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OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 5C - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Featuring a three layer design including a built-in screen protector, this black Otterbox Defender case for the iPhone 5C offers unrivaled protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40970

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 4 stars from 4 customers

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Great Value and Service
The item I purchased was the cheapest online. It arrived in perfect condition and promptly. I would fully recommend Mobile Fun Ireland to any prospective purchaser.
Top quality protection
this case is perfect for use on the site, it gives me complete all round protection against almost anything. The case is a little bulky and dull in fairness but if your after protection then this is the way to go.
Seems rushed by a company that usually doesn't dissapoint.
I love otterbox products- My Ipad 3 has been well protected with a defender case for a couple of years and has travelled with me & survived all sorts of bumps and scrapes with very little loss of functionality for the extra durability.

The defender case for the 5c is a real disappointment. The phone is well protected around the outside as you would expect with the silicone layer but the protection for the front of the phone is very poorly designed. There is far too much space between the screen protector and the screen itself making what is usually a very responsive experience feel very clumsy and awkward. I had heard this might be the case and decided it wouldn't matter but it really turns a slick apple product into something that feels very amateurish. The beauty of the screen protectors on other otterbox products was that is fitted so perfectly flush to the screen you felt like you were still touching the screen.

Also the cut out for the speaker and front facing camera is far bigger than it needs to be leaving a good portion of the phone exposed to dings and scratches, as is the home-button which is not protected with silicone unlike the ipad case. The case comes with a belt clip which can be clipped over the front of the phone to offer further protection which in theory is a great idea but the belt clip makes it way too big to fit in your pocket so that option is not really practical unless you're throwing it in your bag for the day.

The camera is still very exposed for a supposedly rugged case - why not have a fold out silicone cover for that too and protect the lens?

The whole thing just seems rushed to meet the release of the 5c.

Generally with a rugged case you might expect to lose some functionality in favour of extra protection. My feeling is this case falls down on both fronts.

My advice is to try the Griffin Survivor instead or perhaps otterbox will refine the design in time. I bought a cheapy flip-over faux leather case right at the beginning and this protects my phone a lot better than the otterbox defender ever could, so i'll be switching back to that one.

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