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OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case for iPhone 4S / 4 - Neon / Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
With the ability to survive 10ft drops, water submersion of up to 6ft and 2 tons of pressure the OtterBox Armor Series for the iPhone 4/4S is the ultimate case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37909

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 4.4 stars from 5 customers

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Does NOT survive 10ft drops
This is a great case for waterproofing and dust protecting your phone. Apart from two major flaws.
1) The Back is extremely hard to get on and broke one of the lugs the second time I had the back off.
2) At this money you would think the case would be bomb proof. It isn't. The very first time I dropped it the back split across the middle about 3cm long rendering the case not waterproof.The drop was not excessive. Two feet from my pocket onto the ground outside my car whilst sitting in my car seat.
Apart from this it would be the perfect rugged case but sadly only two stars because of it's flaws.
10/10 Perfect Case For Me!!
Having bought many cases for many different phones over the years, i can say this is the first one that is as good as it claims to be!

I am an outdoor enthusiast i always have my phone with me, i have had a proper soaking whilst on a 14 mile walk round my favourite reservoir no need to worry about my phone in this case, i also have a physically demanding
Job which is outdoors most of the day, no need to keep checking if my phone is ok or wet and ruined.

Finally i can and do take it into the shower and use it as a waterproof mp3 player, it really does do everything.
Otterbox defender
Makes the 4s a bit bulkier but indestructible to normal usage at work ie dropping it, rain, muck, basically if you survive the phone will survive
Just the thing to keep my phone alive
How many Iphones have I trashed?
But never again, the otter box is super tough whilst still giving full access to all the controls, essential openings like the charge port or headphones are sealed with Orings, it's a seriously rugged bit of kit
Rock solid
As a joiner and outdoor enthusiast I was looking for a good quality case for my new iPhone 4S. The phone costs a lot to replace and my previous phones all got abused and neglected on a regular basis even with the case's on. I wanted a case that was dust proof and sturdy and found the otterbox armour which was also waterproof !. It's like a tank, big bulky and cumbersome but providing amazing protection. It's so far been dropped several times, soaked through, left in a field in rain overnight and exposed to dust everyday and the phones as new inside so so far it's done exactly what I wanted it to do. Would recommend !

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