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OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 4S / 4 Tough Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Complete usability of the iPhone 4S / 4's functions in a sleek, slim fit design for distinguished protect.
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 4.4 stars from 102 customers

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Highly recommended, excellent purchase with speedy delivery. Would buy again from here. Thank you.
second to none for quality and ease of use
Great fit. does what it says . not too bulky . best in its price . very very happy to get it as a present .
This cover not success because of it broke after use six month, and your cover very costly.
Five stars doesn't do this case justice.
Really good quality, easy to fit, fits like a glove, the phone does not rattle in the case, the built in screen protector is very sensitive and easy to use. The belt holder was an unexpected bonus and offers even more protection and will securely hold the phone when not in use.The price is extremely reasonable for the quality of this case. I had been looking for a high quality case and having found the case on Army surplus and Police surplus websites (for a higher price) I considered that if the Forces are using it it must be a good quality item.
It does the job
I was looking for a cover for my new iPhone which would afford it protection when dropped which I do on a fairly regular basis and usually into mud etc. I accepted it might make the phone a bit bulkier but I didn't want a brick in my pocket. I found it, the Otterbox Defender is great with good protection ( I've tested it already!)and it fits snug in the hand.It does just what it says it will do.
Junk case
Don't buy this case, unless you can get it for $5. It not even worth that, the silicone wrap fall off every time you take the case out of your pocket. The flaps that hide the headphone jack are so flimsy mine broke off In 2days of use. The speakers are exposed so they collect dust. This case belongs in a dollar store. I'm never buying otterbox again, the fact that they let this piece of crap on the shelves goes to show that they really don't care about customer satisfaction. Thanks for wasting my time otterbox!
Almost what I needed.
The basic product is excellent by enveloping and protected the phone. The fit is really snug and the anti-slip properties useful. I do have to tell you that the aperture for the ear-phone jack does not (even nearly) line up - not a great problem. The cradle for use when attaching to a waistband or belt is unwieldy but I really don't need vit anyway.
Otter Box
Over all very happy, the Otter box commuter does the job for me. The delivery was a bit slow due to out of stock but the mobile fun guy’s kept me informed.
Thanks good job
At last a decent case!
This case offers a good level of protection for your iPhone without the bulk of some of the alternatives. If you have teenagers who don't appreciate the value of the kit you have provided for them, protect your investment with one of these!
Otter box
I have had this case for 8 months and it does a great job but the silicon case that covers the power connection breaks easy. My wife has gone through 2 cases so Otter box should improve there product there
great cover
its a great defender and my iPhone is safe despite several falls ...direct on floor...only thing is that ppl r not able to identify that i have a iPhone
very pleased
The item arrived promptly just in time for my snowboarding holiday. It was bight pink as ordered so easy to spot in bags whilst travelling.
it was as described very durable and i was confident it would protect my iphone.
The screen was touch friendly and all functions worked as normal.
Pleased with product and service, thanks mobilefun
Brillilant - Did the job!
2nd purchase following accident with original product. Main thing was iPhone came away in one piece with no damage at all.
wife thinks they are good
I havent yet had chance to see my phone cover as I am still away in afghanistan but because the red was on back order, my wife was using mine before she got hers. She likes them as we have a very technical minded/interested 17month old son, and the cases do protect the phone.
just the job
I have had one of these cases for a year now and it is still doing the job. I am a plumber and it has kept my phone tip top like new despite being on sites full of dust and rubbish. The rubber case stops it sliding about the dash on the van which is a bonus. I binned the clip as would never use it the phone would be in my way on a clip. Make no mistake this case is built to protect not be sleek does what it says on the tin my phone never leaves it.
Otterbox - excellent product but flawed engineerin
Although rather bulky, the Otterbox provides fantastic protection for the iPhone4. This is a replacement for my previous Otterbox - the plastic clip that holds the phone into the waistband holster broke after only 3 months use. The clip is part of the casing and only time will tell whether the replacement lasts longer. This clip should really be sprung metal to withstand constant use. Other than this an excellent case
Great product
I found this a great buy. Because. The iPhone are a good bit of teck. But they can easily be dropped or scratched in the day to day use. The product protects the phone. The screen cover built into the case is fantastic. Have you ever tried to apply a screen protector. With this case you don't have to bother. Also the handy belt clip is great. You can put the phone in so the screen is hidden and protected. Or use the belt clip as a stand to watch videos etc. overall the best case I have ever bought.
Well designed case that provides reasonable protec
The case comes in two pieces. A flexible rubbery skin which you mount first followed by a hard plastic shell.

