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OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 5S / 5 Case - Black Reviews

Featuring a triple layered design including a built-in screen protector, this black Otterbox Defender case for the iPhone 5S / 5 offers unrivaled protection.

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Replaced with thanks
My thanks again to Mobile Fun who kindly replaced my Otterbox within the stated guarantee period when the cover clip snapped. Much appreciated; its still a great cover for the SE
Rugged full all round protection
Bought this great case as the other one has lasted the life of 2 phones! The protective screen became too scratched to see through...but the phone is like NEW underneath! I work out side on site in mud, snow, cow Sh......, oil, paint, sand and sea. This case is the only one for me. The new one works with the Touch ID too!!!
Top Class Case
Firstly can I say excellent all round service from mobile fun from purchase to delivery

On to my otter box defender

As soon as I put the case on my phone I could feel it was a quality item. The case initially fits into a hardened plastic shell which encompasses a hard plastic screen protector which is then covered by the tough outer rubber layer. The rubber layer gives excellnt grip on the phone as well as good all round protection. The case does add some bulk to the phone but not noticeable and more than made up for by the level of protection you gain. The charging/earphone sockets are both covered by study plastic flaps as is the silent/volume button. The camera lens isn't and can get a little dusty but is easily cleanable and surrounded by the plastic and rubber outer layer to give great protection. Due to my job having me working outside and inside and taking a decent amount of punishment day to day I wanted a case that would give good protection without being too bulky to fit in my jeans pocket and the otter box defender ticks all the boxes. I previously used a griffin survivor which while still a Briliant case is at least 1/3rd size bigger than the defender, also the camera lens is covered on the defender with a rubber flap giving more protection however in my line of work I need my camera sometimes fairly quickly and fiddling around trying to open the flap did at times get frustrating in a hurry! Overall I would highly recommend the otterbox defender. I also previously used an otterbox commuter which while giving good protection in my opinion is blown out the water by the defender with the added layer of protection and built in screen protector!
Otterly great
Ordered Otter Defender box for iphone 5S and it arrived within the timeframe stated. Quick read through of instructions and box was easily and quickly fitted. Screen protector works well on main screen, not so reliable on the id fingerprint scan; edge of case gets in the way a bit and have to press firmly down to ensure it reads. A lot of times it works first time.
Great fit and secure grip,
Great fit and secure grip, phone is well protected from scratches or falls. Too big to fit in trouser pocket, needs to be carried on your belt. Would recommend this product,
Good case but not totally practical
Firstly this is a great all round case but there are pros and cons

Good solid all round protection, plastic screen protector makes a big difference for that added protection. Rubber exterior coating gives a good you a good grip on the phone. Charger port/earphone jack and vibrate switch are all well covered with rubber flaps keeping them extra safe and dust free

Unfortunately the case is very bulky, pretty much doubles the size and weight of the phone and can be a very tight squeeze into a jeans pocket etc which is why I personally have since bought another slimmer otter box symmetry which I would also highly recommend

