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OtterBox Defender Series Samsung Galaxy S6 Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 with the toughest and most protective case on the market - the OtterBox Defender Series in black.
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 4.9 stars from 22 customers

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Awesome phone case!
Awesome phone case!
Excellent quality product. Will give good protection
Order placed on Friday afternoon, delivered on Saturday morning.Very fast service. Impressed with the company and its website. Will definately use again.
It is of course the fine and protective case I ever bought
It is of course the fine and protective case I ever bought. A bit bulky but protective all around with its plastic cover non slippery while browsing or taking picture.but it's belt holder is not good cannot hold phone
properly. Otherwise very nice product I rate five star
Body armour for your phone
Superbly made and elegant fit, allowing full access to all features and ports on the phone whilst providing all-round protection. The Otterbox Defender Series Samsung Galaxy S6 Case is a must if you want the best and unobstrusive protection for your phone.
Get your phone and peace of mind covered
Excellent protection for your S6, albeit with some added bulk, the trade off being that the rubberised texture makes the phone more grippy and easier to handle.

The case has its own volume up/down and power keys which align to those on the phone and they do feel less positive and require more pressure to operate.

Two other gripes are that the flaps which cover the USB and headphone sockets also put downward pressure on the connectors while connectors are plugged in and the protective border which protrudes beyond the screen to protect it can make it more difficult to cover the home key with your finger/thumbprint to get a reliable reading.

If you're looking for peace of mind protection though, the Otterbox Defender does that and the few minor disadvantages are a price well worth paying for it in my opinion.

I've placed several orders with MobileFun now and am happy to report that their service and efficiency have been faultless each time. Prices are good too.
Excellent case
Excellent case just what I need. As a police officer I need a case that offers great protection and this is ideal
Otterbox nearly there
All in all a good product but missing an obvious point.
The window for the camera has to be large but why doesn't it has a rubber cover like the charging and headphones socket, this is probably the next most vunerable part of the phone after the screen, being reessed into the case is good but with a little thought it could be a whole lot better.

So come on where's lets see an Otterbox Two?

Oh and the service by mobilefun...spot on, top banana, and the on-line video reviews really helpfull, prompt delivey too
Had it for 2 weeks now and not a ouce of dust has got in
Bought the otter box as I am a welder and do create a lot of dust when cleaning of my welds I thought this would be ideal. Was I right yes was a great protector for my phone had it for 2 weeks now and not a ouce of dust has got in. If I had any thing to say on the negative side it would be when in the case it's a little large for my front pocket of my weekend jeans but is it problem nope cuz I got a back pocket lol.would I recommend it errrr with out any doubt yes yes yes good price solid in build and keeps my phone safe so very happy !!!!!!!
Very pleased, and it is the real thing
Galaxy s6. Quick service coming from Gibralter. A lot cheaper than the UK. Very pleased, and it is the real thing. Which was my main worry.
Serious Protection
If like me you have destroyed a perfectly good mobile phone by accident and don't want to hand over hundreds of pounds in insurance premiums for your replacement then this product is worth every penny. Looks good when fitted without being too bulky.
cheaper than insurance
A well made 3 part case that looks like it will save my phone on the building sites I spend a lot of time on.
Get one, they just work!
This is my third Otterbox defender, basically as soon as I order a new phone, I order a Defender to go with it. I just love that the design is so well thought out, the phone fits into the clip on holder any way round,all buttons accessible at all times, it acts as a stand to view movies, satnav etc, and the protection is second to none. I have accidentally dropped, kicked, and thrown my phone and the rugged case has saved it every time. Only one question, if you haven't got one, why not?
Bomb-proof case!
Excellent case for Galaxy S6. Fully protects the phone and still allows it to fit in my car holder. Phone still works with my wireless charger although a little tweeking of the placement is sometimes necessary. Good buy!
Better in every way
I was looking for a sturdy case to replace a Casemate I had on my last phone. I found the Otterbox & it looked better so went with that.
That was a good decision. The Otterbox is better in every way.
As an instructor with Go Ape, outdoors and in trees a lot this case protects my S6 extremely well.
Service from Mobile Fun is excellent as always.
Armour for your phone
This case makes your phone as strong as a brick out house. A little bulky but considering the cost of the phone?
Screen protector is awesome, like it's not there. Best to clean before fitting together though as dust can get trapped.
Seems expensive at first but with this you definitely get what you pay for.
rugged case
This is a 3 part case so you can expect your phone to be well protected. The rubber casing helps absob any impact. I've always purchased otterbox because of the durability of their cases. It doesn't add that much bulk in my opinion.
Superb case, everything works and all ports are accessible.

I'm a plumber and this case protects my phone in a belt and braces way, couldn't ask for more, easy to fit and remove too.

I had a few mates over for beers a couple of weeks ago and we were stood in the garden when one suggested his cheap case was as good.....I threw mine down the garden and said "your turn".

He conceded.
Very good case, premium feel
My phone has been dropped multiple times from hight with this case and shows no marks at all. Screen protection is nearly invisible and does not hinder use at all.
great case
I break phones for fun so wanted to protect the S6 as best as I can.

This vase ticks all the boxes, pricey but worth it.

I had a few beer's last night and one of myates said his cheap case was just as good. I pulled my phone out and threw it about five or six yards then said "your turn", he didn't bother playing my game.

Buy with confidence.

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