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Olixar Wireless 10 LED PIR Motion / Light Sensor Strip Light Reviews

This super-bright LED strip light from Olixar, illuminates the darkest corners of any room, wardrobe or cupboard. Comes with motion sensors, non-intrusive wires and minimal design. With easy peel & stick installation there's no need for switches.
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This super-bright LED strip light from Olixar, illuminates the darkest corners of any room, wardrobe or cupboard. Comes with motion sensors, non-intrusive wires and minimal design. With easy peel & stick installation there's no need for switches.
 4.7 stars from 94 customers

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Just the job!
I was wanting an item to light up a cupboard under the stairs. I found this product on the website. I ordered one, in anticipation. The unit arrived on time and was put into immediate use. It does a great job!
Very nice as described
The actual size
Better than it looks
Did not really look at size when ordered one, as soon as received I ordered another five. Have various makes all over the house so time will tell how this one compares, but looking good.
Bought new wardrobes these are brilliant
Great lighting
We use this in the Bathroom and its great light without having to put the Main lights on
The description told the story and I have them outside under cover in the garden in an area that was a problem in the night.
Does exactly what is claimed. Very pleased with it.
Great piece of kit
It turned out just as described, and is plenty light enough. We use ours in an understairs cupboard where we regularly forgot to switch out the existing light. Only slight niggle is that the light sensor for the PIR is very sensitive, so it will not operate if there is residual light outside.
Useful and good value light
Was looking to put a light in an under stairs cupboard. This solved the problem at a fraction of the cost of any other options
Good buy
Have purchased similar lights, but these seem to be a lot brighter so are ideal for wardrobes or those dark places. Also like that the batteries are easy to fit.
Fantastic Light
I have put mine in a cupboard under the stairs,was so easy to install with the stick on pad.The 10 leds.give a really good light and makes it so much easier to find anything in what is a very dark cupboard.The PIR sensor is very good and activates the light every time.
Compact and works great
I had previously bought these for my shed... but just bought another pair for my kitchen cupboards so I can see what is at the back. Work a treat - easy to install and provide great light. Will but more....
Very useful for dark corners and steps that are poorly lit and not accessible for extension leads.
Product seemed rather small and almost too compact. Light output very good but box felt insubstantial. Very useful though and not a serious fault.
Breat product
The lights take 4 AAA batteries, initial thoughts that these were small but the light omitted is good. Testing 2 outside and 2 in my motorhome, so far so good. Although these are not water proof, they seem to be fine located under the eaves of my shed..
Great night light
This works great as a night light and we have not had to fix it as advised to an undercounter space (works fine on floor or sink side). Wish we had known how long it stayed on per activation (not long enough). And that it cannot be used as a daylight augmentator.

