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OtterBox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Three layers wrap your phone in pure, 100% guaranteed protection from Otterbox for the Samsung Galaxy S4.
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 4.9 stars from 62 customers

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Great product
Quality good, great fit. speedy delivery
Great product
Great product as described. Received as per website. Would Recommend this site and product.
great product
best case on the market and good prices
Great product
Great service , all was received as ordered .
I am happy to have paid the extra money as this case is far superior to the cheap cases offered on Ebay
Yep, very happy with the otter box for samsung galaxy 4 -
Ive tried various phone covers some were cheaper and some more expensive and i had issues with all of them. Then i decided to try the otter box defender series...just brilliant.
I was able to fit the cover with ease and the phone fits beautifully in the case. I am able to use all the touch screen and all the cut outs fit perfectly.
i have dropped my phone a few times and it has protected. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product.
Look no further......
Got a Galaxy S4? , looking for the best, user friendly, rugged case? Then look no further than the Otter box Defender ....simply the best.
Built for the task.
Bought this for my son's new phone. I have the equivalent protector for my HTC1 and have found it excellent (bought from Mobile Fun!). The item is first class, providing tough protection and a sense of style. The price was very acceptable being substantially cheaper than elsewhere. Highly recommended!
Great quality product at a very good price! Spent along time looking for a sturdy case that covered the front and back of my handset and found this product, much better than any others I found! I have already recommended this product to others from Mobile Fun. Service was great, delivered within the time specified and product was exactly as described. Very happy!
Safety for a clutz
Having dropped and broken 3 Samsung Galaxy S4s it was time to take drastic measures to protect my 4th before the insurers said "sorry gov no more cover". Having previously used rather twee fashionable and flash covers (now binned)- protection was the aim rather than looks. The Otterbox Defender provides the protection but boy is it ugly and heavy and mis-shapes your suit. Ok if you have it in your overalls or manbag but don't try to carry it in your pocket particularly if you need to answer it quickly. Basically - great but makes a good looking phone ugly. Perhaps it will turn into a Swan in another life.
Looks strong
To have my Samsung Galaxy easily available, I wanted a belt holster. The other ones I have used, soft simulated leather ones, have only lasted a few weeks before failing. The Otter Defender looks much stronger.
It is easy to use and the phone can be unclipped for use with one hand, with a bit of practice. The Otter case itself should be much better at protecting the phone than the cheap alternatives I previously used.
It is much more expensive than the other ones, but if it lasts much longer, the price will be worth it.
My prayer to God answered!
I love this case, being an absolute clutz this has helped save my phone from constant damage. Otterbox are renowned for producing a quality product and that's just what I needed! It's nice and light without negating on the safety of my handset and not to bulky in my pocket. Though it's not easy to misplace due to its size ;-) I love it!
Perfect protection in one handy case
Wanted to get something to protect my dads new GalaxyS4, he is 80 so it needed something that was going to be bomb proof!! This is perfect, great fit for the phone and the built in screen protector is brilliant and does not effect touch screen functionality at all... Well designed using quality materials and at a fantastic price... Great service from Mobile Fun highly recommended.
Wow fantastic
The otter box defender case is even better than i expected. perfect fit. And not worried about dropping my phone any more. totally protected
I will probably cancel my phone insurance now
And super fast service from mobile fun
But beware there are fakes about i know because i had to send one back from another seller on ebay
This one from mobile fun is genuine
Great case already been tested not a crack or scratch a quick delivery from mobile fun alround great service thanks
Solid and prefect for my skiing trip
I bought this case to protect my phone for when I fall on my skiing trip and am glad I bought it. It is a solid case and the phone was left in perfect working order despite my numerous tumbles on the slopes (many of which I landed directly on top of the phone). Only thing I found was that the plastic on the front of the case had space between it and the screen but wasn't really an issue as i was able to use the phone fine (just had to press a tiny bit more).
A fantastic purchase.
I bought the otter box case after having the usually crazy paving S4 you see in everyone's hand. This is a fantastic case, cheaper than the excess on my insurance. The phone now feels safe when being used as opposed to fragile without the case. I couldn't be happier. Easy to use and the screen protector has little if any effect on the touch screen. Brilliant design. I would recommend this brand to any smart phone user.
Cool enough for a teenager. Rugged enough to protect phone
Ordered this as a present for my nephew. He loved it and it is tough enough to really protect his new phone. Really hard to find something that he appreciates. So we are delighted.
Bomb proof
Impressed with the quailiy of case , clips well together.Has already saved the phone as my daughter dropped it whilst taking a photo.
