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Olixar X2 Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enjoy an immersive listening experience with crystal clear audio and rich bass. Olixar X2 Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headphones feature wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, microphone for hands-free calling and NFC for super simple pairing.
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$82.48 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 172 customers

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Good purchase
Headphones are good. I did had some minor problem with them after few months and it was professionally dealt with by mobile fun staff. Respect for clients above the average. Pleasure to do business with.
Surprisingly Good
For the price I didn't expect much, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how good they are. Comfortable and easy to use. The sound is more than acceptable. Really good value for money.
Could do with bigger font...
Product itself is fine. But the manual is the size of two postage stamps! Now, I'm not young, but I'm not OLD, but I literally had to take a photo of the manual and zoom up on the instructions.
Fantastic product. And got it quick
Reasonably comfortable, decent sound.
These headphones are, I think, described as "on-ear headphones", but because of the size and shape of the cup they are almost, but not quite, "over-ear". In addition to that, their light weight (for their size) makes them quite comfortable. You definitely can't wear them all day, but certainly longer than a lot of others I've used.

The sound quality is decent. It's not excellent by any means, but more than sufficient for my needs (I'm no audiophile).

It comes with a USB charging cable and a 3.5mm standard audio cable. Both cables are flimsy and dodgy as hell. Just throw them away and buy replacements.

I used the NFC pairing to pair them with my phone. I have to be honest, I don't see the point of the NFC pairing, it was no easier or quicker than pairing a bluetooth device in the normal way. A point to the gimmick department I suppose.

I have no idea about the battery life, it hasn't run out yet. Probably because most of my use is with the audio cable attached to my PC.

What I love: using one set of headphones for both my computer and for my phone. Very handy.
Great pair of bluetooth headphones
Most impressed with sound quality, ease of bluetooth pairing and long battery life
good quality
good quality headphones with great sound, good pairing of Bluetooth.
Very Good product.
Very pleased with the headphones. The sound reproduction is very good. General construction good but MFB and volume buttons could be a little more obvious to enable their use when wearing the headphones. Instruction booklet needs to be enlarged for easier reading.
Good headphones - Great price
Low cost Bluetooth headphones with good sound quality without the expensive price tag and easy pairing to devices.
Good product
I liked you could use a lead or USB connection so I could use it with all devices. Nice sound. Easy to use controls. Comfortable and light.
Very satisfied
Links easily and reliably with Samsung phone. Good frequency response. Inbuilt microphone works well. Controls on the head-set easy to use and effective. Reasonably comfortable to wear for an hour or so.
This is a must buy if your looking for inexpensive decent quality headphones
These Olixar X2 Pro Bluetooth headphones were on special offer from Mobile Fun. They have decent a round quality but by no means high end. But for a quick easy foldable travel pair of headphones they are ideal. I use these at night paired to either my phone or my ipad.
Setup is reasonably OK. Easiest of which was when adding them to my latest Samsung galaxy s7 Edge. By using the NFC function. Just tap the headphones off the phone. Accept pairing on the phone and your done. Charges with USB.They're light comfortable and inexpensive.
So if you as re looking for headphones to take on your next flight. Not looking to spend a fortune. Then these but Bluetooth headphones should fit the bill. As these were sold at a reduced price of around 30 euro. They were a bargain. Would I pay more? No. But for the price you can't go wrong. If not reduced on a daily deal then just wait til they are. The initial pairing without NFC took a couple of attempts. The instruction manual is in very small print so maybe do it in bright daylight. I tried it at night and was hit and miss. Could have been missing something with the button presses though. Hope this helps.
Wow really good!
I bought these headphones for my husband's birthday and I've tested them out before wrapping them. They're for the tv which doesn't have Bluetooth so I bought a Bluetooth transmitter for a couple of quid. The headphones connected straight away with no issues and excellent sound for the money. Much more comfortable than the dr dre beats we have.
1st bluetooth experience
As a retired semi-pro musician and consquently "fussy", these 'phones work for me. Very handy for listening to music from a device without the hassle of wires (especially if you fall asleep whilst listeneing). Best advice I can give is to photograph the instructions and blow them up on-screen!That's it. And thanks for the great service. I was impressed by the swift delivery. Cheers, H.
Surprisingly good hearphones
I am really surprised at how good these headphones are. The were very easy to connect to my phone, tablet and computer. The battery life is excellent and they charge quickly. As well as this they sound pretty good too. I am very pleased with them.
Great product
Delivery was fast and product was great. Quite sceptical at first but these headphones are really good, connect easily, base and tone better than expected. Only downside, reading instructions difficult as print so small. Otherwise very pleased.
Oliver headphones
These are a great piece of kit. Sound superb but subject to a lot of wind noise when out doors and heading into a the breeze. The price I paid was a bargain.
Surprisingly good!
At the normal price these are a bargain, but on offer an absolute steal! although they are little It plasticky looking and extremely light, the battery lasts very well indeed at least the whole day + there is even a battery level indicator on the iPhone side swipe menu which is handy. Sound quality wise depending on what kind of music your listening to, so far i have on really tested them on hard rock/heavy metal and the quality is very good considering the price range. As for call quality, again I have only really tested these in a quiet room, but the sound quality is very good with no problems hearing the caller or being heard either with the volume set at around 30%. All in all a very good buy well worth the asking price :)
Wow! They are fantastic
I already have a pair of Olixar X1s and they are great to take when travelling, but thought the X2 would be more suitable at my apartment home. Wow! They are fantastic, exceeding my expectations. I have a pair of top of the range Senneisers radio headphones and these X2 knock spots off them at a cost saving of £250, that's incredible value for money.
Good for the price
Good sound, comfortable but there is no integral volume control and the use time is abit short so need charging about every other day.
Excellent Value
The headphones arrvied very quickly from MobileFun as usual . The headphones are easy to setup and pair with a compatiable device. They are lightweight but i have found the sound quailty to be high. The only downside it was a bit tricky to put the connector into to charge the headphones - but that can be the same with any new device.