Otherwise great little device.
LED Sensor Light Strip
Perfect for fitting into a dark cupboard where no electric power exists and where its really difficult to run power cable's. Will only work in low light conditions and automatically times out thereby saving battery usage .
Excellent value for money
To con a phase - "It does exactly what it says on the box"
Hit and miss
I have fitted the lights into cupboards in the kitchen
It seems that the lights work occasionally they are very unreliable!
Perfect little product
These lights are very well made robust and will literally go anywhere they really are brilliant would recommend
simply brilliant
brilliantly simple & simply brilliant
does exactly what is says on the box
Good value
A lot brighter than I thought it would considering its quite small. Very sensitive to movement. Have fitted one on kitchen unit, probably other in the shed.
Lighting up under a dark cupboard
Perfect for lighting up a really dark place in my kitchen. Even at night it lights up when you go past.
Excellent build quality
This light only switches on in low light conditions, it bright enough to put in a cupboard or in my case boot of the car ,very convenient that it switches on and off by it self when it detects motion of a person, at the moment great value from Mobile Fun
Excellent Motion Light
This piece of kit works very well giving enough light when you walk into a dark room, Love it Excellent
Very good product
What others experienced when they purchased this item.
Dark Corner
Just what I needed to light up a very dark cupboard in my hallway
Dark Corner
Just what I needed to light up my very dark cupboard in the hallway
Nothing, as I have bought this product before from mobile fun and know what good value it is.
On time
Batteries not included.
Good stuff for home
Good stuff for home and wardrobes, quite bright. One cone - to change the batteries in horizontal position is not convenient. Put it vertically
A winner!
Nice bright light, excellent Sensor which doesn't trip in daylight, very smart looking with a neat magnetic fixing, this one's a winner!
A well designed product with a very bright LED set
A good product but I would shop around. I found it cheaper elswhere
Does what it says!
Perfect for a night light. No more going to the bathroom and being wide awake after switching on the bright top light.
Powerfull and compact light, exactly what i needed and well made.
Powerfull and compact light, exactly what i needed and well made.
Great safety device
These lights are great safety device particularly for aged people. One of the hassles of aging is multiple calls to the toilet in the night. Blundering around in the dark is simply not an option. Putting on lights and waking others is also not on. These lights simple to install can be fitted around the bedroom low down to avoid disturbing others and come on automatically once movement is sensed. Very highly recommended.
These items do exactly what what they are advertised to do. What a surprise! Great value for money.
Useful Product
Ample lighting device, that is easy to instal wherever it is required.
Very Useful
Easy to use - handy extra lighting in cupboard unlit areas - quick fitting
Really good little light
Sticks well, comes on when it needs to- ticks every box!
Lighting up a dark area
Easy to install and good output from these light strips. Seem to last a long time on battery's. All round good value for money.
Great product
Does the job perfectly
Great products highly recommend to all.
Great light works well very bright I like it.
I purchased this item because I liked the reviews that i had been reading and i wasent disappointed.
A bit disappointing
Not good outside. Had hoped it would be good outside our caravan as a welcoming light, but it's performance is sporadic.
Very useful
Good product, would be even more usefull had it been suplied with different coloured defusers !!!..... ( mood lighting etc. )
Smaller than I'd anticipated but sheds good light above my front door - I just stuck it to the lintel!
The unit lights up from 3m away,as you approach.
I have convinced friends to do the same and keep finding more places where I want ligt but don't want to run cables to.
Great design and construction let down by intermittent operation of PIR
Good product at a great price
Well made does exactly what the advert said and a good price many thanks
It does what it says on the box, ideal for dark spaces, if you have a dark front porch this ideal for over the door out of the weather.
Works well (as described)
Olixar Wireless 10 LED PIR Motion / Light Sensor Strip:

Works well exactly as described. Bright enough to illuminate a cupboard very well, or illuminate a room enough to find your way around, find torch, find light switches etc. (but not read by unless close to the light).

Easy to install and replace batteries.

