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Olixar XDuo Samsung Galaxy S8 Case - Carbon Fibre Metallic Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hybrid layers of robust TPU and hardened polycarbonate with a premium matte finish non-slip carbon fibre design, the Olixar XDuo case in black and metallic grey keeps your Samsung Galaxy S8 safe, sleek and stylish.
£9.99 inc. VAT
 4.2 stars from 113 customers

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Phone case
The case is nice and very visually appealing but it provides no screen protection at all and seems to be quite thin.
Cover ok
Not as sturdy as described. However will probably do the job.
love it.
Feel confident now that my phone is protected if it is dropped.
Case broke first time I dropped the phone
Case looks lovely and feels great, unfortunately the first time I dropped the phone the outer silver plastic that finishes the edges of the case broke and fell off, a little bit disappointing as it was only dropped from a sitting position and I thought this case would be more robust
Good quality product
Good quality product for the price, fits well
Fantastic Case!
Not the first time I've bought an Olixar case and the reason being is that they're very good! I bought this for my S8 (obviously) and it fits perfect and has been unintentionally tested when my son dropped my phone. The case is very tough and more importantly the phone had no idea. Highly recommended!
Colour , cover all over both sides
It was as expected
Hard-wearing case, stays on well - good buy
Excellent case with a gel cover given good protection by a clip on band which also stops the soft case bending and coming away from the phone. Would definitely recommend as many S8 cases are somewhat floppy and tend to come off easily
Very happy and fast delivery
I ordered the wrong size for my phone but i can give it to my friend. Shipped and delivered pretty quick. Well packaged. 10/10 would recommend this website
Great product
Quick to arrive. Easy to fit. Study and stylish.
Great Product
Very strong and sturdy, better than previous covers.
Delivered quickly and a very good price.
Great product. Feels tough
First class product
Case was as descibed, so all good
Looks good
Original damaged when dropped so not that robust. However mobile fun sent replacementbimmediately great customer service.
Nice phone case! Took way longer then anticipated to ship though
Would not recommend this product, I only have it on the phone over a week and the hard plastic has cracked already, to expensive for what it is.
Quality product
Quality product that's value for money.
first case broke. So wasn't happy but you send another one out and it's been perfect
Hi my first case broke. So wasn't happy but you send another one out and it's been perfect. So thank you.
Perfect fit/average grip
Fits perfect looks great. Thin cover all buttons are easy to press and get to just fine. Grip is average still a bit slippery when texting etc but better than no cover at all.
Nice case
Bought this for my son. Nice design. Looks good on the phone. Have since found the exact same case for a much better price elsewhere online though.
Potpuna zaštita, tipke rade kao da je dio telefona, a ne navlaka. Jako jako dobro.
Muy bueno
Muy bueno estético tu duradero
Looks great and does not get in the way of the edge or button functions. Wish I had purchased one before I dropped my phone.
Waste of money
The flimsy plastic 'ring' that holds the case in place snapped after 7 months of normal (not severe) use.
Very annoying. Avoid.
Overall not pleased with the Durability of the product
Hi, I ordered the Olixar X-duo for my Samsung S8, and within 1 month of owning it it had started to crack along the thin points of the plastic part case, 2 weeks later, the plastic part along the border had come off completely and broken in two. The weak points on the case are both the material around the headphone jack port and material around the buttons. As well as the glue holding the two parts together (if there is any) is very weak.

I think the Issue with this design is the two-part assembly, where the rubber part of the case is capable of flexing, but the plastic part around the border is brittle/weak and prone to being pulled apart as the rubber flexes.

I do no use my phone aggressively as it is either in my pants or sitting on a desk, so I can't imagine expecting to last long with a more active lifestyle.

I hope you could revise the design in the future to include more material around the Aux/buttons and select a stronger/less brittle material.

The rubber,Slim-ness of the case , the snug fit on the phone and the feel are very good however.