Highly Recommended!
Using with Spotify excellent sound (and bass)
Amazing Cans
I saw these via an email promo and "took a punt" on them as i wanted some cans for my holiday.
To my surprise the quality is very very good as is the fit.
Set up was childs play.
I like this item and they are big enough to keep my head warm in winter!
I like this item and they are big enough to keep my head warm in winter! Mostly I use them with BBC iPlayer etc. or commercial files, through a Nexus 7.

The best thing was that the stereo wan't working on the first set I had and although I had had them a while b4 I noticed that it was not simply the files I was playing, MobileFun changed them without a fuss. So that gives confidence for the future.
Head and Shoulders above other Headphones
What a buy, I have recently bought another set of these headphones for a family member because they kept using mine. Fantastic purchase.
Excellent Headphone (Olixar X2 Pro)
This head phone is really good. just used it other day.

* Good clear sounds
* Comfortable to wear
* Lightweight & folds way for portability
* Wireless Bluetooth & NFC
* Built in Aux socket
* Comes with long USB charging cable & Aux cable
* Volume rocker and multi function media button is located right headphone side.

No negative I can think of, but one thing came to mind it would’ve been nice if manufacture include headphone case.

Mobile Fun do you sell compatible size headphone case for Olixar X2 Pro?

Thank you very much Mobile-fun for providing a discount code :)
Fantastic Bluetooth Headphones
The are a fantastic pair of headphones. Pair to Windows 10 and Android flawlessly. Sound is brilliant for such a cheap pair. Can't recommend then highly enough.
Built-in microphone was a pleasant surprise too.
Good value at the price
My first Bluetooth stereo headphones. For me the sound is fine with easy to use controls on the right earpiece. The quality is acceptable at the price. They are very enjoyable to listen to with a wide spread of music. Very good value for money and I would certainly recommend them.
Ideal Olixar headphones
I purchased these headphones expecting to be disappointed, probably because I didn't think I would get good value/performance for £49.99. I am no expert on headphones but I was really surprised how good they were. Sound is fine for me across all types of music and the clarity and volume with telephone calls was the biggest surprise. The range is also very good (mowed the lawn) though it did drop at times. Would certainly recommend!
Totally excellent and the sound clarity is total
Totally excellent and the sound clarity is total. Truly splendid value for money!
Would I buy these again, absolutely and the price is bang on too
I was not sure when I ordered these headphones that they would fit, work with phone etc. although Stu at Mobilefun researched this thoroughly for me, which was above and beyond, I did not need to have no hesitation as these were bang on!
A lovely set of headphones, attractive and totally compatible with my phone and I use them every day. would I buy these again, absolutely and the price is bang on too.
So thanks Mobilefun.
Excellent value headphones.
As someone rapidly approaching my 60th birthday I have only recently delved into the world of digital music. As my new phone has Bluetooth I started listening to music through cheap in ear phones which kept falling out while out walking. I therefore decided to purchase these headphones and I am very impressed by the sound. I would recommend these to anyone. A very happy customer!
Complete waste of money
Bought this and have not been able to connect to Windows 10 PC by Bluetooth. The instruction "manual" is a complete joke. It is microscopic and should be accompanied by a magnifying glass to read the instructions. Disappointed Mobile Fun sells such poor equipment
MobileFun Reply
Hi Lex

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Support team who will be happy to help you.