The product is neat in its design and provides a reasonable degree of protection without adding too much bulk to the overall size.

The manufacturing quality is good with the access holes lining up accurately against the camera, cable socket etc
Otter box defender
A great case however the earphone socket is covered over so had cut a new hole, overall a well worth the money. Rno problems with the sound quality. If you want to protect your phone then is the case to use
Top protection but silicon shell splits after time
Got this when it was first launched. Has provided excellent protection for my phone which has survived some hard drops.

However after 12 months of going in and out of my pocket the silicon shell has split around the earphone plug and the "silent" button. It's now falling apart rapidly !

But in terms of all round protection you won't get better
Does the job well, if a little bulky
Your IPhone4 fits inside a well-made plastic box, with a clear plastic front, which protects the screen from scratches. You fit the supplied rubber "bumper" around the box, so the phone is well protected. A hard plastic belt holder is supplied, with a sturdy spring-loaded belt clip. The phone clips easily in and out of the belt holder and is held in securely. An excellent product which protects your iPhone4 very well, but bulky.
wish I had seen this first
I had boughtthe traditional Otter Box, and although bulky, I like the level of protection, but this fits like a glove, looks good and does not increase the size of the iPhone much.
This is a case for those who want something seriously protective. My son in law is a carpenter (with an HTC) and he LOVES the look of this case and will get one for his phone. For the iphone you have to be prepared to lose the slick look and end up with a bigger phone. It's great protection but you lose that apple aesthetic. I think I should have gone for the commuter rather than defender but am happy that I have something that protects my phone from my 2 yr old grandson deciding to throw it around. It wasn't obvious how to fit it but there was a great video I found on youtube showing step by step. Camera works fine (which is why I got a new case as my leather case obscured some of the camera) and you can keep dust out of all the sockets too which is great if you are out and about getting dirty.
Just the Job
This case is just what i was looking for, So many cases make the phone bigger & don't fit well, but this keeps the shape of the phone with out increasing the size much, Fits the phone very well. I was told to buy an Otter Box phone case by a friend & I am not disappointed. Very well made product
just what i needed
Brilliant item keeps my phone safe and clean.
OtterBox For iPhone 4 Commuter Series Hybrid - Red
The 'OtterBox Commuter Series,' was an excellent buy. It was easy to install around my Iphone and gives me the added protection to my phone. The case is streamline but, allows easy access to screen and buttons too.
There was a promt delivery, I ordered it in the afternoon and it arrived next morning. Excellent service.
I have used Otterbox products in the past and have been very happy. Coupled with this, is the amount of 5* reviews, which made it a no brainer.
Now the bad bit. Having used this case for over two weeks, I noticed that the screen was full of dust, on the INSIDE. This dust could cause the screen to be damaged, so I am now going to find a better alternative.
OtterBox For iPhone 4 Defender Series
If you are looking for a solid protection and not bothered with bulkiness , then the Otterbox is for you.
The bad bit
The otterbox for my I phone is really good, it has nice look and feel to it. It is a good protector for the actual phone and doesn't interfere with the operation at all.
The only criticism is the clear plastic, it too soft and scratches very easily. If you are not careful it will very soon look a mess.
Otter box defender
Tough feel, well made fantastic screen protection This case will makes sure your iPhone 4 remains pristine. Precision made to ensure you can operate the phone controls without feeling you have a case on your phone.
Otter box defender
Tough feel, well made fantastic screen protection This case will makes sure your iPhone 4 remains pristine. Precision made to ensure you can operate the phone controls without feeling you have a case on your phone.
The bad bit
The otterbox for my I phone is really good, it has nice look and feel to it. It is a good protector for the actual phone and doesn't interfere with the operation at all.
The only criticism is the clear plastic, it too soft and scratches very easily. If you are not careful it will very soon look a mess.
Iphone4 Defender case
Quality case feels and looks sturdy. Otterbox have kept up their reputation of producing items which do the job. The cover for the power lead is fidley but once fitted it works no problem.
Iphone4 defender case
Quality case feels and looks sturdy. Otterbox have kept up their reputation of producing items which do the job. The cover for the power lead is fidley but once fitted it works no problem.
OK but......
Bought this because the cheap one I had collapsed.
This is a good cover but it makes the Iphone into a brick. Took me ages to find out how it fitted and I am sure the one I have got had been used before and returned by someone.
Have kept it but if you want a lightweight cover then this is not the one for you.
Its Ok
I won't rave about this product as some do. Its basically a 2 piece plastic moulding protecting the sides of the phone and a well fitting foamed rubber skin protecting the rear,connection ports and side buttons.There is a clear plastic scratch guard for the phone screen.

