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Olixar Ultra-Thin Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Case - 100% Clear Reviews

Custom moulded for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, this 100% clear Ultra-Thin case by Olixar provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage while adding next to nothing in size and weight.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62529
$10.44 inc VAT
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 4.3 stars from 15 customers

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One of the best, low profile cases
Fit isn't as tight as the bulkier cases (the corners are perfect, but the sides are a little loose), but a fair trade for what is basically a non-existent case (in a good way). I love how the S8+ looks, and this case perfectly shows it off while protecting it at the same time.
Almost perfect case, just needs to be black, not clear.
This case fits well and does just what I need without big bulk. Only downside is that the clear plastic starts to have a browny tint quite quickly. No matter how I try to clean it the brown tinge stays. A black option would be perfect. I'm quite shocked there isn't one. Please olixar, make a black option for my black S8. I'll pay double if you do ;)
MobileFun Reply
This would be your best bet:

Please search for product ID: 62528

Hope this helps.
Exactly what it says
I wanted a sleek thin case yhat shows off how great my phone looks and that's exactly what I got. It adds great grip is super thin and the edges are perfectly raised to keep the camera and screen from touching flat surfaces.
Great, unobtrusive case
Really discrete case; phone still looks good, but it's waaaay less slippery now!
Excellent clarity
Very thin and sleek design... protection without bulkiness
Very Suprised
This Olixar Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus case Is best case ever , made in high quality.It looks very impressive.I now Spigen and more anoter good cases,but this is best choice. S8 plus looks nice and I love this case.Well done,Thank you for this good product.
Great protection
Got this for my s8+ plus, the product is really thin but the gel material still provides great protection, though it's a sweat magnet and fits kind of loose.
Like a Glove!
Perfect fit! And you still get to show of the slimness and beauty of the device :D
Full Marks
I change my phone alot & want a case that does not hide the beautiful designs of the photo plus I don't want bulk. This case does all this, even thinner than a Spigen case which I've always bought. This is my new go to brand. Fits perfectly too
High quality product
This is on my Opinion a very quality Item.I would Recommended for everyone.i think this is a better than Spigen case.
100% high quality,Mega cool for Samsung S8 Plus
Great look
this case is super thin almost feels like a plastic wrap
it give your phone a great look but it does not do much for protection if ever falls however it will keep it from scratching in your pocket with keys
Not a good case
This case makes the phone pop out from the middle. It does not hold it in securely. I finally bought the official case expensive but a much better option for such a pricey phone.
Ultra Light weight and super thin,. 0.75mm and fit the device perfectly, I am very satisfied with the cover. Definitely will order again from this merchant if I need anything in the future. Thanks for the reasonable price. Regard!!!

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