Please ensure though you have the latest Bluetooth drivers for your computer as often this is the problem.
For the money they are really quite remarkable
For the money they are really quite remarkable
Great for the price
Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Good sound quality but a slight edge of distortion if pushed hard, but then again I've been used to headphones costing 4 times the price. Managed to sort out the pairing after photographing the ridiculously small printed instructions and enlarging them to something of legible size. Overall, these are very good value for money and do a more than adequate job. Delivery was quick and headphones well packed.
great headphones easy to use and amazing sound quality 10 out of 10
great headphones easy to use and amazing sound quality 10 out of 10
Good professional and efficient service
I have found Mobile Fun the best mobile accessories website I have ever used and I shall certainly use them again in future.
Comfortable, with Clear Audio, I'm happy
These are my first over ear bluetooth headphones.

I purchased this for myself as a father's day gift and I like them very much.
They fit well, I used them continously for about 2 to 3 hours and had them paired to my desktop computer via bluetooth, didn't have any major issues getting it recognised and paired as the output for audio.

The overall quality and finish is good but please be aware that the plastic headband has a very fine film attached, which is very hard to notice as it initially looks like the headband has fine marks and swirls on it. It can be pealed off but I have left it on, now I know it's shiny black underneath.
Bluetooth connects fine, no problem whatsoever.
I would have preferred a slightly larger distance between the volume button and the power button and if they protruded a tiny bit more, for me personally.
The rubber ear cups feel of good quality material and are soft.

I would have liked to have a pouch included of some type that the headphones could be kept in when folded away.

Overall I am satisfied with the purchase price, quality and Sound. As always MobileFun have been exceptional.
6 stars, amazing
I have never bothered reviewing a product before but I had to for these headphones. Shipping was very fast to the other side of the world for about $5, under two weeks.
Headphones are amazing for their price. Great range, very well designed.
I don't think you could get this good for double the money.
6 stars
Brilliant product I am delighted with it
Having already purchased one a month ago for myself I bought this one as a gift for my 'cool' nephew as he enjoys walking and cycling. It is so easy to set up and use and it has a very good range. The sound is as good as if not better than the very expensive top end range of Bluetooth Headphones. Very rapid delivery and first class service
Top Headphones
Quality product, and fantastic price.
The head phones have good volume but with only 3 buttons it makes them a bit confusing at first.
Very good product
I bought these for listening to the music I like in the gym using the bluetooth to connect to my phone so there are no cords to get tangled. The work perfectly, while they don't eliminate all peripheral noise they allow me to hear my music quite clearly. Good value for money.
Bluetooth range is good, no drop out
Hi, brought these based on other excellent reviews and I too am very happy with them.Amazing value for money, great build quality and very good sound.
Bluetooth range is good, no drop out. Fold up to carry in your man bag.
Comes with a cable in case they go flat, just plug in and continue listening.
Definitely recommend these.
Cool Headphones
Bought these Olixar X2 Pro headphones, they took about a week for delivery, not too bad i guess.

i bought these just for travelling to work on the Tram or for wearing around home when im doing chores or busy doing things.

