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Otterbox Commuter Series for iPhone 5S / 5 - Night Sky Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Featuring two layers of shock absorbing protection and a self-adhering screen protector. The Commuter Series in Night Sky blue for iPhone 5S / 5 provides excellent protection without added bulk.
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 4.3 stars from 43 customers

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As usual from otter This is an great product! Protection at its best!
Good Quality, good fit
Good Quality, good fit
Nice, tough, robust design! Not bulky at all, detailed, quality made. Highly recommended! Not the cheapest but hey, would you save money on a helmet?! No....always go for quality! Otter Box will protect your device.
Cover is perfect offering great protection
excellent service. Quick delivery. Cover is perfect offering great protection. Would recommend both product and mobile fun
Cover is perfect offering great protection
excellent service. Quick delivery. Cover is perfect offering great protection. Would recommend both product and mobile fun
Otterbox has to make the best protective case for mobile phones
This is the third Otterbox case I have purchased, the first for my HTC One and the next for my new iPhone 6 and my wife's new 5s. Top quality materials and device specific designs make the Otterbox Commuter cases ideal. I have not yet dropped my iPhone 6, but in the two years I had the HTC One, I dropped it several times without so much as a scratch spoiling the phone. I also had excellent service from Mobile a fun, as usual.
Suggestion for the future
I love it. However, I would like a soft cover. My friend has a Galaxy 5 and hers has a cover with a window in it. That would give more protection as like most people I throw it in my purse.
A great product
Fast delivery from MobileFun. Easy to put on the iPhone and looks great as well as protecting it from knocks and bumps. Highly recommend.
fabulous service
ordered this and it arrived the next morning - faultless service from Mobile Fun.
wasn't keen on the colour though - a bit 1970's blue for me, so have returned it for more predictable black
Great Product, highly recommend!
I got the Otter case (commuter) for my iphone 5 after dropping it 2/3 times within my first few weeks of getting it. I'm clumsy and the iphone doesn't have any grip!
I have dropped it a few times since with the cover on & it's saved it from a smashed screen and or scrapes & scratches.
Expensive case but worth it!
Great Protection
A bit bulkier than I thought it might be it is still a great cover for the money. Was contemplating buying a more expensive thinner case(lifeproof) for the iPhone 5 but decided to get this one for my wife instead, having it in pink was certainly a hit for my wife, and if you don't mind your iPhone being a little bit more chunkier than before then this is the case for you.
Great protection
Really strong protection for my iPhone5. Comes with screen protector. Fitting Instructions are very straightforward. Good product. One small point - the part of the cover which protects the charger connection doesn't sit completely flat. Not an issue but aesthetically could be improved.
Superb robust case
Bougth this a few days ago to complement my new iPhone 5.

Wanted a case that not only protects but doesn't attract too much attention and shout 'I got an iPhone' like so many other cases out there.

It's easy to fit, still very lightweight, doesn't add too much bulk to the overall size of the iPhone and does exactly what it says on the box.

Great case, great supplier and superb delivery.

