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Olixar X-Ranger Everytool 26-in-1 Multi-Purpose Credit Card Tool Reviews

Carry 26 tools wherever you go, all in one handy credit card-sized accessory. The Olixar X-Ranger Everytool features screwdrivers, rulers, bottle opener, wrenches and more. Complete with phone-attachable carry pouch and safe grip finger loop.
Price: £6.99

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Carry 26 tools wherever you go, all in one handy credit card-sized accessory. The Olixar X-Ranger Everytool features screwdrivers, rulers, bottle opener, wrenches and more. Complete with phone-attachable carry pouch and safe grip finger loop.
 4.5 stars from 35 customers

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All in one
Is it any good? Yes it is as it says a very neat and useful 26 in one little tool
I haven't done too much with this yet but it looks to be a useful tool to have available. I have stuck the pouch to the back of my mobile's protective case.
Very handy
Very Handy saves a lot of time looking for right tools.
Handy gadget
This is a sturdily built device which has already proved useful on a couple of occasions.
A FEW FEATURES DO NOT PERFORM WELL. The letter opener is useless, and YES people still receive mail Measuring is accurate, can opener is also very weak and hard to operate. I have yet to try the bottle opener, but it does look like it will work.
Thin, handy & good value but could be better
Needs photos showing how to perform some of the functions, especially "cell phone stand" & peeler.
"Filer" - which I assumed should be a nail file - appears to be non-existent.
The screwdrivers are small but are too thick as they lack tapered points. It ought to be possible to make a larger one from the "peeler" corner.
Does a good job: just as advertised
Great gadget to have around and in the car for those tricky unexpected jobs and situations
Multipurpose Credit Card Tool
I think that overall this product is more of a gimmick than a really practical tool. The file is useless, so is the butterfly wrench and how is the phone stand used?
The theory of the product is good but it does not perform in practice. Disappointing!
Good quality out of the way handy tool, already saving time from having to look out the tool box. Very strong metal and only about 2 or 3ml thickness, no bending or breaking here. ????????
The strong type of metal it is and how well the detail instructions and measurements are embossed onto the product surface.
Nifty little gadget
You'll be surprised how useful you'll find this little thing. I've used it to open packaging, to stand up my phone, to cut sellotape, to undo screws and I've only had it a weeu. So in a few months it will have paid for itself in usefulness.
What a cool tool!
This little tool is well made and makes a nice gift.
Excellent quite blown away with the 26 in one
A little Gem
I ordered one of these for my husbands' Xmas stocking and when it arrived, I was so impressed by the look of it that I ordered another two!
Really well packaged and looks very expensive!
It is the kind of tool that every household should have as it is so portable and handy for lots of repairs. It is a little gem!
I have never purchased anything from mobile fun that wasn't of the highest quality and I would recommend them to everyone.
Slim and useful.
Very slim and fits nicely inside a wallet. So far I've used the serrated section to open a plastic blister case when I had no scissors so it's come in handy.
does just about everything
Amazing little gizmo - very robust and worth every penny
Great packaging, great product, well worth the price.I did my research and this product didn't disappoint.
Buy this product, small and compact but capable of handling big job.
So handy, used it already, to cut off a Aloe vera leaf in a public place, saved scaring people by wielding a knife!
Great tool
Live this nifty little gadget. Perfect for my wallet... Use it almost everday
Great Gadget!
I was very excited to see this item lived up to its description. I bought several for male friends for Christmas. I know guys love gadgets and I'm sure this will be a big hit. The service and packaging were fabulous. Thank you so much.
A handy tool
A simple solution
Good product
I havent had time to try all the features yet but so far it work how i expected it would
Really Useful
Very handy bit of kit along with being very convenient
Compact, slim multi-tool
Great little Tool with a lovely idea to fit it on the back of a phone rather than a wallet. It means that you get a sturdy product as it is more substantial than the credit card size alternatives. It's not a Swiss army knife but it's a good compromise. Handy for small jobs, don't expect more than that and you won't go far wrong.
A Very Useful Gadget
Received item quickly and securely. Easily opened and found to look really useful. attached it to the back of my phone and have already used it twice in an emergency. Attended a social gathering yesterday when this was the centre of attraction and passed round the table for all to marvel at.
Peace of mind when holding your phone
So I bought myself nearly a thousand pounds worth of phone because it had a great camera, then I was too afraid to take pictures for fear of dropping it. This Olixar utility backpack takes away that anxiety because my fingers have a firm grip through the elastic back. It's great on Samsung's with curved screens too because it reduces the number of wrong touches as you don't need to hold the phone by the edge. Remove the excellent metal multi tool though before trying to wireless charge.

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