4/5 stars for the otter box defender though!
Great product, efficient company
I bought this case online for my son's 14th birthday to protect his new iPhone SE; we are very happy with the product, offers good protection and is not too bulky. He is happy you can still see the Apple logo on the back. Hardest part was getting the back off the case to put the phone in - just have to find the right way to remove the back initially! On-line service was efficient and friendly, product arrived promptly in good condition.
Great phone case
Well impressed with phone case .definately genuine have already accidentlally kicked phone across concrete yard ,not a problem.
Does exactly what it says on the box. Very sturdy while not being ridiculously bulky. Bit of a fiddle to fit but only took me aminute or two. Integral screen protector saves the hassle of fitting those ones that always leave an air bubble no matter how careful you are. Recommended.
Fab cover
I was looking for a cover for my iphone 5 and wanted one that would protect the phone really well. Had heard about this cover and thought I would give it a go.
Tremendous cover and looks like it could stand up to anything.
Must also say fantastic service from Mobile Fun yet again, prompt and fast delivery.
Otter box
Very good protection for the phone but a bit on the bulky size, but it gives full protection.
Unbeatable protection.
Bought an Otterbox two years ago.
Unfortunately the clip on the holster broke.
I looked at other cases but decided it had to be another Otterbox.
Due to the protection offered the phone was totally as new when put in to its new case.
A really good case all in all.
I had a Griffin Survivor for a year but it was too bulky and made the touch screen very unresponsive. Also you had to pop open a fiddly cover to use the camera which was a pain. This case seems better in every way and is so much thinner than the Griffin. But you do give up some protection for usability such as over the camera lens, around the headphone socket and charging port. The touch screen, volume buttons and home button work fine with the case fitted. It's very easy to fit.
Excellent product which arrived promptly as promised. Looks good on the iphone whilst keeping it safe from any damage. Bonus too as Mobile Fun price was £10.00 cheaper than Otterbox direct.
Brilliant phone with one drawback
Lovely phone case, not too chunky, lovely colour but unfortunately a 30 pin to lightening adapter cannot be fitted into the charging socket of the phone with the case on.
If you need protection - there's onlyone choice!
My daughter had wasted some money on a cheap Otterbox clone from you know where. I saw it and zoned in on this genuine Otterbox Defender instead. Ordered Thursday evening and it arrived Saturday morning! Now that's service. 'Hey Dad - its really great & fits properly. She's learnt - buy cheap, buy twice!
Excellent and worth the Money
I've had a iPhone 5 about 18 months and have had both a Griffin Survivor Case and a Gumdrop Dropcase which I loved however since I got this case today I love it. It's perfectly designed and gives great protection to anyone who cares about their iPhone would definitely recommend.
great but
A fantastic product, I am very hard on phones with my work and play but find this case is great. I also find the belt clip very usufull and very sturdy when the phone is in it however I have broken two clips when the phone is not in it. I am now looking for my third clip and wish I did not have to buy a case with it each time!
Otter Box Defender
So far i have found the Otter box perfect for my work in maintenance. the otter box is quite bulky but i am used to it now and its bulkyness makes it rasier to locate my phone when missing. the otter box gives total protection to my phone so i am verry happy with it. only drawback is its so bulky but removed from its belt clip its size is fine.
Very good product
Fantastic ordered 3pm Thursday delivered Friday morning .The case looks very robust offering good protection For my IPhone 5 excellent protection for my investment and anyone looking for a case should use this company 1st class service.I am impressed with the service.
This case provides the feeling that my device is safe, makes it easier to go around not worrying about scratcing the surface or breaking the phone. I love it, it makes my life easier.
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
The OtterBox comes in its packing assembled - so the first trick is having to disassemble it. Getting the silicon layer off is fairly easy (start at the Home button), but getting the case underneath off is anything but easy - even after looking at video clips of how to do it! Several broken nails later, the trick is that you do not release the lugs opposite each other first, as might appear logical, but start at one in the centre of one of the long edges and then work your way round the (many) lugs that clip the two halves of the box together. Once that is done, you can finally pop your phone in and reassemble and off you go.

The Defender consists of three layers - an inner plastic box that the phone sits in, which has a clear plastic screen cover integral to the case - and the touch screen does work through this. Secondly, there is the silicon case that fits round the first case on the back, wrapping round the front to some extent. It also includes covers for most of the ports, and covers up the buttons at the side and the Home button, so this layer keeps dust and lint out. What they call the third layer is an extremely ugly and bulky case that fits around the corners and edges of the case and includes a belt clip which also acts (rather cleverly) as a stand.

So: The Good - It feels very solid and robust, and I hope will offer good protection. It is quite bulky, which rather goes against the selling point of the iPhone 5, but it is a trade-off between bulk and protection and I think that it looks fine - as long as you leave off the really ugly outer belt clip!

The Bad - getting the thing apart in the first place is a nightmare!

The Ugly - The outer clip is bulky, ugly, and stops the phone from sliding into pockets easily. I have decided to leave this off.
Spot On
Brilliant case an was exactly what was after to protect my phone from builder damage. Clumsyness proof an keeps my phone lookin like new. Ideal for someone in the dirty building game!
Brilliant Case
I wanted to find a case for my new iPhone 5 which would protect it as much as possible including the whole screen and body.

