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Olixar Ultra Thin USB-C Wireless Charging Adapter - Silver Reviews

Add wireless charging to any USB-C device without replacing your back cover or case with this Olixar Ultra Thin USB-C Wireless Charging Adapter.
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Add wireless charging to any USB-C device without replacing your back cover or case with this Olixar Ultra Thin USB-C Wireless Charging Adapter.
 4.2 stars from 67 customers

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Good customer service
A full list of compatible phones would be helpful
Works like a charm
Does a good job of charging my phone. Thanks for the quick service..
It works like should
works great with my iphone 7 and still fits in the original case, cheers
Excellent product and saves a lot of time
Excellent service from Mobile Fun
Unfortunately this didn't suit my Samsung A51.
Universal Wireless Charging Adapter
Excellent Product. Would have no problem recommending it.
Doesn’t fit 7 plus
Does not fit 7 plus at all
Wireless charger
Great little gadget for phones that aren't wireless charging, I keep the charger tucked behind the phone cover out of site and it won't get lost or forget to attach when in car
If it really works with my phone sony xperia 5 ii but the wattage is too low .

Poor fit
Be careful what type of case you use as will not fit behind properly.
Works Perfectly
I didn't know exactly what to expect before I got it but it works perfectly; just like it's supposed to. It's hidden under the case and I forget it's even there. I don't have to plug anything in to charge it, just place it on the charging stand and it immediately begins charging. I would definitely recommend this.
Compatible with a Motorola One Zoom... is, but if you use the case that Motorola supply with the phone the it won't fit underneath it as it comes up over the M light on the back. This was something I asked previously and was assured it was compatible but I guess their idea of compatibility wasn't the same as mine. Even so, it works albeit fairly slowly so just tend to use it external to the phone's case when I'm in the car.
Bad quality
It goes red hot when the phone is charging
Great Product
I added this to a Samsung Galaxy A31. It works perfectly.
Did not work
Unfortunately this item failed to work and am not sure if it was a compatibility issue between item and my phone or between item and Ford charging pad. All specs suggested item should have worked but did not.
works great
works good charges fast
Works fine with my iPhone7 and Samsung wireless charger
Works fine with my iPhone7 and Samsung wireless charger
Great item
Works very well
Plugged it in, placed onto charger - it just works.
Nice and snug
Great little product, fits nicely in the case
Great Product
Bought this for my daughters iPhone 7. I was a little reluctant before trying but it works great. As described and very compact. She is delighted with it.
Worked perfectly
I had all relevant information
That it didn’t work!
This adapter works great ... if it is in place if it moves slightly it doesn’t charge.
So as long as it’s secured in place it’s really good.
Absolutely no complaints
Works perfectly as described. Fits in my case and is well hidden. Delivered in a timely fashion, even though post is slow at the moment. Would recommend to a friend.
Doesn't work with the Samsung A51
This product isn't compatible with the Samsung A51. Does not charge.
It works!
I have an iphone 7 and needed a wireless charger and hoped this would do the trick. It seems to take a little longer to charger than using a cord plugged to outlet, but it still charges. I do remove my otter box protective case so this adapter can sit directly behind the back of my phone so there's no interference in the charge. I would recommend it, and it came a day before Christmas which was perfect as i gave one to my dad in his stocking and he loved it.
Working well
I had done a bit if research before purchasing and have to say I'm pleasant surprised how well this works. Wife's phone not qi enabled(Huawei p30lite) and now it is. Sits neatly between her phone and case. Case is not exactly slim and still charges no problem. So far so good. Had bought a decent wireless charger too which I'm sure helps as well but would recommend this product
Simply the Best.... ????
I knew what I was looking for and Mobile Fun had the best product at the best price.. Hats off!
Christmas present
It hasn’t been used yet so I can’t comment as yet you must give purchasers time to test products near Christmas
Works well
The charger works really well provided I don’t have my case on the phone. I’ll try a thinner case and see if that makes a difference
it dos not work
This replacement for the faulty item will not work either.
Not brilliant
How it worked! I expected it to come with instructions for use but those weren't included either and I had to use You Tube! Had I known more about it before, then I would not have bought it.
