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Olixar Ultra-Thin Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - 100% Clear Reviews

This ultra-thin 100% transparent gel case from Olixar provides a super slim fitting design, which adds no additional bulk to your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Offering durable protection against damage, while revealing the beauty of your phone from within.
  • Mobile Fun ID 60170
$10.44 inc VAT
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 4.4 stars from 8 customers

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Excellent and Slim protection
This beautiful and slim clear case is a perfect way to protect your phone and still keep the elegant feel it provides.
Finding accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note7 is almost impossible but www.mobilefun.co.uk is one of the rear sites you can still find goods for this phone.
Olixar has a great range of accessories for this device, but this one is my personal favorite.
In addition to nice screen protector it provides a perfect protection and minimizes the bulk that other cases provide.
I highly recommend it as a must-have.
(+) Fits device perfectly. Looks gereat and protects the phone without adding bulk. Good price and fast shipment to Croatia via regular mail. Keeps edge screen accessible and feels like a natural appendix to the phone. Makes gripp of the phone better.
(-) Using it for 2 weeks and I can't think of any. Since it is silicon made it will probably darken and loose it's clear color in time.
Its exactly as advertised. I would like it to be a little firmer so the edges don't pull away so easy and if the top and bottom protruded past the screen a little to protect the screen if dropped.
Ok product
Its an average quality product, sides not snuggly fit into the phone . Its a product not for protection, may prevent scratches though. Go for Spigen's liquiid cristel very good built quality..
Works as promised
No complaints, fits the phone perfect.
Necessary protection
Protects your phone without adding bulk to it or interrupting the beauty of the phone. Protects from fingerprints and scratches. Helps better grip and keeps piece of mind. Absolute must-have in combination with screen protector for a new phone.
Nice minimal case
This case is very thin, in fact I can't see where you could get any thinner. It's very clear which is good because the back of this phone is beautiful and the characteristics of the back show very well. As far as protection it'll guard against scratches on the back and dings on the frame but if you're looking for drop protection better get something beefier. Buttons are good and there is no lip. The only concern I have is that because the phone is so long that it seems a little loose on the length.
love the feel of the case
Don't have phone yet, love the feel of the case

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