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OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 8 / 7 Case - Black Reviews

Protect your iPhone 8 / 7 with the toughest and most protective case on the market - the black OtterBox Defender Series. Fully compatible with force touch, you can continue to use all of your iPhone's features whilst keeping it fully protected.
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 5 stars from 6 customers

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Great case with good all round protection
I bought for my IPhone 8 as didn’t want to risk any scratches. The case fits well and offers great protection. It does add some bulk, so if you don’t want anything to take away the feel of the phone then this case Isn’t for you. If you want a case that offers exceptional protection yet still allows full functionality then go for this, you won’t be disappointed.
Great case....
Once again Otterbox have made a stella case, the fit is fantastic, you can easily access all one port! and the buttons are easy to press and the finger print sensor works flawlessly....

Theres no issues with call quality as all mic and speakers are uncovered apart the obvious added bulk which i personally think is just fine, but other have moaned about, maybe I'm just used to it having had otterbox since the 4 or 3G i forget now.

Kinda wish they did the same colours and such that the US has but minor detail in the grand scheme of things
Extremely protective - great case
Terrific case. It's a bit fiddly to install your phone as the mounded rubber back and sides are tight to remove, I suggest a bank card to wedge apart and then remove. If you like the speak look of the iPhone 7 then this case isn't for you. If however you want a really well protected phone, then this is by far my favourite to date. I've dropped my phone a few times and my heart hasn't sunk once!
There's no better protection for your device
Firstly I don't often do reviews but feel that this version of the Otterbox Defender is simply the best yet so warrants a few lines.

I've had two previous models of Defender, one for iPhone 5 and the other for an iPhone 6. Both the cases for these are still going strong and more importantly, both devices are in A grade condition. No marks, nothing.

Bearing in mind my Ranger job entails dry-stone walling, fencing, working in atrocious weather and generally being in places where you wouldn't really want to take a premium phone these cases are worth every penny. The drop protection is so valuable too.

The latest Defender feels so much better than previous versions. The tightness of the external rubber protection is super tight. The case in general feels smaller than an iPhone 6 case which is good.

I wouldn't use my iPhone without one. Apparently, there are other colours available but these suffer from colour transference.

Service from Mobilefun was quick and easy.
Excellent made product and very robust and sturdy
Excellent made product and very robust and sturdy, easy access to all buttons and switches allowing ease of use for charging and attaching earphones

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