A friend of mine has had a protective case for his ipad from Otterbox and I had recently made a couple of purchases from Mobilefun which I was mega pleased with so thought I would check the cases on the site.

They had the Otterbox Defender case in and I thought the price was right so purchased the case.

I have no regrets about purchasing this case, and didn't think about going elsewhere as I have so far always had a great experience purchasing through Mobilefun.

I would recommend both the case and Mobilefun to any of my friends..
The most robust case I have came across
I purchased the otter box case because I wanted a case that would protect my iphone as much as possible. I am confident I have purchased the right case. I am very impressed that it has a built in screen protector and so there is no more trying unsuccessfully to apply a screen protector with no air bubbles. This one is inbuilt to the case and covers perfectly. It doesnt affect the use of the touch screen, it works just fine. The case is quite tricky to apply and I think once its on its not coming off easily. It adds a lot of bulk to the phone but this should mean that any drops dont damage the phone. It is certainly not going to to get any scratches!.Once the plastic case is on there is then a rubber casing that protects the plastic case and should make it a bit bounce proof. The rubber case also protects all buttons and charger point. The buttons work very well eventhough covered up.

Yes it adds bulk and is quite tricky to fit but the protection you get should outweigh this slight inconvenience
Exactly what I need
Good well built case and exactly what I need to protect the phone, adds a bit bulk to the size of the phone but will protect it well.
good bit of kit
i bought this for my girlfriend as she is terrible at looking after things. they always get broken. this will protect it and keep it new.
Protects my phone well
The Otterbox defender fits like a glove; is so easy to fit and remove and protects every aspect of my iphone 5.
The screen protector is amazing, you don't even notice it's there and has no detrimental effect on use at all.
Tremendous Protection for your phone
Fantastic item just ideal for all round protection of my iPhone 5 and you have full access to all ports/buttons. I would recommend this case if you want to protect your precious phone from damage and water. Certainly will save money on my insurance to.
Outstanding Case + Service
I ordered this case at 17:58 and it arrived before 9am the next day! The service was, as always, truly fast and reliable.

This case adds bulk there is no denying it, however, I've struggled to find a more protective case that adds grip, fully protects the phone and all ports and is more than just a simple slide on piece of plastic. Many of the so called cases either leave the front exposed with no protection or the ports or the sides, so there is always a compromise - Not with the Defender. I like it so much that I've ordered a Defender for my iPad and for my BlackBerry Playbook. A totally brilliant and sturdy case from a reliable manufacturer. The price point on MobileFun is also excellent.
Perfect protection AND disguise
The otterbox is the ultimate in protection but you already know that otherwise you wouldn't be looking at it. Just in case though, YES it is extremely good at protecting your phone. Most importantly though it does something extra. It utterly DISGUISES your iPhone 5. I had occasion this weekend to put this to the test. Someone else was showing off their iPhone 5 nearby so I brought mine out and said, 'snap!'. He laughed, 'I don't think so.' He said. When I proved it was an iPhone 5 he was mildly taken aback. I told him that my iPhone 5 was better than his, which got his interest. I told him that whatever I did with my iPhone 5 I could do it better than him doing the same with his iPhone 5. After we shook hands on the bet I threw my iPhone 5 as hard as I could to the ground. Yup. The otterbox rocks.
Easy buy
Perfect company to deal with, great bit of kit for a serial phone breaker!
Does the job!
I was very surprised at how bulky it made the iPhone 5 look but although I haven't physically dropped my phone whilst in its case it does look like it could do a good job of protecting the sleek look and functionality of the phone itself. A total of 3 individual parts were needed to put the case together 2x plastic guards that go on the front and back an clip into place followed by a rubber protective border that went around the edges covering all ports to the phone with the exception of the speakers (flaps were present if you needed to charge the phone or if you wished to use headphones) so I guess these areas were being protected from foreign objects entering the ports. Although it is bulky I have to say I feel comfortable that my phone would be clear of any damage if accidentally dropped :-)
Otterbox defender iphone 5
Awesome case, it we keep my phone safe without being damaged/scratched.
MobileFun First
I ordered an OtterBox on a Friday, it came on the Monday. I ordered the phone two weeks earlier, still waiting.
MobileFun should sell phones as well!
Service second to none by MobileFun.
Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPhone 5
Otterbox iPhone cases are the best I have ever used. I used the Commuter series on my old iPhone 4 and it was put to the ultimate test while on holiday in Venice, while juggling a few different items I tried to hurriedly take a photo and the phone slipped out of my hands and landed hard on a concrete floor! Surprisingly, the phone was completely unaffected.