Sound quality is pretty good without being great, you will get better quality sound if you are prepared to spend more money.

If you are looking for some good looking, practical, inexpensive headphones, then these will do the job nicely. they are an impressive product!!!!
Excellent product
Excellent product
Graet product
Have been using these headphones for a few days now. Very comfortable, good sound quality bearing in mind the price and extremely good value for money
Pretty Good
Although I have not used them very much as I have just got them they seem to work very well and if they keep working as well in a couple of years I will be well pleased.
Pretty Good
Although I have not used them very much as I have just got them they seem to work very well and if they keep working as well in a couple of years I will be well pleased.
Great product and very good value for money
Simple to pair and to use, was working after 5 minutes. User guide is microscopic in size, had to use magnifying glass to read it... Why ?

Had problem with DHL but not the fault of Mobile fun
Comfortable and great to use!
Most comfortable and easy to use headphones I have ever used ! Great quality, affordable and truly a value for money product.

No wires needed just plug in and enjoy! Would highly recommend this product, will be buying from this website again in the future :)
Amazing loud clear
I have apples latest in the ear headphones that I always used they match in the quality of sound of them it's amazing and really nice beat in your ear simply epic lasts 2 days on battery using hours and hours a day
Top quality headset
The information contained in the description for the product was ample. When I received the headset I was well impressed with them, quality 5, bass 5, connectivity 5, used for phone calls 5. This product at this price is not to be missed by anyone. Top quality headset for the money you'd have to be mad not to buy, insane, stupid, moronic, buy them and smile widely, wisely...
Overall excellent product
Fantastic sound quality bluetooth works up to 10 metres away. Around the home you can listern to your music without carrying your phone around receive calls hands free overall excellent product.
Don't buy these head sets
I bought the Olixar head set for home office use. Read some of the good reviews on the sellers web and was tempted due to a great price... Unfortunately, the they don't fit me well, horrible sound, no noise reduction. Had to stay on mute in all my Friday conference calls.... don't buy them.
x2 pro bluetooth head set
I purchased the item just before 17.00 and it was with me by 16.30 the following day :-)
it was purchased for my husband who had it up and running within 15 minutes which is good going as he is not technically minded!!
device has a good sound quality and easy to use.
cant fault the service or the product - thank you
Great Bluetooth Headphones
I am very satisfied with these headphones. The sound is good and clear, they are lightweight and fit very well. I have a larger head and usually get headaches from anything on my head but not these. I would recommend them highly.
Better than previous headphones
Comfortable on normal women's head size. Connects easily to various devices. Pretty good sound and battery length. Quick charging. Fold up nice. Good to have double ended 3.5mm cable enclosed for non-Bluetooth listening. Haven't tried phone functions. Well built.
Giving them away
I bought these headphones to use around the house to listen to my music from iPhone, when I say bought, they are giving then away at this price, The quality is good the sound is brilliant and the range for the Bluetooth is very impressive. Nice tidy and comfortable headphone at a must have price. thanks
Most comfortable headphones
These were on offer and I needed some wireless headphones to use with my iPad mini so I could move around without getting caught up in wires. Instructions are tiny (magnifying glass needed!) which was an Initial drawback, but I managed to work things out. I have been delighted! Most comfortable headphones I have ever worn and with a warm and clear tone. Great battery life too. Not used for making/receiving calls, but perfect for iplayer and music.
2 Good, 2 Bad
I bought 2 pairs as I was hoping to pair both with my Kindle Fire, so the both of us could watch and listen to movies when on our holiday flight. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pair both at the same time. Also, the volume controls do not function when using the wire connection. Shame as the sound is good.
Good, but only indoors
Good battery life.
Light, secure and comfortable.