Broke after a couple of months
Had the case for a couple of months and the plastic housing around the outside broke. Not great seeing it cost so much.
Very soft but 2weeks old and the gold bit around it has broken
Overall a nice case to look at
The fact that the outside rim is very flimsy and broke in 2 days of use had to superglue it back on to the rubber ! Paint on it fades very quick but other than that is ok!
Love the look! But gold trim has fall off case after 2 months.
The case looks great. Fits with the camera and fingerprint reader well. Stops the phone sliding about.

But the gold trim has fallen off in less than 2 months since I bought it. The phone has not been dropped at all, cracks developed from being taken in and out of my pocket. I now have to go and buy something else ... shame
Average quality
Pretty flimsy case, after removing phone from my pocket I noticed the case had cracked down the bottom and is now broken. Didn't take much to crack.
The Perfect Duo
I'm very picky when it comes to phone cases because there's no better feeling when you unbox your new smart phone and you're holding it naked in your hands and it feels so nice and slim. But then you realise you'll have to make a hard choice by risk using it unprotected and waiting for that daunting moment when it drops OR you find a case that protects it but it'll end up looking bulky and the satisfaction of having that unique phone is no longer there - if that's you then i highly recommend this case. The Olixar X Duo keeps the bulk to a MINIMAL with SUFFICIENT protection without feeling or looking too cheap. I'm very pleased :) PS - Thanks to MobileZap for sending me a replacement due to lost in transit.
Value for the money thanks
Like I said good value for the money thanks
I had my doubts at first but this case is very good. Fits perfectly and it doesn't leave smudges or prints on the carbon fibre.
Happy with it
Great product. Fits perfect. Had for a while now. No problems. Does the job.
Looks nice and is unobtrusive
Nice case but my only fault is it only lasted about 9-10 months before the small bit of plastic/bridge around the charge port broke away.
A great cover. Fits like a glove and very slim on phone. All buttons and ports very accessible.
Excellent phone cover
Bought as Christmas present for my son he loves it
Love it
Love the look but it would be perfect if it were more streamlined so not so thick around the phone's face but that is just a personal view because I like the phone as it was built but aprt from my personal view it is great
Excellent case, great fit awesome look and service from mobile Zap
power button doesnt work and frame is weak
The good things about it are the look and feel which is slim and it looks nice and it does protect the phone well. I bought this from reading good reviews but i think each situation is different. I have to keep on pushing the phone in case so that the power button is aligned with the rubber, most of the times it is in my pocket. Also i dropped it twice and the frame surrounding the case has broken. It is very soft plastic which does not support the case well, you can stick the rubber in without the frame and it holds pretty well.
Looks and feels really nice - isn't very strong though
the case fits really well, comfy to hold and looks very nice

After a week of normal use (no drops) the 'Hard bumper' has cracked in 3 places around the volume buttons

For this price I was expecting the case to be a bit tougher than the cheap unbranded ones
Excellent fit good quality
Very well made andood quality.
Excellent fit fot galaxy8
Nice comfortable fit.
Looks good, easy to fit but not suitable if you intend using a full screen protector.
Brilliant CASE
Can not plug in my ear piece.
Totally unacceptable.
I don't know about others but in my galaxy S8, I could not plug my earphone in that audio port.
I bought it reading reviews which was not a good idea.
I have to take out cover everytime I need to listen music, watch videos, talk on earphone which is pretty annoying for me and would be same for everybody.
Not recommend for Samsung Galaxy S8. I don't know about other mobile phones.

Thank you.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sanjaya

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. Unfortunately like any case, if the earphone jack is very large, it will struggle to enter past the cut-out of the case.
The case for Galaxy S8
Best case I have bought as it is totally compatible with the official Galaxy screen protector.
The Case is brillant
The buttons haven't been dulled and the case is easy to hold.The screen sides are protected and the case molds well with the screen protector.
Good quality for price
I purchased a case for my S8 in recent weeks. I find the case to be of very good quality and a nice design for the price I paid for it. I could not find a decent case for a S8 in the shops and a decent price after weeks of searching. I used this site on the recommendation of a friend who had previously purchased a phone case for her S7 and I'm very happy I did. I will also be purchasing a screen saver from this site. That would be one thing that would be needed alongside this case.
Its a very good fit for the buttons ans camera. Also no problems with rhe earphone and charger ports - everything fits perfectly.