The Defender series is a step up from the Commuter and provides the highest grade protection available. I especially like the hinged case with integrated screen protector. No more fiddling around trying to install the screen protector and avoiding air bubbles. The case itself is quite chunky and actually doubles the thickness of the iPhone. However, after shelling out £600+ on the iPhone 5 + Otterbox I wanted to make sure my investment was well protected. Try one, you won't be disappointed!
Qtter Defender Iphone 5 Case
The Otter defender is a well-constructed product, it fully encases my IPhone. I was very surprised how well the clear plastic cover works.
It is a bit bulky, and I am not sure how the engineers at Apple would think of their beautiful sleek IPhone 5 now!
Lakes a little bit of time to install.
Great Product.
This case is no joke!
If you are looking for a case that will protect your phone from a zombie invasion, global warming, and even a toddler...this is totally the case for you. Once you snap the whole thing together, it is a serious pain in the bootay to undo.

Soooooo, that's the reason I ended up returning it. Here's the thing: it has a built-in screen protector, which is totally rad. For real, it's like a space suit for your phone. But if you are even 1/10th as OCD as me, the dust under the cover that is locked inside is going to drive you up a wall and down the other side. I tried everything to wipe away the dust on both the phone and the screen, and no matter what I did, there would be a single white piece of dust trapped.

Mocking me. Flipping me off and daring me to break another nail prying open the case and blowing it away.

I can't deal with this kind of pressure in my life.

But yeah, if you are down with a little dust and are planning an African safari, this is totally the case for you.
This case is no joke!
If you are looking for a case that will protect your phone from a zombie invasion, global warming, and even a toddler...this is totally the case for you. Once you snap the whole thing together, it is a serious pain in the bootay to undo.

Soooooo, that's the reason I ended up returning it. Here's the thing: it has a built-in screen protector, which is totally rad. For real, it's like a space suit for your phone. But if you are even 1/10th as OCD as me, the dust under the cover that is locked inside is going to drive you up a wall and down the other side. I tried everything to wipe away the dust on both the phone and the screen, and no matter what I did, there would be a single white piece of dust trapped.

Mocking me. Flipping me off and daring me to break another nail prying open the case and blowing it away.

I can't deal with this kind of pressure in my life.

But yeah, if you are down with a little dust and are planning an African safari, this is totally the case for you.
Ordered 3pm despatched by 5pm, received next morning, excellent customer support as I had to phone and change the delivery address, dealt with brilliantly, good price, very fair postage , great product couldn't have asked for more
Good, but no cigar!
Phone feels secure and mainly dust free. It would be better if the earpiece and camera had some sort of protection rather than being completely open (although appreciate this would be near impossibe), these areas collect dust very badly!
Rubber means it is difficult to put in and extract from pocket leading to cosmetic damage to the case. The clip provided is excellent and does a great job of protectiong the screen, however can be to cumbersome for the majority of the work I do.
Happy with the purchase.
Keeps it secure
It's a great product,does what it's made for.its just a bit pricey.
Perfect for outdoor work
Still keeps iPhone 5 extremely light screen still works brilliantly and protected from dust bumps and scratches 10/10
Very nice case
The case is tough and rugged as expected. Its comfortable to hold and feels like a quality item, with a soft, warm grippy texture. The port protectors fit well and the clip holder can be used on the back for ease of access to the screen, or front to provide total protection against any kind of impact. Very useful in rough environments. The built in screen protector is a waste of time. I don't know why they bothered with this as it would eventually become scratched and useless. From day one it didn't contact the screen and tapping buttons was impossible. So I have removed it and just rely on normal screen protectors which work perfectly.
All in all though I'm very happy with it and although mega expensive, I'm glad I bought it and would recommend it to anyone.

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