The noise cancellation only applies to the hands-free function. There appears to be no noise cancellation when listening to music, and they tend to amplify background noise due to their shape. As a result they are actually pretty bad for use when there is any kind of background noise, especially wind, and I therefore don't recommend them if you plan on using them outdoors. Inside they are better, but you will still get the annoying *amplified background noise* effect.
Great product and sound!
Enjoy the quality of the wireless headphone set, light weight comfortable. This was a very good purchase and product for the price. An excellant choice!!!
great sounds
I was suprised at how good the sound is, no tinny cheap sound at all. Really easy to pair up to note 4, plus there's a wire connection for the jack hole....would recommend theses
Great sound
Great sound wire not to long not in any danger of tripping over it
As Expected
The Olixar X2 Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headphones work as expected for its price range and are actually better than most its competitors at this low a price. Connectivity is good even from a range.

Only downside is that these headphones have no noise cancellation at all and its ear muffs are too small (for my taste) to cover the entire ear.
Excellent Product and Value
I bought these for my son as he keeps ruining earphones or anything wired (a bad chewing habit). Easy to set up and he loves them. Uses with his iPod and laptop with no issues. Battery usage appears very good and sound quality excellent. Greta product for the price. As usual great service from MobileFun.
A really good budget version of a bluetooth headphones
This product turned out to be really better that expected. Really good look and good padding for the ears if you listen to headphones endlessly like I do. The call feature is also pretty decent too. I like the fact that it also has the option to plug in a 3.5mm headphone jack and the sound quality is maintained as well. Only drawback is it is not noise cancelling and if you are out in a windy area it does affect listening. All in all a pretty decent product for the price. Will definitely recommend to others!!!
My superb headphones
These superb Headphones are easy to use and make listening to music and making/receiving calls a pleasure. The sound quality is excellent and the headphones do not take long to charge up. They are light weight and comfortable to wear and fold up so they are easy to carry. I could not be more delighted with my purchase.
Most valuable headset on this site.
This headset is certainly the most valuable on this site. I can't say they have the best sound, the bass response is good. The treble could be better. The headphones cup my ears very well, reducing the environmental sounds quite a bit.
Does everything I require of them
Good bit of kit that I think would be hard to match in this price band. Seem very well made - I had an adapter from Mobile Fun in this make that made me expect this. Good sound and works well as a bluetooth headset instead of those horrible little in-ear thingys.
Excellent Service! Excellent Product!
I was looking for over-ear headphones with a high quality mic capability to be used for business calls. Not an easy thing to find when everyone writes that their products is great...however the team from MobileFun advised me perfectly and the Olixar X2 Pro Bluetooth headphones are superb quality, easy to use and comfortable for long use.
Great bit of kit
Great bit of kit, service excellent.
Oliver X2 Pro headphones
Very happy indeed with these headphones. They tick all the boxes. Solid build quality, nice sound and great battery life. Very easy to pair with my phone through the inbuilt NFC. Great price too.
Thoroughly recommended.
Excellent product
I wanted to stop having wires getting in the way and also having things stuck in my ears. This does both perfectly. The sound quality is superb, even when walking through London on a busy day. Easy to set up and a great buy. I recommend this to everyone!
Olixar X2
Really easy to connect either by NFC or Bluetooth. I haven't yet had to connect the supplied 3.5mm jack, but it is a really good option to have.
I use these for commuting, and they have better sound quality and better sound insulation than my old JVC pair that they are replacing, even though the JVC's were supposed to be noise cancelling.
The only down side is that if you are in a windy place, they do suffer from wind noise.
Other than that, great value, superb sound and easy to use.
Great bang for your buck
Bought these after catching my arm on the headphone lead once too often! Wasn't expecting awesome sound quality for the price but it surprised me just how good and steady the sound was.
Setup was easy with Bluetooth pairing first go. Only slight downside for me was the size of the headphone cups, a little snug for my massive ears! Would definitely buy again.
good purchase
These headphones work very well. Easy to sync up, great sound. The ear peices are a bit small for my ears but are still very comfortable.
Quality product
Great product & service. Very happy.
Very good stuff
Lovely stuff, clear deep music, nice bass. Fantastic design. Earmuffs could be bigger but they are not bad. Highly reccomended
very good
These headphones are excellent. They fit well, and the padding is very comfortable.The sound is great, whether listening using cable or bluetooth.The microphone is in good situation but you should speak a bit higher as normal.Theydon't lose connection, and range is good.
Overall - Great sound. Amazing range. A great buy, especially for the price!
Absolutely fabulous
Didn't expect much for the money I paid but surprisingly the best item I have bought online. Sound quality is amazing and I work in a factory with a lot of machinery noise and I can still hear my music crystal clear and within a good range from my apple device. Totally recommend these headphones
Good but...
Music wise better or as good as my BOSE soundlink however given that they are supposed to be Bluetooth 4 I thought, great can use them for Netflix, etc. unfortunately they suffer from the 2/3 second delay that other BT headphones suffer. Given that was one of the main reasons for buying them not really happy, so would say, Music great, amongst the best, anything else find something better.
Excellent Value For Money
Smart, good looking, simple to use, lovely sound, comfortable, good price, good quality product.
Excellent product. Easy to use straight out of the box. Stunning sound quality!!

