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Otterbox Commuter Series for HTC One M7 - White / Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Incorporating elements from the rugged Otterbox Defender Series with the skin-like Impact Series creates this slick white and grey Commuter case for the HTC One M7.
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 4.9 stars from 14 customers

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Well worth the money
Compared to other case does seem to be expensive, untill you drop your phone and it just bounces without a scratch. My work use these for phones used by construction site managers and they stand up to the battering no problem. If you want a case that will protect your phone then look no further.
HTC Otter Box Case
An excellent product that does not add too much bulk to the phone and provides a solid feel and protection. Highly recommended
Very good cover
Although the HTC One is a beautiful piece of kit, it is too easy to drop, so the Otterbox Commuter cover is the perfect solution. Even with the tote box on the phone is still quite slim. I have dropped mine three times in the past few weeks and no damage has been sustained by the phone - or the case. This is just the job!
Full protection with some extra bulk
First I would like to appreciate MobileFun for their stupendous service. You have a great collection, navigation is very easy and above all you deliver what you post on your site.

About the case, well it gives your device near perfect protection. This case looks good. You don't need to bother about any kind of damage that many of the protective cases do cause to the device. This case feels very comfortable in hand. Material is of top quality. The screen protector that comes with this case is also of very good quality. This case adds a significant bulk to the device, but I consider it as a fair trade-off keeping in mind the level of protection this case provides to the device.
Overall I am very-2 satisfied with my choice of case and of course with MobileFun's services.
Just the job!
The Otterbox Commuter cover for my HTC One is so well designed and despite being robust, does not add too much in dimensions to my new HTC One. The phone itself is so beautifully designed and it is a pity to cover so much of it , but with the Otterbox on it is easier to grip the phone and to avoid dropping it.
Awsome case
I have used this case when ever I take my htc one out and about with me for protection against accidental drops etc and can so far say it has been perfect for everyday use. It's super easy to apply to the phone and once you've applyd the back cover, it gives the phone a solid feel and easy enough to grip with the inner layer being made of rubber. I have test dropped it a few times on grass and other hard flat surfaces and I haven't got a scratch or dent to the phone since. I would highly recommend this for as the name says, a commuter, day to day travelling. Would buy otterbox again.
It's a great case . . . but
So, I bought a new HTC One Sim Free and although it's a beautiful looking handset it need's a case and a good one at that if like me you are slightly accident prone. After hours of googling and reading user reviews I settled for the Otterbox Commuter. I have owned an Otterbox case for every smartphone I have had so it was an easy choice for me buying this particular case. As usual, excellent packaging, screen protector included and great build quality. It does make the phone pretty chunky but it's a willing trade off for me to keep the phone in a "like new" state. Now my only gripe with the case is this, it comes in 2 parts, a soft rubber glove that goes over the phone which you then put into the hard bodied shell. With mine, where the cut out is for the USB connector, the rubber bulges up and just looks a little naff. It's almost like the there is a little too much rubber to squeeze in. This does not detract from the protection the case offers, it's just a bit of a pain and once noticed always noticed. I am tempted to try another one of the same as I do like the case and the protection. I am giving it 4 stars but if I try another and it fits perfect it will be a 5 star review easily.
Ultimate protection.
I had the Commuter case for the HTC One X so I knew pretty much what to expect when I ordered this. Yes I agree with those that feel it's a crime to hide such a beautiful phone as the HTC One away behind such a case, but for those of us who need this protection, look no further.

The case adds a bit of bulk to an already large phone, but it completely relieves the fear of dropping it. Even a drop on the corners is not going to smash the screen. There is a decent lip all around the screen and a screen protector included.

The screen protector is high quality. What this means over the cheaper £1 gets you 6 variety, is that it wont pick up fine scratches from your finger nail, and feels almost as smooth as the bare glass. Fit it properly and you'll quickly forget it's there.

Unlike the Commuter for the One X, this case is much easier to remove, so you can still enjoy the beauty of the One when in the soft safety of your home, without wrestling with an awkward fit. With a bit of practice, it comes off & on in a few seconds.

I can confirm that the stock Mobile Fun have are the second gen versions, where they have left the power button open so you can still use the IR Remote features of this phone.

What is also as important as the total protection this provides, is that this case complements the same premium quality of the phone it protects. This is a £500 phone. Fitting a £5 case is just wrong. With the Glacier Commuter case fitted to the silver One, they suit each other very nicely and people can still tell you are touting a high-end piece of hardware.

The only downside to such protection, is that I'd advise taking this case off for high-end intensive gaming. This phone can get quite warm when it is pushed to its limits, and letting a phone run too hot for too long can impact the long-term performance of the battery. The battery can't be replaced on this phone so bear this in mind when gaming.

This is not a fault of the case though. You want a phone that is resistant to 18 month old toddlers, drops and knocks, get this case.

Usual astonishing delivery service from Mobile Fun. Again in my hands in under 24 hours from order.
great phone needs a great cover and this is exactly what i got,wife knows what an idiot i am for dropping things, this cover will keep it safe which ever way it falls even on the corners(pressy from her)

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