Overall, I'm very happy with this product.
excellent case
great slim case
Olixar Case
Case arrived quickly as always. The quality is outstanding fits the galaxy S8 like a glove and is extremely light. Very happy with both the quality and the great service as always from mobile fun.
Sturdy case
I drop my phone a lot and it's been able to take it. Feels great and doesn't make the phone feel heavy
The S8 is a nice looking phone, yet this case makes it look better. Very happy.
very good case
very good quality case fits the galaxy s8 very well and offers good protection
This is a nice case
This is a nice case. It fits the S8 well. However, after using this case for about a week or so the finish is now wearing off the silver edge protection making it look cheap and tatty hence the one star review so in my eyes don't waste your money on this junk.
Disappointingly fragile
This was my first Olixar case and, on this exoerience, my last. The case itself is fine but the surround has now broken despite not having been dropped or removed since fitting.

It has snapped next to the charging point which suggests an inherent weakness.

Very disappointed - my previous case lasted forever so I'll be going back to that make it seems...
Great Product. Great price. Looks and feels great.
This is an amazing addition to my S8. Quality item and good price. Works perfect with the curved screen protector I purchased. Would recommend this product
Carbon Case
Purchased this carbon case to get better feel over the flexible rubbery cases. A little more pricey than the rubbery case, but it is a very classy addition to the phone. Fits well, feels good, and looks classy. Would definitely purchase again.
Nice looking but a bit cheap
This case looks great and it provides adequate protection. After a drop that cracked the tempered glass protector on the phone, the device was otherwise fine. The big con for me is the cheap plastic bumper around the outside of the case. The product description refers to it as metallic, which is very misleading. Metallic in finish it may be, but underneath that is cheap plastic which is already cracked around the buttons and the cut away for the charger. After just 2-3 weeks of use, the metallic finish is rubbing off leaving patches of white. Could have been so good, but Olixar decided to cut some corners.
It's alright
Not the strongest or most protective in all honesty. Looks nice and feels great
Great product
Purchased the cover for my new Galaxy S8. Great product, is light but sturdy enough to keep my phone safe and looks good too! Would recommend to anyone looking to protect their phone from general day to day wear and tear. If needing something more heavy duty it might not be suitable.
Very classy, great fit
I recently purchased a case for my new Samsung S8. I wanted something that was slim and modern looking. The gold edge finish and carbon fiber look to the back was just what I was looking for. It fits great. I had never purchased from this company. I was concerned about the shipping from overseas and that something might happen in transit. All the reviews said they were a good company to order from. I received the product in about two weeks. I had expected this because I chose the cheapest delivery method. I have used it now for a few weeks and it looks great. All phone buttons and functions work fine. My only complaint is that my favorite headphones do not fit though the case opening. The opening is too narrow for the plug to seat correctly. My Samsung OEM earbuds fit fine. For that I have to give it 4 stars. I would order again from this company.
Stylish low-profile case
Excellent case that fits the phone perfectly and doesn't interfere with any of the buttons or the finger print scanner.

Love the low-profile of this case and fine that it helps a lot to improve the grip of the phone (the glass back of the S8 can be slippery).

Would definitely recommend!
Goldfingerless Print Case
BEST CASE EVER!!! Love that the carbon fibre back doesn't leave fingerprints & the gold outline is a nice touch too. Goldfinger would be proud. closed.
Case of The Missing Fingerprints
BEST CASE EVER!!! Love that the carbon fibre back doesn't leave closed.
Excellent Product!!!
Ordered the olixar case for the s8 and it is exactly as described on the website. Great case, sleek, strong and looks and feels amazing. Took 15 days to get to my house, which was the longest 15 days of my life. This case works with a screen protector and would absolutely recommend it so s8 owners. Regardless of the long delivery I would definitely order from mobilefun again.
Great Everyday Case
I ordered this case because it looked slim and very appealing. However, I was surprised that it fit the phone very well and feels like it has some protective properties as well as it has this nice rubbery soft layer in it. I have been using it for a few weeks now and haven't noticed any wear on it.

