building sites, the Otter stuff is more expensive but definitely worth it in the long run
Caught on the bounce
Very good protective rubberised case with built in screen protection.
Dropped phone when alighting from the ambulance and caught it on the bounce.
No damage whatsoever.
Great phone case
Easy to put on and does a great job. Makes the phone much more bulky put offers great protection.
Best case yet
Have had so called protection cases before. But nothing compares to these. Have had one on my old S6, after 2 years the case maybe scuffed and marked, but the phone is like new inside.
OtterBox Defender Series Samsung Galaxy S7 Case - Black
Excellent product as expectation and good delivery service.
Just what I needed.
Robust,sturdy and well made.
Great protection but can't use the phone properly
Screen protector makes the touch screen unresponsive. The shape of the case makes it very difficult to use the pull down settings menu.
Ideal case to mitigate against knocks and bumps.
The Otterbox Defender is the ideal case to mitigate against those knocks and bumps that every smartphone endures. Sturdy rubber surround, enclosing a solid plastic case with cushioning inside to protect your precious smartphone.
Already paid for itself
Some twonk at work decided to to the full arm actions to show someone something that didnt even exist but my phone did..after a 6 foot fall face down onto tiles with a bounce it's still working with no damage to phone or case.
Excellent case
This case is excellent, i had one on a s5 for 2 years and there is not a scratch on the phone, so bought this for my new s7 and it is the same excellent quality.keeps device very secure, fits perfect and operates brilliantly on the phone.
It Works!
The phone has been dropped several times already and this case has saved it each time. So awesome, so pleased I brought it. However, I would never clip my phone to my belt.
10 gold stars from me
I am fully satisfied with the product I received. Looks amazing , worth the money. Still getting use to the bulk of the case other than that excellent case.
If you need a case with maximum protection this is the one
The problem i have found since buying the S7 is that many screen protectors just don't fit. Otterbox solves this issue with the built in screen protector , not quite as sensitive as one you apply yourself , but you don't have to worry about it peeling up at the edges ... the case is very chunky so be aware of this before you buy , if you need a case with maximum protection this is the one.
Great protection, but a bit beefy.
Got this for my new S7.
Great fit, but remember; this is not a dust- or waterproof case. It does however offer fantastic shock and scratch protection.
It also solved some handling issues I had with the S7. It was way too easy to activate the on/off button or tap the screen by mistake while holding it or picking it up.
The Otterbox Defender solves this by adding some resistance to the side buttons and the elevated frame around the screen eliminates accidental screen tapping.

Note that the Otterbox Defender adds quite some bulk to the otherwise sleek S7. I personally like it. It now feels rock solid and handles well, but the size increases quite a bit, and you will need a lot larger pockets than ususal if you plan to comfortably fit the phone in a pant pocket.
Great overall - if protection is priority.
At the time of purchase this was the only available case that would provide the best protection for my phone. I would have gone for "the other" big protective case brand but the available cases did not provide screen protection and this Otterbox did. In my household, with 3 little inquisitive kids, this case absolutely provides sufficient protection to give me peace of mind. However it is still too pricey in my opinion. The only other negative also is that there is a strip that runs along the top making it a little tricky to swipe down from top to bottom on the phone. Overall though I am extremely confident in the protection it'll provide and i think it does not look excessively chunky.

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