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Olixar Vista Universal Stand for Smartphones & Tablets Reviews

Keep your device in plain sight at all times with this sturdy universal desk stand for smartphones and tablets. Features an adjustable design for multiple angles and orientations. The Olixar Vista is truly an executive quality desk stand.
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 4.2 stars from 35 customers

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Neat, smart, does the job
This is a very simple but neat and smart-looking phone stand. You change the angle of the phone by changing the angle of the prop at the back. This works well. If you want to charge your phone while it is on the stand, it will need to be in landscape position. My only disappointment is that the prop part does not fold down flat. I had assumed that it would and that the stand would therefore be a great one to have for travelling. The fact that it doesn't fold flat seems a wasted opportunity to me.
Handy, cheap. Have to remove from holder to charge
This item holds a smart phone so you can actually read what's on the screen. Didn't cost a lot and does the job. Not quite as blingy as the pic makes it appear and the one down side is that the phone charger has to be taken off before putting it on the holder, unless phone is landscape.
Stable but not for charging
I own an Android phone with the charging input at the bottom of the phone. Also, I like my phone permanently set to portrait mode. So while this is a stable and good stand, it's not good for keeping your phone steady while charging it at the same time. Also, as a lot of us use battery packs and protective cases, like Otterboxes, this stand is like many others: made solely for the naked phone, not suitable especially for larger or bulkier casings. That said, the stand is stable and better than others for that reason. I just wish it were elevated with a wider, stronger base for holding phones with casings/battery packs and especially for plugging in your charger at the bottom of the phone.
Does the job!
Am a happy customer with the product I purchased.
It is great. The materials look quite cheap but it works well and my cellphone sits on the desk well
Does exactly as advertised - not all things do these days
very satisfied thank you
I can use my mobile phone in the stand as a clock.
A total waste of time and money
This is a ghastly little piece of metal that has no redeeming features. It's far too flimsy to support my Sony tablet and doesn't fold down. Please don't waste your money - mine went straight in the bin!
I would find it even more useful if it folded flat to go in my pocket
Clever little gizmo -- very handy!
Excellent Product
Am pleased with the service I received from MobileFun. The Olixar Vista Universal Stand was exactly how it was describe. Would recommend MobileFun to my friends.
Hopelessly inept
This ghastly little device is useless. My Sony tablet just slips off it at any angle and it doesn't fold flat. Went straight in the bin.
Realy simple but great design
Wasn't actually looking for a stand, but have had it in mind to get rid of my folio case on my Tab s in favour of a silicone one. So I knew I'd need a stand eventually. Well this came up on one of the news letter emails and as soon as I saw it I bought one. Just the stand I'd need! When it arrived I wasn't disappointed. It's simple yet functional design is really appealing and it's very well made. Great value too!
Stylish and practical
I bought four of the Olixar universal stands for mobile phones and tablets for myself and family. Very stylish and practical. Saves bench space as well as holds my tablet so I can read from it or see recipes whilst cooking. Great quality item at a terrific price.
Good product
This looks just perfect on my office desk and makes it easier to use my phone and put it away too
Awesome product, fast delivery
OK but stand does not fold flat when not needed
Does the job but very disappointed that the stand does NOT fold completely flat for storage/packing away for travel.
First impressions, nice looks as with most Olixar produsts
First impressions, nice looks as with most Olixar produsts. The base has a nice smooth but rubbery grippy feel and holds its ground. The top of the base also has a nice executive feel about it. Unfortunately that is the only part of the stand that has earned its stars. Never thought I'd be saying this but it is otherwise a rubbish item. The back support for smartphones is made from cheap plastic has limited movement. The worst part which should serve the most important job of holding a smartphone in place has no depth so my Galaxy S7, which I am still repaying the cost keeps slipping out from under this useless piece of engineering and doing backflips over the back plate. Completely disfunctional and not really fit for purpose.
Great little Gadget
Bought this for my wives I-pad she absolutely loves it makes the I-pad even more enjoyable to use
A must for all cell phones
At last........I now can see at all angles any missed calls or text. A GREAT PRODUCT.
Olixar Vista Universal Stand for Smartphones@Tablets
I think it will be very useful I'll use it as soon as possible
Good solid stand, works as advertised. Wish there was a way to make my phone stand up (portrait orientation) while charging, but since the charging port is at the bottom of my phone (HTC One M8), no go.. Not the stand's fault, however. But it would be good if manufacturers could think of that when designing their products.
Great little Gadget
Bought this for my wives I-pad absolutely brilliant she loves it
Does exactly as it says-perfect. I've used it for my phone, samsung tablet and to read my kindle!
A smashing little gadget that solves the problem of propping up a tablet for better viewing of eg films etc
I did not need any instructions for use. It is self explanatory and easy to use. A smashing little gadget that solves the problem of propping up a tablet for better viewing of eg films etc.
Not for tablets.
To start with the good bits: it looks great, and works really well with my phone (Google Pixel).
The downside: it doesn't work with my tablet in Portrait mode (Samsung Galaxy S2); it seems fine at first when it's in its most upright position, but then it starts to slide backwards until it topples over completely. It just cannot hold the weight of the tablet.
This must rate as one of the most useful little gadgets I have come across in a long while
This must rate as one of the most useful little gadgets I have come across in a long while. I don't have the manual dexterity I once had and with this it's almost like having 3 hands.
Compact stand
Sadly, it doesn't fold flat so is not suitable for travelling but is a very useful little stand for iPhone & iPad at your workstation.
Just Perfect
I bought 2 of these stands one for my mobile and one for my iPad. The stand provides support so that I can see them by looking at them straight on instead of looking down. I find this very useful when working on my computer so that I can glance at the mobile screen instead of having to pick it up to look at the scree. A very worthwhile purchase. Highly recommended.
Excellent Stand
Brilliant stand - very well made and very tactile.
Excellent quality and great value for money.

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