Very good for the price.
Very good
So far the items works as hyped. I use it in a closet that we store household goods. I have tried other things to light up this area that are battery run. None have worked for long. The batteries go dead too fast. My hope is that this item doesn’t suck up the battery life real fast,then for me it will be an excellent purchase,if not. I will continue to try to find something that works in the area without electric.
Great buy
Really bright and sensor 1st class. Not sure how long they will last but if it lives up to advert I will be pleased
Excellent Strip Light
This is a great bit of kit. I have it fixed to the bottom drawer (near the floor) in our bedroom and if we get up during the night it makes the area between the bed and the toilet lit up enough without making the whole room to look like Blackpool Illuminations.
Good quality easy to install
How long the batteries are likely to last_ have the lights under our kitchen they come on several times during the evening and provide enough light to make tea etc
Must useful night light
Most useful for local illumination during the nighttime visits to the loo without waking the household. I like the magnetic strip which allows access from difficult places to change the battery.
Perfect for my use -- around my caravan.
Lights up the area around my caravan in an instant on cold, wet and windy nights without requiring a torch!
Robust and solid
Very impressed - smaller than I thought (but not a problem) - but best of all it is solid and robust. I bought two for my very dark shed, and it works a treat.
Good but tricky
Do what they are supposed to do but can be tricky to get the vector right. We use them in a hall and as my partner is 6ft and I am 5ft4in it took quite a few different positions so that they were activated, eg if he walked through they lit up a lot sooner than when I did!
Great little light!
Very happy with the quality of this light, it works really well. The only thing I would like is to be able to adjust the length of time the light comes on for.
Brilliant light well worth the money
Brilliant light powerful for my sons den
Brilliant lights
Fitted the lights in the rear tool compartment of my work van as no lights present. They have made tremendous deference during dark winter months.
Fitted the lights in the rear tool compartment of my work van as no lights present. They have made tremendous deference during dark winter months.
Very bright...totally automatic....simple to install and use GREAT!
We have some cupboards that need light in them ...and I bought two of these....amazing! Easy to install and totally automatic. My wife thinks I am a genius ( bonus points guys).
I am so impressed with these and the unbelievably good price.
Thanks for finding such cool products!
Still a good product but...
I enthusiastically reviewed this previously. It's still a fine product, in the sense that they activate under the correct circumstances and light the appropriate region, but my ongoing observation is that they are not good for anything like 20,000 activations per set of batteries (as asserted in the product description). I've had these about 2 months and I'm already on my 4th and 5th set of batteries. I've started using rechargeable batteries, which I understand will probably last less long, but even decent Duracells only lasted a couple of weeks. There's no way these are getting triggered 10,000 times a week. That would be about once a minute. It's nothing like that. I'd say they are getting activated a maximum of 40 times a day, but that's an estimate. I reckon I'm getting less than 1000 activations per set of batteries.
Work perfectly
Bought two of these, one I have a the top of the stairs for my elderly mother. She needs to use the toilet during the night but likes to sleep in darkness so a permanent night light was out of the question however after getting disorientated a few times and nearly falling down the stairs I needed something that would trigger on her movement and this works perfectly. She is delighted and I can sleep peacefully not listening out in the night in case she gets lost on the way back to her bed. The second one is installed in the cupboard under the stairs which is a black hole and no power in there so has in the past had battery operated LED lights in there that my mother would put on and then forget to turn off so constant battery changes but with this once you shut the door and in a few moments it turns itself off. Sorted. Thinking of getting another for my shed.
The product works.
As detailed very bright light, works very well Excellent...
Nearly perfect.
Very nice lights, except you have to unstick them so you can access the opening to replace the batteries.
Really useful!
Product was great but I also want to give a big thanks to the team for their support-- it's five stars!
Very useful light
Excellent addition to an area that you don't want/need to always put the main light on, bathroom at night, as it has a motion sensor that will switch it on and the LED lights are subtle but bright enough, it also will not come on during the day unless you actually cover the sensor, same applies if you switch the main light on before going into the room - only downside I can see is how to replace the batteries without ruining the double sided sticky pad, think the batteries should have been on a sled that goes in and out to make that possible.
Excellent night light.
Put one both sides of the bed. Just enough light to see you to the bathroom and back. Mrs very happy. ????????
Very pleased with item and seller they are very good and just what I was looking for
Landing lights for humans
Absolutely fantastic works a treat as you come up our stairs to our landing no fumbling around for light switches GREAT
Well made and very good
Simple, well made unit. Solidly build and bright.
Excellent product, I purchased two for the darker areas of the house, (under the stairs and in the cellar) and they are brilliant! Pardon the pun, but they are. I have since purchased one for my son but unfortunately it didn't work so have sent it back for a replacement. Highly recommended
Love it
Love the simplicity and size of the product. Works well and the light covers a good area.
Perfect solution.
I bought two of these to fit in my wardrobes. They were a little smaller than I expected but I was not disappointed by the brightness of these lights. They come on as soon as the doors are opened and go out again about twenty seconds later
I would recommend these lights but only when they are two for the price of one. A single price seems a bit too much.
very good light and 2 for the price of 1 no brainer
if anything is wrong it could be bit longer it is whot you make of it good speedy delivery you can not go wrong with it
Very good value
Really good quality lights so useful . Can be used anywhere.
Smaller than expected but no problem with that and it works fine.
Very tidy unit. Good detection range of >3m in at least a 45° cone. Bright enough for walking in a room without switching on normal lights, but not so bright that it's invasive. Smaller than expected, but I probably didn't pay attention to the measurements, but this isn't a bad thing anyway. Adhesive magnetic strip is great, meaning no screws (although presumably it'll leave a mark during do screws though). Would be better, in my opinion, if it was an adhesive metal strip and the magnet was in the unit, so it could mount on any metal surface. Nice price especially at 2 for 1 ????
Excellent product
For years I have been struggling to see in my cupboard no more with this product. Perfect with just the right amount of light. Strong adhesive strip to keep it in place.
Bargain price, brilliant light.
Buy one get one free. A REAL bargain LED strip light. Very easy to fit using supplied self adhesive magnetic strip. Easy battery change by flipping catch at one end and inserting 4 AAA batteries. Reattach light unit to adhesive strip and light ready for use again. I use mine externally to illuminate above door to enable easy keyhole finding. Works a treat and sufficient illumination and light on time. Very happy customer. Highly recommended.
Good light with good motion sensor. Does what it says!
Good light with good motion sensor. Does what it says! Perfect for the boot of my car (where the fitted light gave up years ago!).
Wonderful gadget.....used under the stairs and in one of our sheds
Well worth the money
Good product. Well made. Simple operation.
Good product. Well made. Simple operation.
Does what it says on "tin"
Works well ideally it should have been sized for AA instead of AAA batteries yet to see how long the smaller ones last
Perfect for dark areas
No more coming home in the dark stumbling for the light switch.

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