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Olixar Water Dancing Dual Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Sound and vision in perfect harmony! These awesome Bluetooth speakers by Olixar pump water jets to the beat of your music. They look as good as they sound and they sound amazing.
  • Mobile Fun ID 50638
$34.36 inc. VAT
 4.5 stars from 55 customers

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Pure entertainment.
These speakers are realy GREAT. Combined with the music and the colour fountain display, there hypnotic. Great price as well.
Speaker Delight.
The service was great. The speakers, well it's hard to describe. The best I can do is say, FANTASTIC COLOURFUL REAL GREAT SOUND. Also a fantastic price. Can't get enough of them. Thanks.
Quick delivery
Was delivered really quickly ..totally love it looks so much nicer than it looked online my grandchildren love it to and have asked me to buy them one for Xmas so I shall be ordering more again ...they always make play music just so they can watch it...
Great gift
I bought these speakers for my young niece so she can party with her friends. The feedback I got, was, "I love them, and the other cousins want some!"

So, I'm a cool Aunt.

The price was good and the service was quick. Happy all round.
Fantastic Speakers
Fantastic product, quick delivery and wry easy to use the website even for an oldie like me...Would definitely use this company again
great little set
my son was so happy to receive these for his birthday today. great little set with excellent quality. bought 2 sets as the other was for a present and going to order some more for presents. excellent value for money.
Party in a speaker
If the product was safe with it having water in top of the speaker area. And it is totally safe. You don't even have to have the speakers on too high, for the light and water show. It all go's by the bass in your music. And it is totally amazing even better on a night. Its so relaxing and enjoyable to watch. It even has a 2 year guarantee. Well worth the money I paid for them.
Blown beyond my expectations
I would normally not write reviews and I have ignored writing reviews however I would like to state that this blew me beyond my expectations. The speakers are so loud and the sound effect is awesome I wake up listening to music every morning. And I got it on a bargain and additional £5 discount... Awesome products
Amazing speakers
Would highly recommend these to anyone
Bought these for my daughter to go with her ps4 and other tec was very impressed with the sound quality and the visual appearance as well would highly recommend these to anyone
This is a great little product, we bought it for the kids room. It's great. The only down side is the pumps that send the jets up are quite load
Amazing product for this value
Great little speakers for great value. They look class in a small office or in the kitchen...colourful water fountains are magnifiscent to look at while listening to your music.
Could improve with bluetooth signal...somehow mine isn't the best signal, so i use it on a aux cable which is included with speakers.
Excellent product
Delighted with these speakers.
Easy to set up and look and sound great!
Brought for my 9year old daughters birthday they are absolutely awesome and really loud Bluetooths from her tablet
Love these speakers great value for money
Love these speakers great value for money
Kids love it!
Ordered one for Christmas and ordered two more after Christmas. Kids thought they were great speakers, makes their rooms feel like a club.

Shipping took longer than expected.
Great, but...
I gave this item 3 stars because you need to plug it to a laptop to work. Wish it worked with other power sources. This is a bit of hassle for a teenager, so I doubt she will use this present much.
It is great otherwise. Eye catching, and does what it says on the tin.
MobileFun Reply

You can use a laptop or any USB mains charger (example ID 58946).

Hope this helps. If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Services team.
Fantastic and love it
Fantastic how they work and beautiful display I had for Christmas time. Their Bluetooth but I like the capability to plug them in to my Pixel Phone
Great speakers, very happy with them.
LED Speakers
Delivered quickly and intact. Perfect gift
Waste of money
The multi-coloured fountain jets erupt in time with the beat of the music but making such a loud sound as to be audible above that of the music, making it impossible to enjoy 'listening'. If it weren't for this major fault, they would have been good value, priced at £20. I'm not sure whether the speakers I got are malfunctioning (duds) or whether the fault is inherent to their system design but for this amount of money I can't be bothered to waste my time sending them back.
MobileFun Reply
I would advise returning them Nick as there does sound like a fault. Don't just ignore this as we'll replace them for you.
Olixar Water Fountain Dual Bluetooth Speakers
I bought this as a Christmas present for a teenager. I was impressed by how quickly my order was processed and received.
Good product but...
This product works really well and I'm happy with it's display.
The only problem with it is that it will let me know when I have an incoming call through my speakers and I can hear the caller, or whom I'm calling, through the speakers but they cannot hear me. I have to switch my phone from bluetooth to speaker. This product would be a lot better if that switch didn't have to be made. Otherwise, the speakers are great!
Turn lights off, turn volume up n see the water dance
Could do with the speakers a lil bigger, would be absolutely fantastic if they were floor speakers! These are fantastic, even with the quietest of sound the water dances, even picks up the cat purring. Good value, such a swift n crazy idea of Olixar . Def recommend brandname n MobileFun were extremely quick with shipping these out
Excellent fun
Fun item that performs well no matter what the type of music but bassier music works best with these speakers. Would I recommend them... Of course!
Super product for the price and specs.
Excellent product for the price point and size.

