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OtterBox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Featuring a three layer design including a built-in screen protector, this black OtterBox Defender case for the Galaxy S4 Mini offers unrivaled protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40592

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$41.23 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 65 customers

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So glad I found this
Just what we wanted! Thanks
Get for defending your phone against otters.
Good job
Bulky but top class protection
Otto defender
Good communication. Good delivered quicker than expected
Good but hard to open
After ordering and receiving this item I was very impressed with the product. Holds the phone and protects it better than most cases ( I have had various cases where the plastic holder snaps and splits)
Very impressed with this product.
My only criticism is that when trying to remove the two parts of the inner cover the tabs can be quite tricky and hard to open without worrying that the case may snap if you pull it apart too hard.
Otterly Impressed
I am "otterly" impressed with my online purchase via mobilezap and Otter Box! I had tried to find a case for my Samsung galaxy s4 mini from numerous stores throughout Sydney but had no luck each time. Mobilezap provided a secure and simple platform to find exactly what I was looking for. Mobilezap provided clear images, correct specifications and enough detail regarding payment, postage and handling to eliminate any doubt that what I had ordered was exactly what I would get. An excellent product! also, my first ever review!
Solidna obudowa
Bardzo dobry produkt , idealnie dopasowany do telefonu , jedynie folia na górnej części obudowy mi się nie spodobała (trochę utrudniała obsługę wyświetlacza) Zdemontowałem ją - mam na wyświetlaczu folię ze szkła hartowanego 9H (folia była przyklejona na taśmę dwustronną do obudowy więc demontaż nie stanowił problemu) Polecam
Tough not sensitive
Tough case that will protect your phone in all weather's. However the screen cover sits just above the screen with a slight gap making the touchscreen less sensitive - you have to tap the screen fairly hard to type etc. But I can cope with this as the case is robust which what I need. Also it didn't come with any instructions on how to open the case, which for an otterbox virgin took a bit of working out.
This is robust and very usefull case for SGS 4 mini! Its not waterproof but it has screen protector as well as connectors protection!
at last
I have at last found a case for my husbands phone he destroys phones regulary
they also get very dirty from being in his pocket the screen gets scratched so he cannot see the screen fun when he is trying to match bricks at the supplyers. this case protects phone well and look good. he has previously drop a phone from top of building about 30 foot by it slipping from pocket I hope we do not have to try this to see if it will protect it but I would guess by looking at it it would survive
Solid cover.
Had this cover just over a week now and it feels good. Easy to operate with one hand. Solid design with no major affect on the phone's operation. Minor complaint would be that the built in screen protector can make it difficult to press the keys at the edge of the keyboard, (p and q especially).
Hmmm not as good as I'd hoped
Hmm not as good as I'd hoped based on the fact that I have a "Defender" case for my note 3 which is brilliant. Annoyingly the plastic screen protector does not sit flush to the screen and so when typing you either hit the wrong letter, or, the letters round the edge don't get hit at all. This makes texting very frustrating and altering the mistakes even more troublesome.
The rubber outer case is good, but like the inner case, it doesn't quite fit as snugly as you'd wish. This is a shame as the note 3 version fits perfectly to my note 3. It feels like a cheap attempt for a cheaper phone instead of a consistent quality product. Shame otterbox
Great practical case
Great case, really worth the money. Makes the phone more bulky, but also a lot easier to handle and the built in screen protector makes no difference to the sensitivity of the screen. All in all a great case if you need all round protection.
Otter perfect
My husband is a joiner and this cover is absolutely perfect for the job
Built like a tank.
This case is huge (5mm thick in some places), grippy, and puts a weird covering over the screen. Some people might think these are negatives, but not me. Screen protector does not reduce sensitivity, and all other buttons are easily used. Headphone and charger ports are protected by rubber 'flaps' which don't feel flimsy at all, and all other mics/sensors and speakers are uncovered but protected from impact. Even the belt clip works well, when I do use it (not often).
great case
Robust enough for Military Use
Received my Otterbox Defender within the time frame specified and was more than satisfied with my purchase. Although I had to wait to order, due to high demand, I am not surprised, as this is clearly an excellent product that will protect my phone on the building sites, where I work. As an ex soldier I would recommend this case to all my serving mates to protect their phone in their demanding lifestyles. Although this is an outstanding product, as it is not 100% waterproof I will give it only 4 stars, but then nothing is ever perfect.
otterbox Samsung mini
Very happy with the product.
Ultimate Protection
I've used many different 'protectors', always making sure I get one whenever I upgrade my phone. I can honestly say that I cannot imagine a more resilient piece of protective kit for a handset. The layered outer shells really help. This has already saved my phone a couple of times - you cannot even tell which corner hit the concrete.
Otterbox case for S4 mini
Great product. Exactly as described. Fit is perfect and provides excelent protection for my phone.
better than brilliant
I have had 2 defenders for my phones
Both off mobile fun
I had to wait but the wait was worthwhile
Mobile fun kept me informed so I wasn't worried about my order
I rely on my cell phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week
My otterbox defenders are defending my s4 and my z10 from everything life can throw at them
And I'm happy that I can use the phones in the harshest of conditions and without worrying about damage to my phones
Defenders do what I expected from them
And they do it damn well
Campagnolo code and pro-shop st ives cornwall
Exactly what was needed
Having dropped and broken my last phone I needed a reliable belt pouch that wouldn't fall off the belt and would provide protection for the phone. The Otterbox is perfect. A little bigger than a conventional pouch and cover but we'll worth it for peace of mind.
Great service
Excellent case delivered fast and well wrapped thank you.
fast and efficient
Very pleased with mobile fun, as they were very quick to deljver, with no problem with the merchandise.
Thank you for you service.
bomb proof
The otterbox defender is just that.and although it increases the size of the phone it certainly has given my s4 mini armour like protection and is ideal for any one who is involved in manual work.To some it up the case offers great protection without effecting ease of use,but it does make the phone slightly more bulky.But i would have no hesitation in recommending it,a first class product.mike[farmer]
as good as it gets
the otterbox does just what they say it does its belt clip holder which the phone slides into has a quick release clip to remove phone to answer and just clips back in .i have also dropped my phone and there is not a mark on it this case is a must if you are in the construction industry heavy duty you get what you pay for simple as
Great protection for my phone
Great product, does what it says on the can.
Otterbox defender series
Excellent product, fast delivery 100% satisfied
Perfect for job
The cover is fantastic, easy to fit and gives me peace of mind knowing the phones protected, I work as a mechanic so my phones live in a tough environment!! , worth investing in this product
the only case you'll ever buy
first of all hats off to mobilefun for delivering this item superfast no fuss and well packaged :) not to my review of this case this is the only case i will ever have on my s4 mini.. i've had all sorts from samsungs own to cheap and cheerful and i can honestly say this case is on my phone and is never coming off it is that good it provides over kill protection all around and looks pretty damn sexy too buy this and you'll never buy another case andneer break your phone .. enough said!!
Bulky, but a really good, solid case
The Defender otterbox really makes the phone a chunky piece of kit, it's not great if you like the S4 mini for being a slim phone, however, it is a very good solid case, I have thrown mine across a carpark without a scratch on it.