It does what is says and will protect your phone however:

1- the earpiece jack socket does not line up with the hole albeit it is still usable if you open the flap cover.
2-the base connector port cover is fiddly
3- I don't think the unit is designed to be readily removed so fit and leave it on.

Screen functionality is good with the cover fitted and all buttons still work well.

Cheaper by far than a new phone but I bet it doesn't cost £35 to make !!
I tend to be very clumsy with my phones and was looking for more protection than a simple case could offer. I was initially concerned about the size of the otterbox and spent a lot of time researching alternatives. After all that, however, I realised that none of them came close to offering the protection the Otterbox does.
I finally decided to go for the Otterbox, but was still concerned about the size. It arrived today and I have to say it doesn't seem as big "in the flesh" as it does on videos. There's no denying it adds to the size of the iPhone, but it's nowhere near being a brick and it still feels incredibly comfortable in the hand and looks pretty sleek in a rugged sort of way.
If you want to protect your investment then I can't recommend the Otterbox highly enough: Buy one and your iPhone will thank you!
A great product
I'd seen Otterboxes for other devices in use with a friend. They've come on a long way since their original products a decade or so back. My phones tend to get bashed about a bit, either from other stuff in my pocket/bag or vibration on the motorcycle or just plain clumsiness. I also need to use mine in all weathers.
The Otterbox Defender for the iPhone4 is great. It really gives confidence that minor bumps will not cause a problem. It doesnt totally waterproof the device as the speakers are still exposed (if recessed) and the flap over the docking port is prone to slip open if given the chance to catch on anything, but the combination of hard and soft (rubber) sections on the inner case alone works well.
I dont use the outer belt "bracket" as much as I thought I might, although it is useful to have it in and if you latch the clip back, it makes a handy desk stand.
The volume controls and other buttons work well through the rubber and its much safer to grip.
I considered using the Invisible Shield product as well but I'm not sure (despite assurances from MobileFun) that it would fit and with this case it does not appear to be needed.
The soft rubber elements will pick up and retain some general debris (small chads etc) but if you're in any kind of environment where your phone might be damaged, this is the best general sale case I could find and I recommend it highly
OtterBox I phone 4 cover
Been looking for the past couple of months for a cover that suits my requirements (rugged/robust), and finally found it with OtterBox! Well worth getting this cover if you require something more substantial than the usual covers. This suits my requirements (engineering/logistics) down to the ground.
Well done, and thanks.
OtterBox iPhone 4 cover
This cover is excellent, superbly engineered,
easy to use, couldn't be happier.
well pleased.
Excellent service again!
Ordered an otter case to protect my beloved iphone which was delivered in rapid time as usual. The case is just brilliant, probably the best i've ever had. Well made and a perfect fit so that all functions are at hand without having to open compartments to get at buttons or use the camera. Recommend to any one with the iphone 4. Money well spent.
Protects the phone
I was impressed with the product. It almost completely covers the phone but you can still fully use it without having to remove the case. It does make the phone a little bulkier but the protection makes the tradeoff worthwhile. Would definitely recommend.
Fulfilled my needs!!!!
I'm a plasterer/builder, always wanted an iPhone. Always been mocked for having a rubbish old builders phone!! Not now!!!
With this case I can have an iphone4 and not worry about damaging it!! The case really does work, I removed the phone last week to check for any issues, the phone was untouched!!! All shiny and no dust or scratches.
Does What it says
A great bit of kit, OK makes the iPhone look bulky, but the level of protection that is offered is great. Easy to put together.
Otterbox Defender for iPhone 4
Great product. Bought for scout camp protection. Very easy to put on and take off. Should keep the muck and water off perfectly. Also arrived in double quick time, a very good service.
iPone covers
I puchased the OtterBox for iPhone 4 Defender series and I think its excellent. Its so easy to use and very protective for the phone ... well worth the money ... bought 2 one for my doughter as well and she is delighted with it too.
Safe but not slimline
Encases the phone nicely, haven't had to test the resilience yet but feel solid if not exactly sleek.
Fantastic product - A must for your iPhone
I have just put my phone in this case and I was amazed by how easy it was to put in and how well protected my phone is. If you are thinking of a case to protect your iPhone then this is the one. Everything lines up perfectly the screen is very clear and phone is well protected. Am very pleased with this case and the speedy delivery service from mobilefun. I will definitely recommend this case to every one who has a iPhone to protect, worth every penny.
Fantastic product - A must for your iPhone
I have just put my phone in this case and I was amazed by how easy it was to put in and how well protected my phone is. If you are thinking of a case to protect your iPhone then this is the one. Everything lines up perfectly the screen is very clear and phone is well protected. Am very pleased with this case and the speedy delivery service from mobilefun. I will definitely recommend this case to every one who has a iPhone to protect, worth every penny.