Replacement wireless adaptor
Received this product as a replacement for my previous purchase that became defective. New adaptor works fine.
Perfect resolution for charging!
Works well
Works quite well although you need to unplug it to use a cable charger. I'm not sure if that would be possible to achieve but would be nice. Apart from that it's a nice compromise. Would buy one again.
I wanted it to work
Just got the phone and was disappointed to see that the phone did not support wireless charging. So did some googling and found this I wanted it to work which sort of does. When my phone is on the charger it will randomly reconnect like it was not charging. So it is not getting a fully efficient charge I also have to put my phone upside down to get an ok charge. If I put it on normally it will keep saying it's reconnecting and will eventually time out. If there is an issue with the adapter I have received or if this is a typical problem I would be willing to change my review if the issue is resolved.
Very useful
Fits inside your phone cover, connects to your phone, works well with my wife's iPhone 6 which couldn't use a wireless charger, it can now, thanks.
Great universal wireless adapter
great universal charger ... we have an iPhone 6 and 7 works for both
Brilliant item
Upgraded from a Samsung 6 edge to a Samsung A71 and was disappointed to have to connect it to a changing cable. The charging adaptor is so thin and is invisible.
Cars phone holder
Great charger
This charger is excellent for someone who isn’t able to plug a normal lead charger into their phone. It sits behind a phone case and enables the use of a charging pad
Huawei P30
ensure your select your model of phone, they will reply back to any questions you have regarding your order. the device simply plugs into your charging port on the phone, it sits flat on the back of the phone, you really need a thin phone case to ensure the phone charges when placed on a wireless charging point, a simple solution to provide wireless charging to my phone
Great adapter for Lg Evo 5
I hadn't been aware that you could update your non wireless android to be able to use a wireless charger! I love this! My disabled son was having trouble plugging in the charger and I had to have his charging port replaced so this adapter worked beautifully and now all he has to do is lay his phone on the wireless charger with nothing to hook up! Solved our problem wonderfully.
This product work the way I expected, excellent no complaints
Good stuff
I didn’t really believe it at first
Once I heard of the product I truly didn’t believe that it would work. I received it here in USA about 10 days after ordering plugged it into my phone and it hasn’t left since I really do love this product I recommend 100%
Made my Huawei P30 lite even better!
It's an easy addition to your phone foe Qi wireless charging at home, work or in car! Easy to use!
Brilliant piece of kit ,had a problem which was sorted immediately, works as stated,
Very happy
Exactly the one.
I just thought that i was going to get wrong product but i got the right one. Thanks alot for getting it right the first time.
Well made and works perfectly.
I tried a very cheap version of a plug in wireless charger but felt concerned at the heat generated. The Olixar seems better made and of a better quality and not THAT much more expensive. It works. MobileFun delivered quickly and had good communications. Recommended.
It's just what I ask for many thanks
Very good does the job
Very elegant.
Great item
I love this device it allowed me to add it to my phone so I can use charging pads
Easy and handy
This is a simple slim device- that for non techies like me- means you can put your phone on one of those charging points things. No need to carry plug and wire!
How to charge my phone wirelessly.
Connect then disconnect
I was really looking forward to receiving after receiving it via special delivery, and thought it will make life much easier, connecting it to phone was fairly simple, put it on adapter pad worked straight flat on flat solid surface/table, and worked for about 5 minutes then it disconnect and stops charging, I would say both dissatisfied, and disappointing although the service was second to none.
Worth the buy
This make charging my phone so easy, I havent had to buy a charger cord every other week, works with any wireless charger other then ios. Extremely adorable and easy to install and even works with my phone case on!
Good product
This is good and service are good
Instant wireless charging
Does exactly what I wanted. Thin enough to slip in the case behind phone with a right angled USB C plug. Instant wireless charging.
A good company
I really recommend this company they were very quick to replace the first item I bought as it appeared faulty they are a company I would go back to again
Great Product
Very handy, works a treat
Excellent product.
I found out before purchase everything I needed to know.

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