The only downside i've found so far is that dust gets under the screen cover, but, compared to the usual stick on screen protectors which get bubbles and need replacing every month, this appears to be a good design, being part of the case.
Spot on
I spend a lot of time outside,working in all weather. I need my phone close at hand and don't want to be fumbling around in pockets . I need to know that my phone is protected from the elements . With the Otterbox I have exactly what I need. Ordering from mobilefun was easy, I got what I wanted, at a good price, and it was delivered quickly. SPOT ON.
Just what i needed
Great case keeps phone well protected
Workshop protection
Bought this case as work in a workshop and phones do not last very long without added protection. Pleased with the case as is an excellent fit and light. The improved rubber on this otterbox seems to to stiffer therefore less likely to stretch over time.
bulky but tough
Well there isn't much to criticise about this case,it is as they advertise it. Haven't dropped the phone yet and don't intend to but it certainly feels like it will do its job.

I wouldn't want a case this bulky on a larger phone because it would look and feel ridiculous. Not saying that is impossible to use my phone with this case with one hand but can feel slightly like a hindrance. May be a problem for someone with smaller hands.
I brought a otter box for samsung galaxy s4 mini, Fast delivery, easy to use
Like the prod
Perfect product thank you MobileFun
I bought my son the new Galaxy S4 mini for Christmas and really struggled to find a strong and reliable case to stop a 14 year old destroying this new phone. After some searching on the internet step in MobileFun, the case arrived as promised, I even had the opportunity to alter the delivery point even after the parcel had been dispatched. The parcel arrived at the time and date suggested, in perfect condition, the case itself fits the needs perfectly, robust, strong durable construction. So far so good, would recommend this case for anyone who has children who are less than careful with their technology and anyone in the construction or engineering industries
seriously good protection
Serious protection for your phone. So long as size is no issue, put your phone inside this one and its going to be as good as the day you bought it...long after your phone contract ends.

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