You can't go wrong I say.... :)
Otterbox Commuter for iPhone 5 - Boom
Tricky to fit - but that only reflects the fact that it fits closely. Seems to be substantial (no accidents yet to test it, and I don't intend to test it unnecessarily!), while not being too bulky. I gave up on trying to fit the screen protector: the instructions for it aren't all that clear - I should probably have fitted it before putting the main case on, but was not about to start that process all over again. The protective flaps for connection slots are nuisance when trying to connect - but, again, that seems to reflect a payoff between functions for protection and connection.
The 4-* rating reflects the fact that it seems very good - but has some ease-of-use issues.
An Excellent Buy
I bought the Otterbox Commuter so that I would have protection for my new Iphone - being a somewhat clumsy person! It definitely protects the phone but I actually think it looks ok too (I did get the girly pink one!. There is no problem with reception or wifi connectivity when the case is on. All in all a good buy and well worth the money.
Perfect balance style and protection
If your looking for a case that provides a good level of protection without turning it into a brick! This is the one. I use my phone for work and yes it gets dropped this case does the job. The case is made up of a soft inner cover fitted first followed by the hard outer case. The case has some nice detailing and everyone who's picked it up says how smart it is. Buy and enjoy.
Lucky Break
So pleased I purchased my Otterbox!
My husband thought I was being too careful with my new iPhone 5 - until he dropped his and broke it!
My only disappointment is the adapter from Apple to enable the previous iPhone 4 charger to be used, will not fit into the iPhoe 5 whilst the Otterbox is attached.
Definitely a worthy purchase.
The case is strong but not too bulky. The port covers for charging / headphones are easily accessible. The lock button at the top is quite stiff and needs a firm press to operate. Volume keys seem easier in comparison. The colour keyword in the article is 'purple' but it is a true 'hot pink'. The commuter case looks good, and makes your phone feel a lot safer.
This is a great product! It's really easy to fit, and looks fantastic! However, it is really quite heavy, and hides the sleek shape of the iPhone 5. It certainly would protect the phone from knocks & drops, but the covers over the power button & the charging slot are a bit fiddly. I like it, but am not sure that I will continue to use it.
Otterbox Commuter ~ FANTASTIC
This case was recommended to me by Apple customer servics in the USA & they are not wrong. It's great protection for the iPhone. The mobilefun website is really easy to use to find what you're looking for, ordering is easy & it arrived the next day. FANTASTIC ~ now my phone is protected!
Otterbox Comuter case
Brilliant bit of kit, been looking for something like this for ages! Great site, not too many companies selling iPhone 5 accessories out there but Iwould highly reccomend this site.
Great piece of kit
This is the 2nd otterbox, my original iPhone 4 cover lasted me 2 years and saved my phone from several drops and the phone looks like new, this new version for the iphone 5 seems to be even better.
I was bothered about the product because there had been other, quite damning, reviews. I'm really pleased with the case. Yes, it does add some bulk to the phone, but it's an effective case so it will do. It remains a little slippery in the hand, but I get the impression that will become less of a problem as time goes on. Comes with a good quality screen protector and applicator. The lip around the edge of the screen doesn't hinder function, but is significant enough to let me put the phone face down without fear of scratching etc. Very pleased with it - glad I bought it.
Super Duper iPhone Cover
Once again a great solid build Otterbox case, follow the instructions carefully and you will have the best protection for your iPhone that money can buy... Remember the price of a new iPhone so spending £20+ is a sold investment, plus if you sell them on after 2 years then the phone is like new if you use one of these ... Highly recommended product..
Early adopter of iPhone 5 finds perfect case
As there were not many cases around on the product launch of the iPhone 5, the selection was limited. As Otterbox made a less bulky version of their Defender case which is excellent when out-and-about, it was the case to go for. It sits nicely around the phone and all buttons and ports can be easily accessed. It feels good in the hand and gives you excellent protection as well. I think a good compromise if you want protection and not add too much bulk to the phone. The screen protector that is included is easy to apply without air bubbles and together make an incredible combo.
The product fulfills a place in the market,it protects the phone but is a bit on the bulky side.
protects the phone just the job
protection, double case and screen protector, from a well known brand
Ultimate protection
Just to test the case out I dropped it from waist height and the phone is still in absolutely perfect condition. I don't advise doing it yourself but if you do drop it you can sure it will protect it. Yes, it adds a bit of bulk but I'm happy for that to be the case when it gives such good protection.
Rubber stoppers don't close
Case arrived next day which was a great service, however once fitted to the 5 the rubber stopper for the power plug would not close, no amount of fiddling would work. I have one for the 4s and that one is fine so I presume it's a fault on the ones for the 5. Even on the video on mobile fun shows the stopper not closing on the demo. Returned for refund.
Doesn't look good but sturdy
Once again service and delivery from mobile fun was outstanding. The case however, while of reasonable quality, ruins the look of the iPhone 5, not just because of the build but because of the 'bitty' nature of the two part case. The upstanding around the screen, which I would always want to protect the glassmwhen face down, is just too high and impedes dragging and swiping near the edge of the screen. The case also resonates terribly when the iPhone vibrates. I've now ordered a belkin flex case for the time being until my preferred Griffin protector becomes available for the iPhone 5.

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