They love techno, pop, trance, D+B etc..., not so much rock or metal.

Extremely easy to set up and now have some low end audio so happy out.

I would recommend these. Also, the lighting effects are super cool.
Exactly what I wanted
I bought this for my grand daughter's 13th birthday to go with her I-phone. She loves it and I think it's a great piece of kit.

They're awesome speakers
I'm enjoying them...use them as much as i can...
Granddaughter loves them
A great birthday present for my 12 year granddaughte. I am now the coolest granddad ever, she just loves the dancing coloured water coluums in time with the music
My 12 year old Granddaughter loved this item.
They're cute little speakers and my daughter is really satisfied
I was expecting them to be a little bigger but so far so good they're cute little speakers and my daughter is really satisfied she's happy as a sissy in Boystown
Absolutely love it, what a great sound, and visual effect. Highly recommend
These speakers are great look good sound good easy to set up service from mobile fun good
Good sound quality and nice to look at!
The quality of this item is actually very good!! The sound isn't tinny like you would think and the water spouts arvery time with the heavy beats!! Although I do have a negative thing to say, I have to say that the foreign women when you turn it on is quite annoying! But overally it is very good!! I like it a lot!!
Good stuff
Delivery was as promised - speaker work great - sound is good and they are fun to watch.
Sound With Color
Speakers work great-good sound-fun to watch. Earphone plug is a little loose on iphone 6/if you move the phone or jar the table you get static on the speakers
Saw these water jet speakers advertized on your email that you send out was impressed by what i saw so ordered them .well they arrived within 2 days as usual from you ,plugged them in and away we go brillant is all i can say in the dark they show coloured patterns on the ceiling like at a disco .To top that i found that the ollixar charger i purchased from you also powered them up so they can be used outside for bbq no trailing wires to worry about ,thr olixar charger works for hrs absolutley brillant.Thankyou mobile fun
Says Bluetooth
I've just brought theses Bluetooth dancing light speakers,although they are good sounds good quality speakers,I thought I'd be able to sit in the garden and play them via Bluetooth,but it looks like you have too power them ,and they won't connect too Bluetooth,so I'm a little disappointed,that I have too have the power on too play them,came with no instructions,only on box
MobileFun Reply
Hi Kevin

That are indeed Bluetooth, however they do need to be powered. For portability though, you could connect a USB power bank to supply the require power it needs.
Brought them as a gift for other half and he loves them.
Excellent gadget.
I can't find fault with this item, it works very well, I was most impress with how the speakers sound, for the size they have very good bass, I was expecting a tinney sound but was very surprised they were not.
Dancing water effect works works faultless, excellent effect and unlike other speakers I've seen surprising how low you can have volume and still have the water dancing, very cool!, tried out on a shoot em up game as well as music and sounded awlsom, I even used my (Universal Portable Backup Power Pack 5000mah) to power them away from a power source and they worked excellent on it.
Last but not least, bluetooth connect ability is flawless, tried on iPad air and iPhone 5s, music and effect are awlsom, wired connection also works well.
My son will be well pleased when he gets them.
For their small size, the sound on these speakers is of surprisingly high quality
For their small size, the sound on these speakers is of surprisingly high quality. They are also visually entertaining with their brightly coloured lights and the water that shoots up along to the beat of the music. They are great for parties too - the lights in the speakers create a cool disco ball effect on the ceiling when the lights are off
Better than expected
My son wanted these and I wasn't a fan, ordered them for him and I am very surprised, the water feature is very well timed and looks good and they sound decent. I was expecting a tinny mess but no..... balance sound and bass

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