Olixar USB-C Cable Starter Pack Reviews

Equip yourself for life in the world of USB-C with the Olixar assorted length USB-C to USB-A cables and Adapters supporting USB 3.0. With cables ranging from 1m to 2m and Micro USB to USB-C adapters, it's perfect for all your charging and data sync needs.
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A great service
A great company
Very Useful Pack
Great service
I was very happy with the service, The order was resieved in the time frame i was quoted.
fast delivery
Prompt service after being sent wrong cable initially.
So far so good
Suits my purpose, in terms of fitment and functionality perfectly. Longevity remains to be seen. No issues with delivery. Recommended.
Good quality product and service
As advertised does the job as required
Really useful product as nearly all charging leads issued with phones are very short in length making it, for example, not practical to place your phone on a table if charging from a wall plug.This product solves all these sort of issues in an instant ..brilliant! Thank you.
It's a cable
It's black. It's a good length. It feels very sturdy.
What's not to like.

Would recommend.
Excellent quality
Feels very robust, charges well and is also long!
Due to a problem with stock labeling, wrong product was delivered. It was immediately rectified at no cost to me.In fact I was told to keep incorrect delivery. So I actually scored! Mistakes can happen. So very happy with the excellent service I received.
Great Product
Good quality cables, feel very durable and it's handy to have cables of different lengths.
Had to return...
... this does not fit tightly enough into the BlackBerry Key2 to allow it to charge.
Great small usb
Excellent small USB cable. Perfect for charging on the car or transfer data to a laptop.
Good but bad.
The product arrived swiftly and all was good. Unfortunately the USB c cable that I purchased wasn't connecting properly and wouldn't charge, so in terms of first impressions not great. However the customer services have been very helpful and have sent me a replacement out within 48hours which is good. Well see when the new one arrives if it's any good.
Absolutely fine.. see how long they last but no immediate issues...
Nothing more...
Quality product fully compliant with USB Type C specs
I had issues with connecting my phone via Android Auto to my car until I tried this cable. All the different cables I've tried in the past, including the original factory supplied cable for my phone, Android Auto would randomly disconnect so I decided to purchase this cable and it seems to have fixed the issue. Although expensive, I'm guessing the Olixar short 10cm USB Type C cable must to be manufactured to a much higher standard than all other cables that I've tried (the short length may also be reducing signal loss?) so it was able to provide a better connection to my car via Android Auto.
Good solid câble at an idéal length
A Good câble length that is idéal when your using your device while charging.
Strong, flexible and of sufficient length to fulfil all my requirements.
The length. What job the cable is capable of doing and reviews on reliability.
Excellent Customer Service
The cable itself is all right. Good for money. The customer service is always good and responsive.
Excellent pack covers all my needs
A perfect selection of cables. From the short handbag charger to the under desk socket long cable every cable I need for my phone in one pack.
Handy length usb cable
Quick delivery, smooth transaction, thanks!
Does what it's supposed to.
Does what it's supposed to.
Well built quality Olixar USB-C cable
Very sturdy cable, may be a bit on the stiff side for some. But I like it and it's a good length, so it can reach across the sofa.
Excellent quality
Delivery was super fast. This is a well made product. Not all cables are the same and this truly shows the difference.
Lovely quality!
Very useful for having extra chargers where they are needed.
Really good - and I bought two more
Excellent cable. Really does allow USB3.0/USB-C transfer speeds. I bought this not as a charging cable but to allow the really fast transfer speeds you can now get with USB3/USB-C small SDD - and it really does deliver.
Always a good investment to buy a longer cable so you can roll over when charging, might get a USB-C extender and buy another 2m cable for longer distance to my bed!

The cable itself is very thick and sturdy and i dont see it breaking anytime soon.

Like item
just brilliant!!!
Great product
Great quality cables!!
Excellent cables, thick and beefy.
All lengths are useful, charge quickly, and so far seem very robust.
What it says on the box
The product is as advertised
First class product.
The cables were exactly as described and just what I wanted. Very quick delivery as well.
Good quality and does what it's supposed to do
When the cable arrived it was well packaged, which I have found to usually be a sign of a good quality product. The cable seems to be well put together, with strong terminations and plenty of shielding. I tried it with my Nokia Lumia phone (yes, there are still a few of them out there!) and it worked perfectly.
I was expecting USB C and micro USB! it ain't! It's USB C and something else which does NOT fit micro USB!!
short cable
great product easy handbag cable for portable charger. im very pleased with it
Feels high quality
The workmanship of the cable looks good.
Excellent product!
Great product, great price!
They feel to be of a good quality.
I trust the content of the information on the product.
As expected
Second purchase of this product from this site. Only required as I broke the first cable through carelessness, had that over a year. Would highly recommend.
extremely pleased

Initial thoughts as only received today!

As described.

Seems well made but no long-term assessment available.