Fantastic can't tell you how good x
This is the best , my phone looks new all the time ,
You get what you spend!
The Otterbox seemed pricey to me but I have a few friends who rated it highly which convinced me to get one. I have had it for a month now and I think it is a robust, quality item. I am developing confidence in its protective ability. I think it will be ideal for my active, outdoors career and lifestyle and would receommend it accordingly. Easy to assemble, makes the phone easier to handle (less slippery)and the protective belt bracket provides brilliant protection whilst being practical as a stand for watching movies, browsing the internet or reading.
Not what I was expecting
Plastic inner case is fine but skin not as robust as those on iPad/iPod Touch.
It may be just mine but the hole for the headphone jack doesn't line up either
effective but bulky
Provides excellent protection for the iPhone 4 but quite bulky. No reception issues and all main functions of phone easily accessed.
Iphone 4 case
Ottobox iphone 4 case excellent well worth the pennies, highly recommend
+Otterbox for Iphone 4
Does what is says on the tin. Very simple to assemble and works a treat.
If you have an iphone you should have this case!!
After dropping and smashing my iphone I decided the next one had to have better protection. Well it doesn't come much better than this!! Two other friends have now ordered it and we are all delighted with it. It is worth every penny when you think about how expensive the iphone is. It looks good, feels good and gives good service too. I keep being asked where I got it from, wish I was on commision!! You can still do everything with the case on and the screen is also protected. I have kids and dogs etc so it's good to know the phone is safe now.
verry good case
It's a very good case,If u really want a strong protective case,that's the one.
OtterBox defender case - iPhone 4
I bought this case as I had previously had the same defender series case on my 3GS, although the iPhone 4 version is aesthetically more pleasing it does not offer the same level of protection, although I am sure this is more to do with the design of the phone. Having said this, the case offers a good level of protection and I would not hesitate to recommend it to friends. My only real criticism is the rubber cover, which is not nearly as strong as the 3GS version, one of the flaps has already pulled off and as of yet I have been unable to source a supplier for the rubber cover only, I don't want to spend another £33 just for a replacement rubber cover.
Otterbox defender for iPhone 4
A very good, brilliantly executed protective cover. A bit clunky compared with the beautiful naked form of the iPhone 4, but you can't have that level of protection without a bit of bulk. Very good and reliable clip. Fiddly fitting of the silicon case component as per their video - again the price you pay for the perfect fit of the incredibly accurate moulding.
I doubt it is 100% waterproof - there has to be air access to microphones and speakers - but it will protect from most accidental splashes and raindrops. Don't forget these phones have moisture-exposure detectors (4 in number inside the case which the Apple people can see. this tells them whether immersion or prolonged humidity (e.g. in a sweaty cagoule/anorak) has got to the internals. If so you pay for the replacement...
Good shock and impact resistance too from the excellent combination of materials, and the belt clip doubles as a stand.
All the features/controls work as well as if the case wasn't there (including the protected touch screen), and little doors allow access to sockets and the silence switch.
Well worth the money.
Fantastic Product
Woww its the best case I have ever used till date, complete total protection for the iphone 4, its for everyone who really wants to take good care of there iphone 4. Looks very smart 2. I love it. The only negtive thing I can think about isno proper instructions given to put it together but in few minutes u should figure it out. Fantstic value for money, wish it would come in different colors as well to choose from, but black is goodenough :).
site box
Had the box for a while now and have taken it out on site with a few reservations but has stood the test, peeked inside -good as new! Not a glamourous case but practicable.
The mutts nuts
This is a fantastic piece of kit. It does just what is says on the tin. Granted it is a tad bulky with the plastic belt clip thing but I just use it as a mount in my car. Very rugged and durable. Easily worth the money.
The new commuter case for the Iphone 4 continues the long line of excellent cases for a wide variety of phones. If you want a case to protect your phone from anything from the daily trip to the office, right through to a full on expedition, there is an "Otterbox for That"
THIS IS THE best for protection!!!
This is my first iPhone and I wanted the best protection for it since I would like to use it without being too conscious that it'll get scratch/damage all the time!!! I have used it for about 2weeks now and theres nothing wrong with it. Although all of my friends thinks my iphone4 has lost all the design because of case is too thick and heavy.
Otterbox for iPhone4 - pretty good
It does what i says on the box really. Its a rubberised seal, round a more solid internal box with a good touch sensitive screen which makes the phone easy to use.

