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OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 6S / 6 Case - Black Reviews

Featuring two layers of shock absorbing protection and a self-adhering screen protector. The Commuter Series in black for iPhone 6S / 6 provides excellent protection without added bulk.
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 4.7 stars from 35 customers

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Does what it says on the box
Very Bad for Otter box
Have this less then 2 months and the case is cracked. Its got no abuse so don't understand what happened to it.
Would highly recommend.
This is my second Otterbox, I also used one for my iPhone 4. It offers the best protection which is essential for me as I have young kids that tend to drop my phone and knock it around a bit! It also looks great as well. Brilliant all round cover. Great product.
Having just purchased my first I phone ever, I was advised to get a cover for it. I soon understood why as it's slim design made it akin to a bar of soap in my chunky mitts. So I dutifully trawled the web and came across the "Otterbox". I instantly liked the look, so watched the short video and read a few reviews then decided that this cover was the one for me. It came promptly and it looks great and doesn't hamper any of the functionality of the phone.
Smart and functional
Was unsure which case to buy, as I didn't want something too bulky, but as I have small grandchildren,I needed a robust case. This one fitted the bill. A little chunky! But it's really lovely to hold, and a good fit.
Like it much more than i thought I would
Good protective case.
If you want good protection for your iPhone it's great, just doesn't look that great.
It was exactly what I wanted ...
Sturdy easy to fit good looking case
Sturdy easy to fit good looking case with reasonable grip in white ans grey
Speedy delivery. Product is robust and impressive! Pleased that I ordered it and very functional. Would definitely order again from this site.
Must Have
Definitely a must have case. I use to have the otterbox defender case for my iPhone 5 which I found quite chunky but this commuter case Is fantastic. Easy to put the phone in and stylish too. It doesn't make to phone feel too heavy or chunky. I feel safe in the fact of I drop it I know it's safe. Only slight downfall I would have liked would be to have a glass/plastic protecting the apple sign on the back and camera lense. Just really to protect those when in the handbag!
Overall a great case.
great product at great price
i never go anywhere with a new phone without some form of protection and I use otterbox as my go to protection of choice. it fits very well without adding too much bulk. I got a rose pink on offer, and this does a great job of hiding the colour, except on the back which shows off the logo.
I also dropped my phone on first outing (bigger that i expected) but this case saved it with no marks.

my only concern was lack of screen protection, but this came equipped with an excellent screen protector.

very happy
Looks good, feels secure.
Item was good. The Screen Protector was not! Product also took a long time to dispatch from the company.
Strong Case for iPhone 6s
Really enjoying my Otterbox! True to reputation, it is a very sturdy case that has already withstood a few tumbles (clumsy is my middle name). Like most Otterboxes, the case make the phone feel slightly larger, but worth it for keeping it intact. On some review sites for the Otterbox Commuter Series 6/6s, reviewers wrote that it didn't perfectly fit their iPhone 6s device, only their 6... I have had a completely different experience, as this cover fits my new 6s just fine! Moreover, I have to commend MobileFun on their excellent customer service. There was an issue with my shipping address, but in a very short exchange with their customer service representative, everything was sorted and in a really friendly and timely manner! Definitely recommend both the case and MobileFun as a company.
Another great product from otter box
Another great product from otter box, does exactly as it says protects your investment. The speed at which the item delivered was exceptional from mobile fun, a highly recommended site for all your mobile needs.
Best mobile cover ever!
On net it does not look like much but this cover is unique, strong durable and does what it says it does, which is to protect the mobile phone! The cover has transformed the outlook of my mobile it's looking posher with the fancy design. It goes with any colour. I would recommend you get one. It's worth it - value for money.
It is exactly what I wanted
The case arrived 6 days after I ordered it. It is exactly what I wanted and I'm delighted with the service.
It is exactly what I wanted
The case arrived 6 days after I ordered it. It is exactly what I wanted and I'm delighted with the service.
Typically good quality case from Otterbox
Typically good quality case from Otterbox. A lot lighter and smaller than the Defender
Has to be the best mobile phone case on the market
My Otterbox Commuter case for the HTC One I used for the past two years saved that phone from any damage at all, despite being dropped on several occasions. So why would I not by a new Otterbox Commuter case for my new iPhone 6. It is slim, neat and very robust and, I think, very good value.

