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One For All Smart Zapper Multi Device Remote Control - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Control media and home entertainment from your SmartPhone, iPad, tablet or other iOS or Android device wirelessly with this compact multifunctional Bluetooth remote from One For All. Consolidate all your remote control needs for the ultimate convenience.

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£4.99 inc. VAT
 3 stars from 17 customers

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Major problem
Not been able to connect or use it since I've received it. I have been in contact with you but as yet nobody has come up with any solution.
It works !
Not too hard to set up and so far is working well. A good buy at half price .
Not Great
Very difficult to add to Sky
Vdery dissapointing
I tried to link my mobile with the hub which seemed to work but when I selected my TV and providers - it keeps saying pairing has stopped
MobileFun Reply
Hi Brian

Sorry to hear you have had problems. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Really like this device
Would have bought a second for the other room but just missed the offer.
One of the best gadgets I have ever bought. Saves on endless new batteries and loosing existing remotes. Bought in time for the World Cup, so looking forward to being able to control the commentary as I like.
The zapper took a bit of fiddling to get it to work, but once setup I am very pleased. Its small and you cant notice it and it works very well to. Be nice if it came in a different colour but I have no complaints just let the app help you with teh setup. It is bluetooth so there is no leads.
Worst thing I have purchased
This is total crap. Will not connect to any devise I have
Unfortunately the box got destroyed by one of my grandchildren
So can’t even return item
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mike,

Would it be possible for you to contact our customer service department so we can investigate this further for you?
Works a treat for me?
Wasn't sure after reading mixed reviews but went for it anyway and it works fine for me, bargain at this price
I have too many remotes and the dog chews them If I leave them lying about.
This is brilliant as I have all my equipment hooked up to one controller now that I can keep safe. I read the other reviews before I bought the zapper and was very sceptical but I shouldn't have worried as it is a very good device.
Went down well
I got it to work eventually, I managed to get it to work eventually with sky Q as it couldn't automatically find the codes to operate it. I had to look up the codes with internet searches. Otherwise it works very well, I have no complaints.
Not very impressed
Whilst setting this up it constantly lost contact with my phone - changed the settings on my Yamaha amp and I cannot get the display back to how it was and it takes so long for the app to open on my phone it would be quicker to use the original remote - so all in all totally crap.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Can you please try the following:

- Reboot your phone
- Disconnect from the Smart Zapper in the Bluetooth settings
- Delete and reinstall the app
- Repair with the Smart Zapper
- Ensure no other devices are interfering with the Bluetooth connection

If you are still having problems, please contact our Customer Services team.
Useful - but does not do everything
It controls the TV except it won't move it from Standby to Operating.
Ability to control the TV from your phone is good.
Could not control my Audio Device - it would not recognise it .
have the latest software on phone and tablet but could not get this smart zapper to work i tried it on a older tablet/phone but still did not work .......
MobileFun Reply
Hi William

Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you?
Great idea but has limitations
Managed to link all my set top boxes to the app, but it struggles with devices that have multiple functions - eg a smart TV. I can't use most of the smart features using the app like moving away from the Sky input to Netflix, Now TV etc. On my DVD player / audio box for the TV, I can't change some of the input/source settings without having to restart the box again.
So good for basic functions and I can control power, volume, Sky guide, but changing inputs and sources is beyond it!
Very poor
The App for this product does not seem to work. Bluetooth connection fails and will not re-connect even though iPhone says connected. Had I been able to read the App reviews I would never have bought it. I shall keep the batteries and throw away the device. Very disappointed.
Don’t waste your money
Purchased this on offer at half price. Received today and eagerly set it up. It was fantastic after setting it and worked a why bad review? Because watch tv for half a hour so and not use all the setting of your tv, dvd and sky box need resting and again works great and same. Could return but I through it at the wall
MobileFun Reply
Hi Martin,

Please, could you contact our Customer Support team with more information about what has happened with the Smart Zapper? Thanks

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