Look out Bose!!
An excellent set of headphones
Works very well with an iphone and has a good range. Comfortable but could grip a bit more tightly. A first rate product for the price and very easy to connect to bluetooh devices such as phones and car radios/CDs and to operate. Good charging time and lasts well.
Great headphones
Having read the other reviews I took a punt with these headphone. My only minor improivement would be a more flexible ear cup, so that you can wear one ear if you want too in comfort.....but this is a minor personal improvement. Overall very comfortable, light and great sound, plus really love the fact they're both bluetooth and wired!! Overall would recoemmend.........
Faulty headphones
The headphones stop working on one side untill you tap them
MobileFun Reply
Hi Stephen

Please contact us so we can investigate the issue for you.
Great Headphones
the headphones arrived in a few days,
A really great product,they connected with my iPhone and iPod really quickly,
the sound is really good and better if you use the cable.
I would gladly recommend!
Olixar x2 pro
V goods
i have in the past bought expensive headphones after about a year there charging system burns out till one day my last headphone stopped working by chance i spotted this site and i was weary about its it was so cheap deaceided to buy it took the chance as it was very cheap in price i don't regret my decision i have bought it and use it every day without any issue it works great easy to pear with any bluetooth i highly recommend this item olixar x2 pro bluetooth stereo headphones don't be shy as it looks cheap in price i promise you its worth a lot more then the price i paid to easy to swap from my iphone to pc a truly wonderful item
bluetooth headphones
excellent, great purchase, crystal clear sound
After being fed up with my latest headphones breaking, i decided looking into bluetooth headphones and i came across these. After reading reviews i was a little sceptic...bluetooth headphones that work well, have a good sound quality, comfortable fit, easy to set up and at such a low price! After looking around the web to find out more about these headphones (not finding much i might add) i decided to take a gamble and purchase them, i couldnt be happier..brilliant value for money, i love them! Now i can exercise with no cable hassle! Money well spent.
Brilliant product
I don't get on with earphones and needed a way to listen to movies etc on my Samsung tab 4 without disturbing anyone. Besides the fast, efficient service from Mobilefun the price was very good. These headphones are a really comfortable fit, they were so easy to pair with my Tab via Bluetooth but are also supplied with a jack lead to hardwire if you require. They fold up neatly for safe storage. I highly recommend these headphones, if you need some, get these from here,
Olixar X2 Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
Received the product within a week and it was well wrapped. It was easy to set up with a Surface Pro by my 13 year old son and he really enjoys the quality of the music and his easy of Skype access. Great value for money
Superb sound and value!
Wanted these for walking outdoors and love them. Great sound and brilliant value for money. Hadn't thought it was possible to spend so little and have this quality. I would highly recommend these
Olixar X2
Great product, overall happy with the headphones. Great clarity, lightweight and very good ergonomics.
very positive
After trying on a few occasions I can definitely say that is worth more than it costs. Certainly good sound quality, compatibility with the iPhone and ease of use. A nice surprise the little icon on the screen of the smartphone that constantly says the battery status. Very good.
Excellent value for money.
Well made,easy to pair,comfortable and great sound quality.
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