Mobile Fun are also great to buy from.
Excellent product and value for money
Having purchased an iPhone 6 I wanted to ensure it was well protected, immediately Otterbox was my first choice. I have used them in the past and they have always outlasted the phone! This one is great, easy to get the phone out for docking when needed and covers all of the ports with easy to open flaps. Well priced and it definitely gives me confidence that my phone is safe.
Happy With Purchase
Happy with my purchase. Received exactly what I ordered & in the condition I would expect with authentic packaging. Took a while to receive my ordered product however delivery time still fell within timeframe as stated at time of purchase. Would order from MobileZap again - very reputable & reliable service. Thanks!
Perfect protection for my iPhone 6
I have been using an Otterbox Commuter Series case for my HTC One for the past two years. During that time I have dropped the device several times, but with the protection provided by the Otterbox case, no harm whatsoever was caused to the phone itself. This is why I bought another for my new iPhone 6 and I also bought one for my wife's new iPhone 5S, in a very swish Glacier white colour. The Otterbox Commuter Series cases are surprisingly compact and add little to the bulk of the phones. In fact, the small amount of extra thickness they cause enables the devices to be held in the hand much more securely than if they were being used "naked".

Mobile Fun is a unique business, offering a comprehensive range of products to work with all the latest technology. Ordering on line is really easy and on the rare occasion I have had to return something, the procedure has been hassle free. Mobile Fun is one very good company and my new iPhone feel secure and safe in its stylish Otterbox Commuter Series case.
Otter box case
The case is very good. It fits nice and tight. The only thing that needs sorting is the slot/ access for the jack plug for the headphone
Superb All Round Service
Having used Otterbox cases before (which are designed for clumsy twits like me), I was really please led to see that for my new phone there was the option of a slimmer case that still offered excellent protection.
It had already proved its worth as, yes, I have dropped my phone, and it's been completely protected by the case.
Great case but can be as slippy as phone outer
This is a great case as its an exoskeleton using and inner rubber and outer hard shell so it can withstand the majority of bangs. Ot also comes over the front edge of the phone so no cracked screens if dropped face down on a flat surface. However, many people have remarked on how slippy the IPhone 6 is so you would have thought that the material used for a case might be less slippy. Not in this case, I have found that this Otterbox's only drawback is that it can still be quite slippy. Apart from that, its a great case.
Strongest Cover Ever
My partner is a tree surgeon and has always purchased Otto covers for his phones...
They are so durable and still remain 'stylish'
A few years ago his phone was driven over by a JCB and still worked!
our iPad also has Otto cover to protect from toddler..
If that doesn't prove how durable Otto ae, I don't know what will!!!!
Good looking, protecting, reasonable to slightly pricey, i6 cases I,
The i6 is a bit of costume jewellery, and is not designed for total toughness or resistance to hard wear and tear. The Otterbox Commuter solves this issue, while retaining the i6's slim lines and feel. Looks good, does the job - but still has one of those fiddly screen protectors that are difficult to install without picking up at least one bit of dust. I guess here probably isn't any alternative to that?
Good piece of kit
Looking for a robust and 'damp proof' protective case. Tried a few others but this is the best and at a reasonable price.
Easy to assemble and flexible to work with - 'A good piece of kit!'
+ Great delivery and service from MobileFun.
All round a good experience.
As always you know what to expect from otter box,good strong and well made cases. I had the same model case for my I Phone 5 and in 2 years it prevented damage to the phone,despite it being my main device for Internet , pictures as well as a phone .If you want maximum protection then these are the cases for you.
Excellent Case
I was worried that this case would ruin the look of my new iPhone but it has smooth edges and is not bulky or heavy, it comes with a screen saver which was easy to apply and no problem with use when on screen.
The two tone case is also attractive so all in all I am really happy with my purchase.
Super case for iPhone 6
Having used the Griffin Survivor case for my iPhone 4, I wanted a protective case for the new iPhone 6 but something less bulky. Looking on MobileFun I came across the otterbox commuter which is slim enough to fit into a pocket but also easy to get out of pockets. Ideally I wanted something with a belt clip but changed my mind as I was forever breaking the clips on the Groffin cases.

The included screen protector is very easy to put on and gives extra protection. The case is not bulky so the iphine doesn't lose much of its style. I've stupidly managed to knock the iPhone off a table once but no damage so I have every faith that the case will protect should I be stupid enough to drop it again!

MobileFun delivered very quickly, have now bookmarked their site and will definitely be buying from them again.
My favourite case from my preferred manufacturer
There are loads of rugged cases for the iPhone range, perhaps the best known are the Griffin Survivor and the Otterbox Defender. I really need a rugged case for my iPhone 6. Why? Because: A. I have a two year old daughter who likes to watch Peppa Pig on it but can’t be trusted to not drop the thing; and B. because I do some silly things on my mountain bike (with an iPhone in my pocket). The thing is though, most rugged cases look like they were developed by a certain Wayne Industries: they’re all big rubbery chunky things. If you want the benefits of two-layer protection but without a monstrosity occupying your trousers, there’s not a lot to choose from. That’s what’s rather excellent about the Otterbox Commuter series. You get a silicone layer and a hard shell exterior on top, and it’ll still fit in your pocket. And there’s more… MobileFun had this case available even before Otterbox posted it on their UK website (well done chaps), and I’m pleased to be able to say that in my experience, I’ve found Otterbox themselves to have absolutely outstanding customer service. Get yourself Otterboxed up.

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