Access to some of the buttons, like the mute switch is bad for anyone with big hands etc. Volume, off/on and earphones easy to access, so no problem there.

Charging has to be via the USB/iPhone cable, due to the phone not being able to sit in a cradle... pain that part. It could have done with an extension that fits in the cradle and inserts in to the bottom of the phone when the phone was inserted in to the cradle.

The case is good and the belt fitment is secure, robust and has a nice resounding click as the phone locks in to place. Apprehensive at first, I am glad that I bought one now.
Just got a new iPhone 4 so wanted the best protection I could get, and this case is the best. Easy to fit, looks great all ports easy to get to. So it should protect it well. The only thing that lets it down is dust can get in under the screen,but you cant have it all. Best of all was the service, delivery was excellent.
Awesome case. Don't think I'll be breaking the screen again like I did with my iPhone 3GS!
does what it says on the tin
I fit kitchens and bathrooms so I needed a case that protected from dust, the odd knock and from me picking it up with crap all over my hands! I was not dissapointed as the Otterbox Defender does all those things. The rubber case also
stops it sliding off anywhere I put it and that was always a big problem for me.
If I had one critisism it would be that the camera, speaker and mic are not covered at all, although it hasn't yet been a problem I feel the dust will eventually take it's toll. Having said that, I guess covering these would compromise the phones use, so you can't have it all, and my phone is still in A1 condition.
Otterbox for iphone
A great piece of kit. Full protection, fits well, iPhone operates as normal. highly recommended if you want a case that gives the ultimate protection.
otter case iphone 4
Top case protects like no other case would buy again if needed 10 out of 10.
Otterbox Commuter for i-phone is Excellent
I'd had my new iPhone 4 for just 4 days when I dropped it and smashed the screen. Once I got the replacement I searched for a suitable cover. I work in sport so the phone is always in the kit bag or out in the elements. I didn't want anything too bulky but I did want a cover that would protect it from knocks, drops and bumps. The Otterbox Commuter is excellent. The case arrived the day after it was ordered and was fitted in minutes. It provides excellent protection and isn't too bulky. A superb product delivered by mobilfun.co.uk (who I have to say do exactly what they say they will do) - deliver top quality products, quickly.
Almost perfect!
I had the 'Defender' 3G series Otterbox for my previous iPhone and I was very pleased with it. When I got my iPhone 4 it was a no-brainer that I'd consider a new 'Defender' case and holder/holster.

I only use the 'Defender' when I'm at work. The nature of my work means that the phone is likely to suffer frequent knocks and falls, may be exposed to showers, dust, dirt, and I may need to use it with dirty or wet hands. For this type of use the 'Defender' is brilliant, and there simply is nothing else out there that offers sufficient protection without rendering the phone effectively unusable.

