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OTG Micro USB to USB Converter for Samsung Galaxy Phones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Turn your Samsung Galaxy S2 / S3 / S4 / S5 / Note / Note 2 & Note 3 micro USB port into a full sized USB input, and use memory sticks, card readers, keyboards and more on your phone.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29842
$13.74 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 53 customers

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Does what is says on the tin
This is the second converter I have bought for my disabled sister in law, she is thrilled with it so I am more than happy
Well described, with sufficient relevant details. Works very well. It's just like an external hard drive for a mobile phone. You need to check the phone compatibility to get the right product version.
Great Value
Purchased the OTG Micro USB to USB Converter for Samsung Galaxy Phones for my phone & tablets & this is great value for
money. They aren't easy to find unless you buy direct from Samsung for twice the price. So happy I just purchased another for a friend.
OTG Micro USB to USB Converter for Samsung Galaxy
I bought item to tether my Galaxy S5 to my Sony A77M2 camera so I could use remote camera apps. This works perfectly.
Not for me.
This item arrived, as usual, very quickly. However I didn't like the loose fit that I experienced when attaching a flash drive. Not as secure a fit as I liked. Most probably just me being fussy, but hey!
Perfect for the job!
In conjunction with an SD Card to USB adaptor I am now able to quickly and easily transfer/backup images taken on my camera.
Does what it says on the can.
Not much to say - it works on both of my Android Devices with 3 different sizes of USB Stick.
Cheap and on time!
I had never ordered from Mobilefun so at first I was sceptical. But as it turned out, Mobilefun delivered on time, and cheap!
As for the cable, it works for any android device I've encountered this far.
five stars!
Perfect accessory for external storage
Having this item helped me access my USB flash drive and portable HDD without the need to boot up my laptop. Examining my files and playing music tracks off my USB flash drive makes my work more productive. I have also connected a USB keyboard and mouse to my phone and this makes sending emails and texting very easy.

With this connector I can use my phone as a micro computer and use normal peripherals with it.

Great idea and great product..works perfectly and good build quality too boot!
Micro USB to USB Converter for Samsung Galaxy S2
Worked very well with USB memory stick. Did not work with a USB keyboard. I changed the keyboard for a bluetooth one which worked fine with my S2.
Exceptional Connector
This connector is pretty amazing, nice chunky construction without being too big. I tried using an ordinary USB connector for the same job which did precisely nothing. This little beauty seems slightly conscious and is obviously good friends with Samsung generally. I have only one niggle, I'd like to be able to charge my phone at the same time as using a keyboard which this doesn't allow.
All the fuss is true!
This is a nifty little doodad . I tried to get a simple two-ended usb connector to do the same job and it wouldn't, it just did nothing. This tiny bit of tech contains a LOT of cleverness in a very small space...
neat USB connector Galaxyto Keyboard etc
This connector connects your phone by a mini usb plug to another USB device like a keyboard or disk drive with a standard usb male plug.
It works perfectly
Does the job very well
Very good construction, good alternative to the original one.
usb converts for s2
Very good gadget. i always prefer uk shops becasuse they are very honest and friendly sellers unlike germans (sorry germany)
i would like to see a dual cable if this supported by hardware to connect many devices
This is another Eureka with my S2!!!
Wow... I like the Swedish feedback for I too am now going to order this cable converter. placed an order yesterday for the Desktop Dock but read this only today...aaaarghhh!!! - But can live with the samsung smile after all :)
I have a Cideko wireless 3D mouse keyboard. Use this... its the best support to answer anyone's need for a separate keyboard... wirelessly to the Galaxy S2.
Micro USB to USB Converter for Samsung Galaxy S2
A well made piece of kit that certainly seems to allow most USB storage devices to connect ok, however I have had absolute failures with USB keyboards which is a shame as this was one of my reasons for buying. Reviews of other similar cables suggests that keyboards won't work so perhaps I was optimistic.
Does the job !!!
Received cable and couldn't wait to start connect it to my devices. Tried a 8gb mem stick & usb SD card reader, the devices connect quickly and media scanner whizzed thru reading the data. I also hooked it up to a camera and camcorder without a hitch. Transfer rates a fast enough to watch hd mp4 stored on mem stick. Btw it also worked with nokia n95 (no usb charging). Tempted to try my 500gb passport hdd, but too many files on it.
The best gadget I've seen for a mobile
The micro USB to USB Converter for Galaxy S2 is indeed the best gadget so far. The posibility to attach a mouse is great. If there was a smaller keyboard to attach I would have used it, because I have to write a lot.

By attaching a USB-memmory I can edit documents and save them on the USB-memmory. I give four stars, because small things are to be done so it can be used with all USB attachment like extern hard drives.

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