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OtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Wild Orchid Pink Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Incorporating elements from the rugged Defender Series with the skin-like Impact Series line to create a slick case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. In Wild Orchid Pink.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38653

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 4.4 stars from 16 customers

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Bought this only coz present cover isn't dust proof. Thought paying up2 £60 was a step to far, and didn't really require waterproof.
This was discounted. I would have been reet upset at payin that price.
Has a cheap plastic feel & look to it. The soft silicon/rubber inner is not the best fit againt the hard poly/plastic outer (in one area), which makes it look shabby. 3stars down to 2stars as the back side of case has no grip on most surfaces. A typically over stated American product. It will however, provide good shock protection.
phone case review
The product was in great condition and shipping / arrival was in a reasonable time considering where it was shipped from! Very happy customer and would recommend.
Fun, fab, and funky
Really lovely looking case and great colour scheme to make it stand out from the crowd. Super easy to put on and take off and the covered ports is a brilliant idea. Feels really sturdy to keep my phone safe. All with a screen protector and cloth thrown in for good measure.
Fantastic Case
This case gives all the protection you need. The flexible inner skin together with the hard exterior covers everything. Love the colour combination on this case and the textured finish means it's hard to lose grip on your phone. I've had Ottertox before and can't fault them.
Quality and Fun
My wife wanted to change the look and feel of her Galaxy S4 so we decided to swap the white flip-case for something more funky. This case is a perfect fit with covered buttons that are actually easier to use than if there was no case on the phone at all. It really does have a seemless fit round the edges and provides all the protection you need. It does increase the overall size of the phone quite a bit so better for a hand-bag than a back pocket. It's breathed new life into a tiring handset. Thank you.
Very pleased!
This is a great case. The cases at this end of the market seem to be primarily sold in black in the UK. I have just treated myself to a white phone so why hide it in a black case. I therefore liked that I could get this case in the glacier colourway.
I deliberated long and hard in choosing a case as the S4 is a light and very slim phone and whilst I wanted a case that would protect it I didn't want to add excessive bulk.
The case is easy to fit. It fits very well on the phone with all connection sockets lining up well and no problems in dulling the functionality of the buttons. In fact one of the slight irritations I have found with the S4 is the ease with which I tended to catch and accidentally turn down the ringer volume. This case eliminates that problem. It has a good level of grip and the phone is still comfortable to hold. It is hard to judge "bulkiness" from a photo but I can safely say my phone is still light and slim.
Very rugged for the size, shame about the screen protector
I ordered this to replace my now tatty flip case, as I was bored of the sview function and just wanted a case that was tough enough to keep my phone intact in most if not all accidents, but without too much bulk. This case is perfect for the job. It has dust covers on all the ports and improves the feel of the phone in the hand (for me). The only downside is the screen protector you get bundled with the case is the worst imaginable to apply. I have successfully applied around 10 screen protectors without a single bubble in my time, but this thing was just hopeless. I will have to go and get another decent quality screen protector to replace this with, but as I got this in the sale and the case is so fantastic, I can easily let this slide.
Very Plasticy Feel
Quite a pricey case all things considered. Despite this it's got an undeniably plasticy feel. An OK case but nothing to get excited about.
Perfect for me
Solid case with great protection!
A good cover for samsung galaxy s4 that might keep falling when little fingers keep nicking the phone. Didnt seem like it would do the job when I 1st saw cover but so far so good.
Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S4 cover
Great case. It offers protection from drops, bumps and scratches while still being able to use all the features. I also like that its protected but not in a case to open/shut all the time. Also easy to remove if necessary.
Ok but too thick for me
Fitted the phone perfectly, easy to install, looks good but oh dear once installed it's too thick to fit into the Samsung media dock. Don't buy if, like me, you use the dock. Otherwise go for it.
Great Case and speedy service
After using an OtterBox Commuter case for my Galaxy S2 I knew that I would be onto a winner with this one, and I was dead on, a great case, offering plenty of protection with not too much bulk, and still allowing all functions of the phone to be used (including the IR Blaster) also the included screen protector is a good fit, and easy to apply. Couple this with next day delivery and you just cant go wrong!
If you like the look of this case, then get it, you wont be disappointed!
Great case !!
Case arrived on time and was packaged very well, the quality of the packaging gives you a hint to the quality of the case itself.the case is a two piece construction consisting of a rubber insert and hard outer shell, it also comes with a screen protector. The case does add a little bulk to the phone but not too much to make it uncomfortable to hold, the back of the case is mottled so does not slip in your hand like the back of the phone case so no more worrying about dropping it. The case is worth the extra money it cost's over a basic case due to the extra protection it gives the Samsung S4, it's a five star product, well done Otterbox.

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