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Reviews for Olixar Vista Universal Stand for Smartphones & Tablets

Keep your device in plain sight at all times with this sturdy universal desk stand for smartphones and tablets. Features an adjustable design for multiple angles and orientations. The Olixar Vista is truly an executive quality desk stand.
Keep your device in plain sight at all times with this sturdy universal desk stand for smartphones and tablets. Features an adjustable design for multiple angles and orientations. The Olixar Vista is truly an executive quality desk stand.
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Fast delivery
Good product fast delivery
Very helpful
The speaker of my Iphone is blocked by the bar support on the stand. When I'm speaking on it, there is a lot of static and crackling on the other end. I have solved the problem by turning the phone upside down when I'm having a conversation. Works perfectly.
Great for video calls while I cook!
This was a lifesaver. It holds my Samsung S7 perfectly in both portrait and landscape mode and it was a lifesaver when I had a video call or simply wanted to watch something. It left me handsfree and available to carry on with my tasks.

Solid Stand
This is a really simple but effective and solid stand. Securely holds the phone at the perfect viewing angle and takes up very little desk space.
Love the stand for my cell phone. It is small, nicely weighted item. Would definitely purchase again.
Perfect for working from home
I have this on my desk and stand my phone up next to my MacBook. It's great, allowing me to use my phone alongside my laptop giving me two displays and something to take video calls on while I use my laptop.
Could have ben better
Product is a nice size and fits my desk in a discreet manner fits my phone even with a battery case on it, however when I tried to adjust the slant the rubber came off leaving a jagged edge for my phone to rest on, so I had to glue the rubber piece back on.
Please with phone holder
I would order again
Solid stand for mobile
I bought the stand for propping up my mobile phone when doing Zoom karate classes. I had had it propped up against the telly (sharing on Smart TV) and it had fallen over couple of times. Much more reliable and better angle for videoing me too
Just the job!
Smart, compact, just the job.
Good little stand
It is small and unobtrusive can be used with phone in either landscape or portrait position. Seems sturdy enough to last though I have only had it for a week but use every day.
Great stand
Very pleased with the vista universal stand. Great for my apple I pad very pleased thank you
Neat and useful
I bought this as a gift. It went down well and has already been successfully used several times.
It is small and neat,easy to carry around with you and it works well. Mostly used with a Samsung smartphone but has also coped with a tablet.
Easy to use, stable and you can adjust the angle.
Very pleased so far
Overall disappointment
Firstly, I am disappointed with the product as it is flimsy and not good in holding an iPad Air.
Secondly and most importantly, I was surprised to find out that your company cannot be contacted by phone, unlike when I started buying from you a few years back. As far as I am concerned, I am not interested to buy from a company who do not allow their customers to have telephone access. If that's what you have become I'm afraid I will only buy from you in the future if I cannot get the same product anywhere else. I managed to find your phone number on Google and when I called your company a recorded message advised that we can only contact you by mail and then I got cut-off.
Further more, for the same amount you charged me for second class Royal Mail, other companies will charge for courier service. My item took 13 working days to arrive which is totally unacceptable. Your customer service has become second class and not interest to deal with your company again.
Neat little gadget
Needed a gadget to hold my phone whilst speaking to clients + keeping my hands free to give tarot readings. Works a treat. Definitely recommended
The Smartphone Stand is being given as a gift . It’s compact and practical
The product is exactly how I viewed it online.
Handy little phone stand
Perfect for mobile phone and maybe a small tablet. I think a regular or bigger tablet might be unsteady on it. I have found it good to hold my phone at a good angle for reading while I'm working from home on a pc.
Space Saver
This is a great space saver and allows me to see what is coming in without having to pick up the phone. Simple easy design.
Smart and simple
Great acquisition; does the job, looks really good, uncluttered, easy to use, ergonomic and a great design. Top marks for the product and it came with no excess or plastic packaging. What's not to like?
Very useful & well designed
I bought two and gave as a gift. Really happy with it & it's very useful for both phone & tablet.
Very Simple and Very Effective
Exactly what I needed. My only concern is with the piece that supports the back of the device. Its position is variable, but it's an obvious potential point-of-failure if the friction that holds it in place begins to weaken (especially when used with a heavy tablet rather than a mobile phone). But if it does fail, at least there's an acceptable worst-case position that it can fail into. Time will tell.
Poor value for money.
The level of stability of the phone on this stand is very poor. The phone falls of easily. You should be ashamed to charge around $20 for two tiny pieces of aluminium put together.
Quite disappointed :(
The images were good, but you still hope it works well. I have other good items from Olixar. This works but only if you have a bare phone and you use it only in landscape. The back support is too short and the front lip too low to safely support it in portrait. The slightest screen touch will topple it. And even if the phone has the slimmest cover on it, then forget about it! And overpriced to boot, I'm afraid.
This was the only one I saw those few months ago. Am just after ordering the Olixar Portable Multi-Angle Smartphone Desk Stand instead which appears to offer 100% support... And is considerably cheaper too! Hope this helps. Great service as ever from MF though.
Just ok
It's decent quality and looks good. My only gripe is that the front lip isn't quite high enough to support a phone with a protective gel cover.
A neat appearance, but really far too small. It will not support a small tablet in portrait mode as it just topples over. There is limited adjustment of angle. Having said this, if you are ok with your tablet in one position in its side, then it will suit you.
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