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OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus Case - Glacier Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus with the toughest and most protective case on the market - the glacier OtterBox Defender Series.
  • Mobile Fun ID 49014
$61.86 inc. VAT
 4.4 stars from 16 customers

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Good Product
The Otterbox is a good solid phone case. I like the way the buttons and switches on your phone are protected by a skin that you can easily lift to access. I also like the feel of the case over the phone and in my hands. I would recommend this product
Otterbox protective sleeve
1st class piece of merchandise. Lives up to the advertisement and also looks pretty cool as well.
Does not restrict quality of received calls and also permits HD transmission. I would recommend this to anyone
It's big!
Despite other reviews telling me it's big, came as a shock when it arrived. Forget putting it in your average pocket- no way. Luckily it fits in my cargo side pants pocket although it can't close and is tricky to get out again. Luckily have got around that problem by buying an InTech Smartwatch so Bluetooth calls from phone to watch. MUCH MUCH easier.
However, this case DOES protect your phone. I'm forever dropping my phone so know this works! No complaints in that respect.
Instructions to fit case are poor. The case seems rigid when it arrives so trying to follow the Utube video showing a flexible rim makes you think you must have a different case. Not so - persist. The rim around the phone IS bendy!
Excellent company to deal with. Well packaged and fast delivery.
Great case great protection
Great case had similar on last iPhone so wanted the same. Prompt delivery like this site.
Great service/product
Product arrived promptly and exactly as described.
Brilliant customer services, and very helpful always with out a doubt.
I love mobile fun because I'm always able to find exactly what it is I'm looking for with in most cases next day delivery. I'm always very impressed at the high level of customer service I receive leaving me confident with my new purchase. Simply Brilliant never had a problem
Design Fault - an utter disappointment
Having used otter box cases for years, I could swear by them. Their quality, aesthetics and robustness was second to none. From the day I purchased iPhone 6 Plus, I have been looking for this case, checking it's availability on otter box's website two to three times a week. Since it was not instantly available I even purchased a Griffin Survivor to keep me going while waiting for Otter Box. And then it becomes available on Mobile Fun Website and I place an order with next day delivery. The case arrives in time in it's familiar conventional packing. I open it in great anticipation. Every bit of the case exudes solid and refined build quality. I put on the case and it fits like a gloves around the phone. This is when for the first time in years, Otter Box lets me down. The curvature in the plastic which covers the lower ends to the phone and surrounds the menu button, is too narrow and too deep to give a proper access to the menu button. With my big fingers it was a real struggle to activate the phone by thumb scan. Moreover it was very difficult to operate the menu button. Another issue was the erratic behaviour of the screen protector, that is, in places it responded perfectly to the touch while at the others it did not. I took the phone out of the case and fitted it back in a few times. However this resulted in no difference. Eventually I gave it up. Its a shame despite it being a beautiful case, there are major issues with it. I wonder if the one I have received is a defective one. However this is going back to Mobile fun for refund.
OtterBox Defender Series
Another excellent product from OtterBox Defender Series IPhone 6 Plus, OtterBox doesn't miss a beat, very well built as usual, I thoughl enjoy this iPhone cover, a cover to keep your iPhone brand new whilst inside.
Excellent protection
After having spent a vast amount of hard earned money on an iPhone 6 Plus ..... it seems very foolish not to protect it.
i always have 'covered' my iPhones somehow and maintained the quality of the appearance for a second hand sale and also had the peace of mind that a minor drop was not a disaster.
The Otterbox case has , without doubt, increased to size of my phone and hidden the fantastic look of it too : However , it is a big device anyway and if anyone (me) wants to see the 'shiny' bits I can always look inside !!

The case is fantastic ..... superb protection from all the elements - assuming the user does not leave the phone in a sink of water overnight !! It may seem a large cost for a case, but if it protects the vast cost of the phone it is worth all that and more.

I gave 4 stars ........ it would have been 5 if the case was totally waterproof ( a near impossibility)

The case works great. Exactly what I needed and I have no complaints.
Great Case
This is a great tough case for the plus, i have used the Griffin Survivor before this one and have to say i prefer the Otterbox, it is easer to slip into the pocket and a bit less bulky.
Very good protective case
Unlike many other rubber cases this one does not feel cheap the texture and feel of the case is good to hold! It does add a bit of bulk to the iPhone 6 plus but makes it very secure and has a built in screen protector, new to this model over the previous iPhone 5s is that they have managed to cover the Touch ID so you no longer get a dirty ring round the home button, also with the phone now having rounded edges it seems more comfortable to hold, and somehow thinner! All in all Although expensive I would recommend this case, as you defiantly pay for what you get with these types of products

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