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Oroshi Smart Quiet USB Powered Premium Desk Fan - Black Reviews

A beautifully minimalist and stylish modern smart USB powered fan that features two touch sensitive quiet operating modes, contra-rotating blades and a carry handle which doubles as a stand and hanging hook for wall mounting.
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 4.5 stars from 24 customers

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I am a big fan!!
I bought this specific fan for two reasons, firstly on the recommendation of a client who had one, and secondly because there is a bit of a competition in the office for the coolest USB fan. It delivers on both counts, it works very well and is, in my opinion, the slickest fan in the office.

The touch on/off works well, though oddly not when the fan is right next to my laptop, some sort of interference maybe. It is also very near silent with only a slight "rattle" on high speed if the casing is touching something - nothing that couldn't be sorted out bya felt disc or the like to sit on.

Overall i am very impressed with the product and would highly recommend it to anyone, except maybe a colleague otherwise I wouldn't be the only person with the coolest desk fan in the office.
Great product, but not as quiet as expected :-(
It looked like a great idea, and don't get me wrong, I use it every day (everyone else in my workplace likes the heating a lot warmer than I do). I even love the box it came in!

The touch switch works well. One touch for low, then a double-touch for off. I don't often run it at full speed.

At low speed, it's still noticeably louder than all the other general background office noise - my computer's fan, the building air conditioning, and so on.

I play very soft music or radio at my computer, and yes, I can still hear it over the fan, but even on low, the fan certainly isn't quiet enough to forget it's running – there's a constant "whoosh/rumble" sound.

On fast? It's not "jet engine" level, but it's (subjectively) more than twice as loud as low, and it's far too intrusive and noisy for me to leave it on fast.

The noise seems to be caused by the air flow, rather than bearing noise, so I think it's a basic air movement/blade design issue.

On the plus side, if you run it on fast for a while, low speed sounds quiet :-)
This is a really nice unit
This is a really nice unit. it's really good looking, the build quality is really good and it runs quietly. It's not the most powerful fan in the world, but for its size, it's quite effective. The fact that it's so small means that you can place it quite close without it being too obtrusive. I'm a big fan - it isn't.
Perfect for the office desk.
A great little (and rather cute!) fan for my desk which has been extremely helpful in these recent hot and humid times. The fan is very portable and considerably quiet compared with the normal cumbersome desk fans I have previously used. I like the idea of the handle strap which doesn't restrict you in having to place it on the desk if you don't want to. It is very helpful having two speeds to choose from which I think are just about right - no more having to hunt around the floor picking up my paperwork : )
Overall I'm very impressed with it and now wish I had bought one sooner. It also caught the eye of several of my work colleagues who wanted one too.
Effective cooling
Nice cooling from this fan. Only criticism is that it should have some sort of guard to prevent inquisitive young fingers being hit by the blades.
Great cooling fan
The fan was delivered just in time for the hot weather to be replaced by rain and lower temperatures.
However I have used it and it is great and quiet as described
smart fan
this fan is so good, easy to switch on with a gentle touch on top. a lovely colour, a good blow too, compact and silent, just right for sitting on your computer desk. An excellent buy. well pleased.
Very quiet
Great little fan ... very quiet, particularly on the lower speed
USB Desk Fan
Very good product and exactly as described
funky fan
lovely fan, looks good, works well, well made, and silent. a great buy, well pleased. great colour.
I'm a fan ????
Wasn't sure this product would match the description on the advert but was very pleasantly surprised. It is well-made and is now a very welcome addition to my office desk. It is quiet and has two speeds and gives a nice cooling breeze. I like it so much I'm thinking about taking it on holiday with me. At this price it's a real bargain. Love it!
Pretty good
Not as powerful as I would like but nonetheless, pretty good and quite different
Very useful fan
The Oroshi usb fan is nicely made and is pretty quiet in use. Slow setting is good enough to create a pleasant circulation of air within a few feet and is quiet enough to be unobtrusive. The fast setting is louder, but still easy to ignore and creates a very good flow of air.
You get what written on the box! Give you confidence when purchasing from a website.
Regards & Many Thanks
This is a really cute little fan that blows quite a lot of air for its size. I purchased it as a christmas gift (yes I am one of those people that does their christmas shopping early) I hope the person i bought it for likes it.
Very effective and very quiet
i received this fan when i was sweltering in front of my computer in the recent heat wave. It has been a godsend and allowed me to continue working in comfort. I certainly would recommend it to anyone suffering in similar hot and humid conditions. It is so quiet that the only way of telling if it is operating, is the waft of cool air emanating from it.
I received the fan about 3 weeks ago.
When it works it is quite however it rarely works so much so I thought I didn't understand how to turn on/off?
I wouldn't advise anyone to purchase one.
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate this further as it may be faulty.
Would have liked to know if you could have charged the fan with the USB mains to make it more portable.
But overall a very slick machine,right down to the storage box that it arrives in.
Pleasantly surprised
Bought this for my stuffy office, works really well for such a small fan. Initially the fan seemed a bit noisy on fast mode but that is just because office is very quiet most of the time. Once I got used to the different sound I didn't even realise it was on.
Works well
Best desk fan I've ever bought !
Great USB fan for the office
Really quiet.
Touch control.
Looks great and many jealous Office colleagues.
What a great little gadget!
What a great little gadget!
I had it plugged into a usb wall outlet blowing all night during the heat wave, kept me nice and cool!
Or plug it into a power pack and use it where-ever you want.
It's whisper quiet on speed 1, but speed 2 is audible but not too bad.

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