USB 3.0 type-A (normal one for computers & laptop) at one end. USB type-C (reversible) at the other. 2m cable (i.e. typically double the length or more of cables you would get with your mobile phone). No more annoying Windows "...you can transfer faster if you use a superspeed USB 3 port".

Note the blue connector colour – you must have similar port on your computer to get the speed benefit of the cable.

USB-C connector feels a little tight on removal but inserts fine.

Crude transfer speed test (win 7 standard desktop copy/paste from normal HDD to Samsung S8 internal storage):

310MB file approx. 8s (USB 2 cable with USB-C adapter)

310MB file approx. 2.5s (olixar cable)

So, approx 3 times the speed. Happy with this.

I'd imagine theoretical cable transfer to be 5Gbps (due to being USB 3.0).

Transfer test almost certainly bottlenecked by HDD.

Excellent. Thanks
Good job
So far the products are working great!
Work as it's supposed to!
Was looking for a second charging cable for my Huawei P9 to use at work and searched several places. Came across this website as this was recommended for my phone, read the reviews and took a chance as I thought it was reasonably priced for its purpose. So glad I did!!!! As I was skeptical about buying from random sellers on another site. If all you're looking for is a charging cable, I would recommend buying from here. Been using it for two weeks thus far and it does exactly what it's suppose to do. I will be coming back to this site if I need to replace my original phone cable, or anything else!
All good
Works as described. Value formoney
Very reasonable cable.
So far, so good and over a score less than the official AKG resellers wanted to charge.
The jack fits into the headphone socket well AND can be removed with relative ease, should you wish to.
Great Cords
Love these. They work well and have lasted several months now. We've had problems with our cats chewing through plastic cords and so far (knock on wood) these had survived.
Good product, works well
No issues to date. Great standard product, charges when plugged in eg. no fiddling with cord required.
Nice short cable for a powerbank
Does what supposed. Delivery was on time
excellent product
all the information was there as far as features. the only information is standard shipping takes a little longer than expected. I guess international takes longer for shipping.
Fabulous product
Arrived on time.
Great quality
One of few short USB A to USB C
I’m happy Mobile Zap stock this. I’ve been looking everywhere for a very short USB A to USB C cable for connecting my ultra portable LG-Bang&Olufsen AFD-1200 DAC to my Macbook. It works really well. Having short cable really helps with decluttering my desk
great product
quality exceptional.Price competitive.
Package was slightly delayed but nevertheless arrived promptly once i called them
would recommend!
Excellent Product
Very good high quality and long charging lead for all your equipment that now uses the newer Type C socket.
Would highly recommend, I am buying another.
Excellent value
Fast delivery, products are to a high quality and great value for money.
Just the product I had been looking for!
Recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung A3 (2017) and found that my power pack connection did not fit.Finding this product was a godsend as it means I do not have to spend money on replacing the power pack.

Delivery time was superb. It arrived within two days. Thank you.
Quality Items
Very well made and the cables are strong and thick and I am sure they will last a lifetime..... but they don't have to do they? They only need to last until the next version of usb connector they come up with because then I'll have to buy some new ones won't I.
just what I needed, quick delivery. Very happy, thanks.
I was looking for multiple cables and this was the best value option.
Too tight
I like the various lengths
I do not like how tight the fitment is - it concerns me that this may be damaging the connection for other USB-C products (i.e. Samsung original parts)
Excellent product
Item was exactly what was needed. Description was exact and product works as expected. Perhaps a longer item could be sourced say half as long again as there is no intermediate lengths available. Either short 10cm or over 1m. No worries with LG G6 and power bank.
Excellent quality
Quality item exactly as described. Well packaged and despatched promptly.
Very happy with all purchases great service
Excellent cables for a great price
I was looking at buying a handful of 'cheap and nasty' cables of different sizes off eBay but I am so glad I stumbled across these. I can assure you they are of excellent quality, work perfectly with fast charging and feel durable and long-lasting.