Overall I'm happy with the iPhone 4 version of the 'Defender', but I feel it is in some ways not quite as good as my old one. The new case feels bulkier even though it is not actually any bigger. The holder/holster is a bit unwieldy and awkward compared to the old version. The case seems to be held firmly in the holster and is definitely more secure than the old one, but sometimes I find it a bit difficult to get the case out of the holster. The holster has edges and corners that I find occasionally get tangled up in things when it's on your belt. This is at its worst when the phone is out of the holster. But it's nothing I can't live with.

The case is certainly not waterproof, there are parts that are completely open to the elements. However, Otterbox have got the balance right - the phone is well protected without leaving it's features inaccessible.

The lack of screen over the camera lens and LED leaves them a little exposed, but if there was a screen it would ruin the operation of the camera and flash. I have dropped my phone on hard surfaces and it just bounces. When the case gets dirty I stick it in the sink and wash it - simple.

For me the case is too bulky for non-work use, but that's fine because when not at work I use and carry the phone bare (or sometimes with the free 'bumper' from apple). Fortunately it's quite easy to get the phone in and out of the case. It takes about 10secs to do, and is simple. The neoprene outer case feels a little flimsy compared to the old version, so I handle it carefully when pulling it on and off. But it seems to be standing up fine to daily removal and re-fitting.

It's a tad expensive, but if you need good protection for your phone it is well worth it. I love that I feel confident in using the phone is adverse conditions, with no worry of it getting damaged or defaced.

I'd give 5 stars but the slightly high price and the unwieldy holster.
Emergency Services
I have had mine for the last year on my 3gs as have most of my collegues in the Emergency services. Its been dropped numerous times (into the odd puddle, although its not claimed to be waterproof). I would recommend it absolutely 100% and I'm purchasing one for my new 4.
By the way my Iphone 3gs is absolutely pristine inside the box!!
The Delta Bravos!!
Could be better
I was looking for the toughest case for the iPhone 4 so this one came up on the searches. The case is tough plastic but the rubber outer skin is soft and too baggy around the sides. It constantly comes free in my pocket or when I take it out. Forget the belt holder thing it's a waste as your phone is too vulnerable on the outside. Ok for medium protection but there must be a better case out there for building sites etc. The cygnett workmate looks better but you can't buy it anywhere???? Overall the otterbox does protect your phone but I wouldn't go as far as 'the toughest case' as I was led to believe.
Good quality case, but....
The case is great quality & really well designed. The phone fits well and I feel confident it will provide good protection. The screen guard is thick, offering equally good without Good quality case. Feels like it will give good protection without being bulky. Screenguard is thick without affecting clarity of the screen or touch sensitivity. However, I spent considerable time to ensure the Screen on my phone was dust free Before applying the screen guard, only to find that the supposedly sterile screenguard had dust stuck to it ( albeit apron three fibres). This means the guard does not stick in those areas. Although not particularly visible in this instant, it will no doubt lead the guard to come adrift sooner. As a result I have emailed otterbox for a replacement screenguard. I am waiting to see if it arrives as promised. Mobilefun is excellent with deliver times as usual.
Otterbox for iPhone 4 Defender Series
I am very impressed with this extremely tough case. It would withstand a drop onto a hard surface. It has a useful non-slip surface. Most of all (crucial for me as I loathe peel-on screen protectors) it has a extremely rare hard clear plastic screen protector which in no way impairs touchscreen control. It has open ports for instant use of camera/flash, very clever volume controls & open/close rubber covers for charging & headphone sockets so the entire iPhone 4 is very effectively protected yet all parts of the device are instantly usable.

If you like designer super-slim cases with (ugh) peel-on screen protectors, this is not for you as it definitely adds bulk & weight to iPhone 4 but if you find iPhones a bit small & slippy to hold & want an extremely tough case with all-round protection from hard knocks, this is uniquely suited & well worth the money to protect your investment. I love it & cannot recommend it too highly!
safe case
The Otterbox has fullfilled all my expectations for a robust, well-built case for my iphone 4. The design is excellent and allows the use of all functions such as ring volume buttons and the operation of the camera. The Otterbox dispenses with the need for screen protectors.
Tough, but...
I do enough to put my fab iPhone 4 in harms way, so I thought I'd spend a bit extra on a case this time around.

There's lots of choice on mobilefun, and I eventually fell upon the Otterboxes. After some research, it looked like this one was the one to go for: tough, combo of silicon and hardshell, plugs to keep out the rain on a cycle commute, and a good screen protector.

