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Olixar Ultra-Thin Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case - 100% Clear Reviews

Custom moulded for the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, this clear Olixar Ultra Thin case provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63828
$7.83 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 12 customers

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Excellent slim case fits perfectly
Good value protective case slim so also fits in belt wallet. Would recommend and swift service
Very good value for money and easily fitted. Good protection for the phone
Nice case fits like a glove
I thought I would wait for a coypke months of ownership before writing this review.

This is a silicone case covering back of phone with Cutouts for microphone, power button, head phone jack and charging port. Where the case is covering buttons it only slightly effects performance, but that is to be expected.

Nice case gives phone a more grip and still allows the phone to look good. Even after having it a while case is still in very good condition
Very pleased
Very good fit, not too chunky, exactly what you would want in a gel type case, although it does make the volume control a little hard, I suppose that means I can't knock it accidently though
Great fit, barely there, bad buttons
This case is, and does, what it's marketed to do. It's so thin and light as to be barely noticeable on the phone. Great fit. If that's what you want, this case is a winner. HOWEVER, and there's always a however, the camera shutter button and, in particular, the volume rocker lose significant usability in the process due to virtually zero outer tactile feel, excessive effort when pressing, and zero feedback when pressing. So it's hard to find them by feel, press them, and difficult to know when they've been pressed. This makes the case so unfriendly in daily use that it's a complete loss in my opinion. Not recommended. If it wasn't for the button issues this case would rule.
Excellent case
Fits a the phone perfectly including all the cut outs for charging, headphone jack and microphones. It's extremely snug. So much so that when I had it get wet the back was perfectly dry after removing the case to see if the water seeped through. My only gripe is that the volume and camera keys become more difficult to operate and so require you to readjust your presses as it's not as sensitive as without a case. But overall it's well worth the money and adds barely any bulk to the phone. Also provides better grip over the slippery glass on the back. Highly recommend this case for anyone wishing to protect their Xperia XZ Premium from scratches and adds no noticeable difference size.
the very best slim protector for them all
In Short the best slimmest protection that becomes barely visible if you chose the transparent one which never spoils the nice design of the phone back. The grip is consistent even when greasy or wet and the design envelops the edge of the phone up to the screen without encroaching on the screen but leaving like a mini ledge which actually add protection on the very edge of the screen, especially for those having Galaxy-edged phones. I have equipped ALL my phones for years now and the only one drawback is when exposed to the sun like I do in tropical countries all the time, it tends to darken a little. But I dropped my phones many times and I never had a dent on the edges as it is soft enough to absorbe most of the chocks. For the price of them I just change them regularly. The biggest advantage of them all is the fact that it does not take ANY space even when the space in the case or holder is scares. Fantastic stuff.

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