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OtterBox Defender Series Nokia Lumia 930 Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Nokia Lumia 930 with the toughest and most protective case on the market - the black Otterbox Defender Series.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44097
$66.39 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 15 customers

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prompt service
Was quick and accurate for delivery date ! Item was as I seen on web page ! Good service ! Will use again
Excellent Cover!
Fits my Nokia 930 perfectly and has very little to no effect on touch screen sensitivity.
It looks good and has a sturdy feel about it without any worry of the cover coming apart or off if dropped.
Only concern would be if you're able to get a replacement front screen if it becomes scratched over time.
Otterbox are number 1 for a reason and you do get what you pay for!
Otterbox Defender Case for Nokia 930
I recently purchased an Otterbox Defender mobile phone case for my Nokia 930 from Mobile Zap. The case is awesome, fits well and provides great protection for my phone which is used extensively in rugged outdoor environments within the mining industry. The built in screen protector does reduce touch sensitivity slightly as well as screen sharpness due to the protective material but the case feels & looks good. It still fits easily in my top pocket and works on the wireless charging cradle.
This is my second phone with an Otterbox case fitted, I don't bother with any other brand now.
When fitting the case, first separate it into its 3 sections then rebuild around a clean phone, no problems. Ensure old screen protectors have been removed and the new one is free from dust, finger prints etc.
OtterBox Defender for Nokia Lumia 930
I spent hours researching a case for my phone as I work in a tough environment, and my phone has to be able to put up with fair hammering. Really impressed with the OtterBox, and filled with confidence that it will protect my phone. Case is not actually that bulky, and the wireless charger still works in certain positions.

I completely trust Mobilefun, they offer fantastic service, very approachable and friendly. Thank you guys!
Great Case & Incorporated screen protector
I spent some time looking for an adequate case for my new phone, lots of reviews of screen protectors had identified a problem with lifting at the edges of screen. This is not a problem with this case as it is completely incorporated with the case. I'm very satisfied with it as it appears to be very robust, although I don't intend to drop the phone just to see how effective it is.
An added bonus was the quick release belt holder/holster as the Nokia 930 is quite large to fit in trouser pockets.
One thing was initially quite challenging was how to actually fit the phone in it, as there did not appear to be any obvious way to get it open. I eventually realised that you had to roll/peel back the edge of the rubberised case to access the inner cover, from there it was plain sailing! It would help if the instructions on the box identified that this was the way to get the case open.
Otterbox great kit excellent service
My previous smartphone was protected by an OtterBox cover. When I changed phones to the Nokia Lumia 930 I needed a new OtterBox. MobileFun supplied one with a next day delivery. Great service. OtterBox fits very well.
THE phone case
This case is fantastically durable and tough. Its really easy to clip around the phone and the NFC charger still works with this case on! This is the only case to buy if your a tradesman/craftsman and or love the outdoors.
Nokia Lumia 930 Defender Case
This case although expensive is very good. It fits the phone perfectly and all the buttons work through it. There is a (covered) cut out for the micro USB charger and headphones. I can now take my phone out and about with confidence that the phone is well protected, some thing that I couldn't do with my previous case. It will still charge with the nfc charger which comes with the phone, and it feels secure when handling. The screen cover doesn't quite cover all of the phone. There are little cut outs top and bottom, apart from that the protector lies firmly under the rim of the cover. You do have to tap a bit more when sending a text or opening up the screen with the double tap, as there is a little gap between phone and the screen protection. As with the other review I haven't noticed any dust getting inside, but don't know about rain.
I think its a great case and I am really pleased that I bought it.
otterbox defender
again first class sevice for delivery but the product is ok but 2 minor problems,
first it is difficult getting the phone in and out of the case
second - it is not totally encased and easily lets in dust
apart from the above the case is solid
otterbox defender save in the knowledge
brought the otterbox defender for my nokia 930. this is a great phone that deserved the best case. i take a lot of pictures with my phone so it is alway in and out my pocket, because of this i wanted a case that i knew would protect my lumia if the unexpexted happened.

it fits perfectly, really please with it. like the little crease down the back which gives it a tad more appeal instead of being solid black.

also it will work with the nfc charger you get with the 930, you do have to be more precise with the way you put the phone on the charger but it does work.

all in all, very pleased with case, and top class service from mobile fun.
great service all round
great product, even better than expected
highly recommended
Great case
Great customer service from mobilefun. Quick reply to my email asking if camera button is fully accessible with this case. It is and so are all the other buttons. Great case, feels and looks great, proper protection for my phone when out and about. Agreed, the holster when used adds quite a bit of bulk but without it is not much bigger than the previous case I used. Good solid protection is the key emphasis for me so I'm confident that this case will be just that.
Absolute rubbish
Dont buy this case if you work in dusty / wet environments in fact anywhere where the case should supposedly excel! had the case now for a week and found dust gets behind the screen plastic easily forcing you to dismantle the holder and clean daily. The final straw yesterday was rainwater splash going behind the screen stopping the screen working, yet again taking the protector off cleaning screen and refitting.

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