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OtterBox Defender Series for Moto G - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Moto G with the toughest and most protective case on the market - the black Otterbox Defender Series.
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 4.6 stars from 7 customers

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Otterbox Defender Moto G Black
This case is strong and well made will suit a work environment where only concrete floors abound, onto which you are bound to drop the phone. Whilst it is handy to have a strongly sprung belt clip, I find that it still pops off the belt regularly with bending and twisting movements. Consequently, I will use it infrequently, if at all. Other reviewers of this product have said that they thought the protective screen should cover the phone's face entirely, and not have an opening for the sensor light and speaker. The Motorola instruction/user manual for this unit specifically state that the sensor light and speaker must mot be covered at all.
Lets me utilize my phone without worry
After considering cheaper alternatives, I decided I wanted a cover with built-in screen protection like this one. The fact that it's more rugged than most others wasn't bad either; I'm not particularly abusive towards my phone, but I do want it to survive the inevitable bumps, falls etc. that keeping a phone with me outdoors entails. And even indoors the Defender lets me utilize my phone more casually, as I don't have to worry about dropping it even when "holding it wrong".

The outer shell does put some bulk on the phone, and it may not be the prettiest looking thing around, so if that's what you're looking for, you'll want something else. For me the only minor usability issue so far is that the inside edge of the shell makes swiping notifications down from the top of the screen just a bit harder than with an uncovered phone. Hitting something tiny at any of the screen edges is similarly slightly hindered. But it's easy to get used to and probably something that won't be a big problem unless you like to play games that require high touch precision on the screen's edges.
A real hard case that is probably tantrum proof.
This somewhat bulky case gives good positive grip while using the phone. The hard inner case and softer rubberized outer cover give good protection. The built-in screen protector is strong and doesn't show the finger prints unless your fingers are actually dirty. The belt clip stand holds the phone positively but I found the stand option is a bit too vertical for my liking. The rubberized port covers are easy to open and don't feel as if they will rip or pull off.

When it comes time for a new phone I will make sure it is compatible with an OtterBox case

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