Definitely would recommend for anyone wanting high quality cables in varying lengths, you will not find any that are better value for money than this set.
Great speedy delivery and the cable works great
have used this sort off cable before and it out shone the competition
Great service, good product.
Bought these to charge BlackBerry DTEK60. They do the job perfectly. Good value and excellent service.
good product came in good time always buy from mobile fun
Good Quality
Wanted some new charging leads, found this pack to be useful great with the different lengths of cable charges a treat impressed with the quality of the product and the efficiency of mobilefun to getting them shipped out super quick
Great cords and adapters
We just purchased new phones and needed the new type C cords and adapters. This package is a great starter kit. All of the components work flawlessly with our new phones. Thank you for making it so easy to transition from micro usb to type C connections. We would recommend you to all our friends and family.
This pack enables me to keep ussing my old power packs and chargers great value
Oh heck, they changed the charging port on the Galaxy, this pack enables me to keep ussing my old power packs and chargers great value
Good value item
More useful than the shorter lead provided with the phone and is compatible with the phones fast charge function. However, the USB-C connection plug seems to be very slightly bigger than the original Samsung unit, which means that it is just a little more difficult to push it into the phones socket when the phone is protected in a lehter case which has a silicone insert to hold the phone in place.
It's works. Great service
Thank You
Super useful
The various lengths of cables are super useful. The shortest one is perfect for my hands free charge and hold for my car. You can never have to many cables
Good cable
Good cable for keeping in your pocket or bag for charging on the go. Works perfect.
Prompt dispatch and delivery, at very competitive prices. Recommended.
Great cords and adapters
I bought these for myself a little while back when we ordered our new phones. My husband waited until he actually got his phone to start looking for new cords. He liked mine so much he asked me to order him a starter kit too. They are great cords. The adapters work great. A nice way to transition from micro use to Type C cords. A great buy!!!
Super short turnaround time.
Also the cable itself is perfect, fits perfectly, so looseness
Says what it does on the tin!
The LG V 20 is not sold in the UK. Needed extra charging cables asap as spares for the office, home, car etc... Not an item one can easily buy on the High Street.... A very practical set. Arrived quickly. All good quality. MobileFun sent a good product in a timely manner; They do what they say on the tin - as one famous company used to advertise!!!
Excellent cord set
I just bought a new Samsung S8 Plus. I needed new cords for it. This set is perfect for changing over my micro usb cords (it comes with adapters) as well as quality new cords. I tried them all out and they all work perfectly. I will definitely buy another set if I need one. A great buy. There is nothing I didn't like about them.
Does what it says
Bought as an additional charging cable to the supplied version. Charges at fast speed, a metre is a usable length around the home & price was good.
So far so good. Long durable cord perfect for using while charging.
So far so good.
very happy
Great cables, excellent quality and price. four cables for only $6 less than one cable at JBhifi/
Perfect pack of USB-C cables for every need
I was pretty exited when this arrived today.

The 2m cable is perfect for the main phone charger plugged in under my bed, and easily reaches the bedside table.

One 1m cable is stored with the USB multi-charger that I take away with me, along with a lightning cable for my wife's iPhone, a micro-USB cable for my camera, and whatever that weird FitBit charging cable is.

The other 1m cable is in my laptop bag, for charging and/or file transfers.

The 10cm cable is in my messenger bag, with a power pack that only came with micro USB, for charging on the go.

They all seem solid and well made, and are USB-C compliance tested and certified, which is great.

One thing: I expected this to be an official Olixar multi-pack with four cables in it, but it seems to be four separate cables, each in it's own zip-lock bag, just shipped together. Still, buying the "Multi-length USB-C charging cable 4 pack" saved just under 33% on the price of buying the same four cables separately, so no complaints.

Totally recommended!
I'm very impressed with the quality and was hoppy to see it had been properly certified.
Works to spec
Works to spec, good quality
Quality product works well
Quickly delivered and well packaged. An Aus operation. Cable worked well, solid construction looks good value
Perfect for the job
I ordered this to have a cable at work to charge my phone from my computer, and I have to say that it is perfect for the job as the cable is really quite sturdy and is perfect for the job, another great quality product. Highly recommended.
Exactly what I wanted. Long charger for my huawei phone.
Decent quality cable
This cable seems to be pretty good quality. It is thick and feels solidly built. The USB A connector that goes into the computer is quite long in comparison to e.g. a standard apple charge cable, but also seems quite well built.
Phone Accessories
I have bought a few products from MobileZap. I have never had an problems, the products were all of great quality, the website is easy to use and products always delivered on time, even earlier than sometimes expected
Perfect pack for any USB-C device
Item ordered and delivered promptly from Mobile fun, as always a very good service. This pack contains four cables a short cable for battery pack to phone, 2 'standard' 1 mtr cables for general use and a 2 mtr cable for those that fit cradle and charger permanently into your vehicle or remote charge. Excellent idea, perfect for a one of purchase to fit all situations, goods as described and of good quality. Saves loads of time and separate purchases elsewhere. A perfect all rounder solves all situations in one go. Highly recommended.
I have ordered parts from MobileZap before, with both products being delivered in a timely manner. The ordering process was quick and easy, hassle free, delivered promptly. Very helpful website and good communication, well priced. I would definitely recommend them .
Great item, great postage
Cables are of good quality, and as described.
Postage was also good.
Works as advertised
Good cost for sturdy, simple cables that work as advertised.
Great product good service
Recently purchased new phone with the new USB-C connection port. I needed to replace all my charging cables.
I found Mobilefun online who have a great range of mobile products.
These cables are high quality and a good range of lengths for all purposes and situations
Cracking cable
This is a cracking cable for fast-charging your phone. So good in fact I bought another the next day.
good quality
Good product quality and fast delivery. Happy with this purchase.
Good product quality
Good product quality and fast delivery. Happy with this purchase.
Great customer service high quality product
My parcel was lost in the first time, so I contact them and they responsed me immediately and send a second parcel to me which I received two days later after I report them item not received. I think it shows a great attitude and I have confident to shop with them again
Great product
Very impressed with service and product
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