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Olixar Universal Adjustable Multipurpose Smartphone Holder - Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Olixar adjustable desk mount holder will surely uplift and transform your video watching, gaming and web surfing experience. It is totally universal and fits most mobiles (up to 6" screen size), whilst an aluminum build offers great durability.

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 3.7 stars from 23 customers

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A useful addition to the family!
I have two stands on my desk. A sturdy aluminium one and this one.
It is less sturdy, but taller. It adheres to the laminate desk surface well, and holds the phone (or in my case iPod-sized DAB radio) perfectly well. Being taller neans that I can have it at the back of my desk, whilst still keeping the phone (or radio!) accessible. The hinges are not very stiff, so I can imagine in a moving car (especially over rough ground) it might not hold a phone in position reliably. This sort of suction foot might not stick reliably to all surfaces; for these two reasons I've given it one less than five stars.
Works for me!
Best thing for your mobile phone, forget the rest
Well made, buy one.
Good for my cell
holds the phone at multiple positions on the desk, not really suitable as a car holder since the pivot points are quite loose & can’t be tightened
Not good
The part that hold my phone is loose and won't stay steady
Very Handy
Great for tight or small spaces
Not what it says on the tin
I brought this in good faith as it said it was an Olixar Universal Adjustable Multipurpose Smartphone Holder - Silver.
All of the above is correct bar the brand, which is Tidery.
So a bit misleading, and very cheap looking. It does the job, but doesn’t command the price of £9.99
I’ve used Mobilefun for a very long time; but not going to buy from them again.
Very disappointed in being mislead
Great for holding
Would recommend solely on the basis that this holder works pretty much anywhere, not just indoors. Saved me buying another holder for my car. Delivery took longer than expected as sold out, but was informed this and came within new time. Impressed.
Versatile design
Easy to use, Versatile and adjuctable and light weight
Reasonable prices.
Strong and sturdy mount for my iPhone
Not very good for larger phones
The joints cannot support the weight of a galaxy s9plus when extended.
Very good product
Nice product with good delivery time.
The most versatile holder.
This must be the most versatile sat nav or mobile holder.
Never again!
Flimsy base, does not stand with a regular smartphone (Galaxy S8), even on a stable surface as my desk. The pseudo vacuum is almost nonexistent. Do not recommend.
Nice Product
This Samrtphone Holder has a good quality....
Thanks Mobilefun....
It is better than some of the other holders I’ve had before
I bought this for an iPhone 7 Plus to stick to a desk and present the screen at a confortable distance and angle. It does this perfectly. The device is well made using a mixture of plastic and metal but looks very aesthetically pleasing. My only one criticism is the arm is slightly susceptible to vibration even when firmly stuck to the desk. This is due to the flexibility of the mounting pad. It is better than some of the other holders I’ve had before.
Not as good as it looks
This holder looked like it might suit my need for my car because it would fold flat and could be kept in the stowage box. What I found was that although it is neat and a good idea in principal it is not able to hold my iPhone7 without gradually collapsing under the weight, it would slowly sink down. This is pretty annoying and with no apparent adjustment for this I could only return it.
Not as strong as i thought it would be the suction base is not good, you put it on your desk and it keeps falling, Not steady and not good in my opion. it looks nice thats the only thing about it
Good for static installation
Well made & works just fine (I use it for Facebook Live) however ... the images show it in use in a vehicle. As another reviewer said, the vibrations & car movements will render this useless, asthe 'arm' will collapse (it's simply too long for use in a car methinks) - other than that, all good
This has saved me some money as I can use it both in my car and in the house. Not only does it work well, but it looks great too. It is incredibly sturdy and the base mount well to many surfaces.
Helped me with my exams
Perfect companion to streaming info for my exams. Great for youtube music too when having a 'break'!
It's ...OK
Whilst this is actually a nice desk stand for your phone, don't even think about using it in your car - unless you want your phone pointing at the floor! The joints are way too loose to support either my iPhone or Samsung S7. Did they not think of testing it with actual phones before launching it? On the desk however, you can balance it, so that it stays in place. Other than that, it's a nice looking unit and the base gives a good solid grip.

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