All functions work as well as wothout the case.
Delivery of case was prompt impressed with mobile fun company.
Just what I needed.
Got one of these on works Galaxy Note 2 dropped it loads of time never damage it saved me a fortune, so bought one for my galaxy s4 they are brilliant.
Fantastic Delivery
Ordered and received within 28 hours!
Spot-on service.
brilliant good protection
Having never used Mobile Fun before I didn't really know what to expect. I found the website through an advert on youtube. So after recently buying a SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I needed to get a case that would protect it So I found this one and did a bit of research and it was perfect. I received it through the post yesterday and it does the job I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
Samsung S4
I purchased an Otterbox defender case and Mobilefun had the best price and in Canada
Perfect protection
After carefully reviewing a lot of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4, I settled for the Otterbox. It is a perfect and seamless fit and the screen protector is un-noticeable, yet still allows full touch screen functionality. Otterbox are renowned for providing tough, protection boxes generally so, when I discovered that they did a case for the S4, then I had to have one. Mobile Fun provided it swiftly and for an excellent price. They don't supply the cheap crappy copies you get elsewhere like eBay. Worth every penny. I mean, why own a £500 phone, which is as vital to you as your wallet and house keys, then skimp on getting a decent protective cover?
Get one if you own a Galaxy S4, you won't regret it.
Great product, great service
I bought this item having got a new S4 and instead of taking the v expensive insurance. As always delivered promptly by MobileFun and it is the best phone case I have ever had, I feel the phone is so safe now and it was easy to fit also. Highly recommend.
What a product! What you see in the net does no justice. Received my Otter Box for my Galaxy S4.... This product is all and more. It stands in a league of its own. Great, durable and precise fit.
Great service
This is a company I have used on more than one occasion and the service and products are 1st class. They give you the time and information you need and do not rush you through the order.
needed improvement
Everything else except the screen guard is perfect. I would suggest a improvement in the quality of the material used as it irritated while typing also, it degraded the quality of video screaming and playing games. Rest everything is perfect.
Perfect for my needs
Bullet proof phone case love it
Great Case!
This is a great case. Protects the phone really well. protects screen too. The touch screen isnt effected by the screen protector. I play games on my phone and the touch screen is fine. Well worth it.
Otterbox Defender series
Great product. That works well and does what it says on box.
Samsung s4 Otter cover
Don't believe the hype apart from Otterbox. Fundamentally, this is the second otterbox cover(S2 now S4).The new S4 cover has been upgraded from the flimsy plastic sheet cover to a hard plastic for the screen which is both practical and convenient.
You get what you pay & if your looking for optimal protection everyday I strongly go with this one.
just buy it
Awesome i will rate it a five star just buy it looks good great protection worth buying ...
Very good
Original product, good protection for my SGS4.
No more nicks & scrapes
This is an excellent protector for the Galaxy. It looks and feels as high-end as the phone and is a delight to hold & use. Fitting it to the phone is straightforward but it's worth watching the videos on the MobileFun website first.
As always, the MobileFun service was first class and incredibly fast!
Protective case for a expensive phone
Most durable, multi layered case offering you the up most protection for them expected accidents. The phone is expensive and save replacing or getting fixed with just preventing the consequences of a drop with this otter-box defender case top quality!
Well secure
This item is doing what i wanted it for but i have trouble fitting it in the car cradle because obviously it makes the whole package larger especially using S4 products (all made for no covers on the phone)
What promissed is true
Simply the best case for a phone like S4.Easy in use,full protection.It feels grate,and really shields the phone
Otterbox Defender
Brilliant. Looks good, feels good, solid as....
Best protective case
Otterbox defender for S4 is the only thing i ever wanted to keep my S4 safe from day to day shocks. It gives me piece of mind & allows me to use my S4 anywhere without worrying what if it gets dropped. The belt holder is also very useful because with case the phone is not comfortable in pocket while sitting. With belt holder the look is premium. Only minor thing is that little dust seems to creep in between phone screen & screen protector of case which should be removed periodically as and when you want, it is not much visible. I found the removal of S4 from the plastic cover shell of case very difficult although it is totally personal may be you don't find such issue. Heard that otterbox replaces case easily if gets damaged (visit their website), for free. Rubber shell of case is well protected in the outer hard shell.
The best on the market
The best on the market if you want to keep your phone safe. I used the same make off case on my I phone for 2 years and its still like new. But now I got an GS 4 so needed a new case. Mobile fun was great and they where the only shop had it in the colour I wanted. Very Happy :)
great service
Excellent service and product

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