However, I didn't realise the case comes in two parts (silicon bumper layer, and a seperate hard shell that clips on). There's a minor design flaw in this because where the hardshell lips over at the top, bottom and sides, there's a sharp(ish) burred edge waiting to catch, pick up pocket detritus, or more uncomfortably, chafe against your ear whilst on the phone.

It's ability to withstand the elements is undoubtedly ahead of the field, but that's undermined by it giving you a sore ear.

Retrospectively, I would have gone for the entrylevel one at £15.00.
No competition ! Otter wins!
This is unquestionably THE bes I Phone 4t protection you can buy. I love it!
Worth the wait from Mobile Fun whose service when I eventually did get through on the phone was excellent with delivery bang on time. ( pity their current voicemail person sounds as enthustic as an undertaker)

This case offers chunky no nonsense protection for your investment, first class sealing, great screen protection, and full port accessibility, belt clip can be used in either upright or horizontal position. If you work or move within say a hazardous area, enjoy water or high impact sports. Or just want the ultimate protection, this is the baby to buy!
Worth every penny, just wish there was a bright colour
selection, bright yellow would be great. My love it score? 10/10!
Fantastic case well built and very strong and the built in screen protector is very clear and responsive. It does add some bulk to the phone and the holster is bulky I actually use mine as an in car holder . As usual super fast postage and great service.
Otterbox for iphone
A great case, nice feel, good protection. Very well designed. It is a bit bulky and not a thing of beauty. I still like it and highly recommend.
Otterbox - iphone 4
I had immediate satisfaction that the 'feel' of this is right and that the highest level of protection is being provided. Already the case has protected my phone from a drop on the pavement. Obviously this protection level 'thickens' the physical dimensions of the iPhone. Just be aware this may prevent it fitting a number of 'iphone' phone holders and docking speakers - unless you remove the case!
The Ultimate Case for iPhone 4: Highly Recommended
I recently acquired an IP4 and was looking for the most protective cover money could buy. Based on the excellent advice by Mobile Fun, I purchased this one. What I have in hand now is perhaps the most robust case I have bought for any phone. One would expect a compromise on looks to increase the protectiveness of the case. Oh boy, not any more! This case looks great. It is very comfortable to hold in hands and makes it almost impossible for the phone to slip out of hands while working on it, an issue which has plagued iPhones due to it's sleek design. And perhaps it offers the kind of protection to your device which no other case does. The only issue is it is not convenient to take the phone out every time you need to use a dock. The quality of this case in unsurpassable and I am sure my next phone case will be from Otterbox as well.
Otterbox i phone 4
Seems pretty good, well made, Very expensive for what it is though. The one for the I phone 3 was more splash proof, this version would allow water in at a few points.
Otterbox defender for iPhone 4
Ordered this case and received two days later. It's a bit bulky but is probs the best case I have had for a phone. It fits well and offers a high level of protection. I have mounted the holster as a car holder. Good price and well worth it if you need a high level of protection
Defender series
I have managed to destroy two out of the three indestructible phones I've owned (including the latest Samsung B2100). The third I lost. This case had better be good and so far it seems to be though I've only had it a few weeks. Kind of takes away from the stylish look of the iPhone 4 but if that's all you're worried about then I feel sorry for both you and the 'friends' you're trying to impress. A product for the living, not the zombies. Does what it says on the (Otter) box.
otter box case iphone 4
brill case, does what it says. a must buy for anyone who works in a dusty enviroment, great iphone 4 protction
Otterbox Iphone 4 Defender Series
This is the best case I have ever come across
It simply clips over your new iphone 4 and protect everything a must have to everyone
mobilefun is the cheapest and best next day delivery also
Buy Buy Buy Guys!!!!
Ultimate protection
Have just put my iphone into this case,which was very easy.
I can't see my iphone getting damaged with this on as it protects every part of the iphone,including the screen,as the screen protector is built in.
The rubber skin makes it a lot better to hold also.

It does add a bit of bulk so could be a problem when using stands or holders for your phone.
I can highly recommend this case if you need the ultimate in protection.
Yeah the price maybe quite high for a case but then so is £499 for a new iphone.
As always mobilefuns delivery is the fastest there is!!
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