While it is slim and doesn't add much to the size of the phone, I would have to say that the little lips on the ends of the phone and by the rear camera are really nice to keep your lenses and screen off of the surface when setting the phone down.

It fits well. Not too tight where it feels like you are breaking it or the phone in order to get it on and not too loose where you feel like it moves around or might come off.
Excellent Quality!!
This case is the best case I have ever owned!! It's sleek and well designed and functions perfectly. It looks and feels classy and I love the minimal size of the case for my S8. It's easy to hold, easy to get out of my pocket and the texture of the back of the case looks awesome!! My lovely 2 yr old granddaughter gave it the drop test and it protected my phone perfectly.
I highly recommend this product!!
Easy buy process, great product. No complaints
The cover fitted perfectly and has separators on the rear for camera, fingerprint sensor and health sensor. This makes it easier to locate fingerprint.
Cover feels realky smooth but not slippery.
Great value
Verdict Still Out
Based on looks alone this is a 5 star case. The case is sleek and thin. If you want protection from service scratches and minor falls this case does the trick. It hardly feels like you have a case on and it looks cool.

The things keeping me from going 5 stars is 1) The case is slippery. I don't know how they determine the "non-slip design" but I find the case to be pretty smooth with not a lot of grip. 2) The case doesn't hold snug on the phone. The phone doesn't move inside the case, but it's very easy to push the sides out just from holding it. Whether this is an issue with just mine or all are a little loose I don't know. But you can easily push the sides out with little pressure applied.

With that said the phone fits well with all the openings and buttons. It just seems a little loose.
This protective case is very good quality and well worth the money. My Galaxy S8 is grey in colour so the silver case enhances it and they look great together. The buttons all work well on it and I have had no problems
Fits well and easy
Easy to apply, provides the right amount of protection without making the phone too much larger for pockets or hands-free holders in the car, while leaving all the ports you need free on the S8. Highly recommend if you're looking for something that isn't over-sized for a phone protector. Goes well with the Olixar S8 Screen Protector as well.
Broken within a week
Nice looking case which does provide protection, however, a week after receiving it, the outer plastic frame has split.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Callum

Sorry to hear that! Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Brilliant Case
perfect fit, good feel to it, well made,looks very smart, it is very smart.
stylish functional
I am really loving this case. It is extremely light, not at all bulky but provides excellent protection for the samsung 8. The fit is wonderful and even the side functions of the phone are still available to use with ease.
Excellent case!
Great case - very sturdy, light and protects the phone well. The material is very soft and contains a sleek yet subtle design. You can easily access the phones features (volume buttons, charging port, lock button, fingerprint scanner, etc.) without any difficulties. The main positive note about this product for me personally is, you can access the headphone jack without having to take the case off. Most cases in the past I have bought do not leave enough room to fit my headphone cable into. I would definitely recommend this product.
Great hardly feels like I have a case on
I cannot tell that I have a case. Very thin. It does give the phone better grip, however. Also in the few drops I've had, neither the phone or case have been damaged.
Beautiful case!
love the feel of the case and the added comfort it gives to you without thoughts that you may drop the phon.
Doesn't impact on the edgeless screen.
Very comfortable to hold and seamless without disturbing the phones buttons.
I though the grey part was metal but it turned out to be a fairly flimsy plastic
The customer service was amazing as it was out of stock so they gave me a choice of waiting or get a different one, I chose to wait, when the case came i was a little disappointed as I though the grey part was metal but it turned out to be a fairly flimsy plastic I just hope it protects my phone from a large drop if it happens (fingers crossed not)
upper-class noble, stain-resistant
the material does not look like plastic or sticky silicon, has truely high quality carbon feeling with stylish metallic-look around the corner line. Stains from oily fingers don't show up. Solid protection.
Great fit
Good product exactly as described nice and slim
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