Olixar X-Ranger iPhone 8 / 7 Survival Case - Black Reviews

Prepare your iPhone 8 / 7 for the great outdoors with the rugged Olixar X-Ranger case in tactical black. With a handy kickstand and a secure compartment for the included multi-tool - or the card of your choice - you'll be ready for anything.
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Description was really good
Excellent phone case
Love this case! No faults, came in good condition. Can see why I had to wait a few weeks for it to be back in stock
Don’t put a credit or debit card in the back you will lose it!
This case just doesn’t do what is claimed by the manufacturer...the pull out leg at the rear of case doesn’t close properly and comes open very easily with your card falling out onto the floor...this after just two days from it arriving. You can’t have the metal multi tool that comes with it in there either as the weight of it pushes the pull out leg open. As for protection for the IPhone 8 which I purchased this for also being new.. I now have shattered glass in the bottom left hand corner about 5mm round after dropping it trying to close the pull out leg as I was about to answer it!
Impressive quality product
Felt really sturdy and looks great. Protects phone really well.
Like the hidden compartment for the multi tool very cool gadget and a bit different for a mobile phone case !
Great value
Tough durable
Vary good value for money
DAD loves it
Christmas present for my Dad who loves it.
Does the job!
Very nice fit. Together with screen protector your iPhone is completely safe from scratches and bangs. Seems to be pretty waterproof also. The handy tool equips you to accompany Ray Mears. A little too much added bulk and weight for every day use, but for outdoors , perfect.
Robust little case.
Good robust 2-part case, with a satin-finish tough plastic outer-back, inside which sits a black rubber inner-case made to securely grip your prized possession. If you like gadgets you’ll like the little multi-tool which cleverly slots in and is sandwiched between the two case parts. Realistically, the multi-tool is a novelty. But considering that it has to be thin enough to be discreetly contained behind a little door, it’s also strong enough to undertake a few light tasks too: I used mine to remove the top from my bottle of beer . . . and that for me, is all that matters! :-)

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